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The Third and Final Presidential Debate

President Obama and Former Governor Romney Debate at Lynn University

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The Third and Final Presidential Debate Begins and Ends Successfully

  • Oct 25, 2012
The final debate was held at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.
Bob Shieffer of CBS moderated the lively debate which focused on
foreign policy. The debate and its moderator were spirited.

The moderator asked about what happened in the terror attack in

Romney spoke first. He indicated that the Administration's
policy is unraveling in the middle east. Romney cited the 3000
people killed in Syria, the recent terrorist attacks in Libya,
a growing influence of Al Qaeda in Mali, a de-stabilizing
influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the growing
nuclear threat which Iran poses.

Romney called for a comprehensive middle east policy to deal with
all of these issues. At bottom, these middle eastern countries must
forgo terrorism in favor of more cooperative modes. Romney cited
Russia as a geopolitical foe but stressed that Iran is the greater threat
right now. Romney criticized Obama for telling Putin that there would
be more American flexibility after this election.

Romney indicated that 30,000 people were killed in Syria. In addition,
Assad is arming the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Romney wants Assad
out now. He would like to organize moderates and insurgents in Syria
by providing arms to facilitate the process.  Romney explained that the Saudis,
Turks and Qatar are with us on this goal. At bottom, we need an
effective leadership transition in Syria once Assad is out.

Obama answered by indicating that we're out of Iraq. Al Qaeda has
been decimated. Ultimately, Afghanistan must be responsible for
its own defense. He called for bringing the terrorists in Libya to
justice, although he pointed out that thousands march now in favor of
the United States presence in Libya. Obama took credit for
stopping the massacre in Libya and criticized Romney for warning
against mission creep in Libya.

Obama cited the killing of bin Laden and the end of his reign of terror.
He cited more emphasis on getting Arab scholars to speak through the
UN, more foreign aid, better education in the middle east and gender equity
as needed things to stabilize the middle east. Obama cited the end of the
Cold War and criticized Romney for wanting to have more troops stay
in Iraq.

Obama indicated that the religious populations require protection
in the middle east, as well as affirming the rights of women. At bottom,
Obama called for nation building at home. Obama addressed Syria by
indicating that an international coalition was needed along with
Syrian moderates and dissidents to get rid of Assad. He explained that
we are coordinating efforts with Israel and Turkey to encourage
Assad to leave either forcibly or through diplomatic efforts.

The moderator asked whether or not there were regrets that Mubarak of
Egypt is out of power.

Obama indicated that the need to protect religious minorities and the
affirmation of treaties with Israel are paramount foreign policy concerns.
He indicated that the young people of Egypt need jobs and housing.
Obama stressed the need for continuing ongoing conferences with
Egypt to rebuild the economy. In fact, we need to rebuild the economy
right here in the United States.

Romney agreed that Mubarak should have been deposed. He called
for a peaceful planet with a strong economy at home and good management
of the debt. He decried a trillion dollars in cuts to our military budget.

The moderator asked about what role the United States should have
in the world.

Romney indicated that we should defend freedom, affirm human rights,
seek free enterprise development, encourage free elections and end
major conflicts. At bottom, America must lead and we can't do so with
a weak economy. He wants to strengthen the military and protect
Poland with a missile shield. Romney criticized Obama for not supporting
the Green Revolution in Iran.

Romney criticized Obama for not meeting the 5.4% unemployment goal
set at the commencement of this Administration. He called for energy
independence, greater trade with Latin America, schools which put the
children first, a balanced budget and more emphasis on small business.

Romney took credit for ranking number 1 in standardized English tests
for 4th and 8th graders in Massachusetts. Romney took credit for
having great teachers in Massachusetts and being number 1 in the nation.
He indicated that the top 25% of the students had scholarships for
further study.

Obama took credit for ending the Iraq War and transitioning to peace
in Afghanistan. He cited strong alliances in Asia, Europe, and Israel.
He called for rebuilding America and cutting imports of energy by
50% by the end of this decade.

Obama criticized Romney for being 48th in the nation in education
at the time he was governor. He took credit for reforming education
in 46 states. Obama called for hiring more math and science teachers
and reducing class size.

The moderator asked where the money will come from to do all
these things around the world and at home.

Romney called for cutting discretionary spending by 5% over
a decade. He stated that Obamacare is out. Romney would like to
have the States run Medicaid where they could manage the money
better. He cited Arizona and Rhode Island where there are successful
pilot programs.

Romney cited his 25 years business experience and his governorship
in Massachusetts where taxes were cut 19 times. He cited that our
navy is the smallest since 1917 with only 200 ships and the Air Force
is the smallest since 1947. At bottom, he will not cut the military budget
by a trillion dollars.

Obama criticized Romney for $5 trillion in planned tax cuts and $2 trillion
in military spending that the military isn't even asking for at this time.
He worked with the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the budget. Obama pays
for programs by closing tax loopholes and reducing the deficit.

Obama explained that his budget keeps nuclear submarines and air
craft carriers in tact for modern warfare.

The moderator asked whether or not an attack on Israel would be
considered the same as an attack on the United States. Both
affirmed the need to support Israel if attacked, as well as the need
for Iran to give up its nuclear program. On Iran, Obama would like
to keep up the sanctions. Romney stressed that Iran is perilously
close to achieving its nuclear program capability.

The moderator asked what happens when 2014 arrives and the
United States is scheduled to leave Afghanistan.

Romney indicated that we would be finished by 2014. The
generals believe that we are on track to get out. The surge
was successful. Romney is more worried about Pakistan with
100 nuclear weapons and the impact of the Taliban on the
security of Pakistan. He wants a more stable government in
Pakistan and considers it an ally in the war against terror.
Romney supports the use of drones in the region.

Obama indicated that the Iraq War was ended. We met our
objectives there. Terror was decimated on the border
of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Essentially, America needs to
get back to work. He stressed that we stood for democracy
in Egypt. In addition, Al Qaeda is weaker generally over the
situation 4 years ago.

The moderator asked about the rising threat of China.

Obama indicated that we can be partners with China
but they must play by the same trading rules. He indicated
that we've won every major trade case brought against
them and that steelworkers can now sell to China.

Obama indicated that if we took Romney's advice, we
wouldn't have an auto resurgence and that exports to
China  would not have doubled. China is pivotal as an Asian growth
area. He criticized Romney for not wanting to give
government assistance to the auto industry.

Obama indicated that two wars have been wound down.
Manufacturing is returning to the United States. We have
the best education system. There is a need to control our energy
supplies. We need a reduced deficit, as well as the rebuilding
of infrastructure like roads and bridges. Obama wants less
involvement of the United States overseas to concentrate
more fully on things which need fixing at home.

Romney indicated that China wants a stable world.
In addition, 20 million people are migrating from the
farms to the cities. We owe China a trillion dollars.
Trade relations with China help us but they must stop
manipulating currency. The manipulation has the effect
of increasing their trade artificially because prices are
down and our consumer demand responds to lower prices
of Chinese goods.

Romney stressed that he is a son of Detroit. To get
industry on its feet, these companies need to go
through a supervised bankruptcy procedure. He
said that we would provide loan guarantees. At
bottom, we can compete with everyone.

Romney pointed out that personal income is down
by $4300 a year over the Bush Presidency. Food stamps
went up by 12 million people. Unemployment is now 8%
and not the 5.4% promised by Obama. 50% of college
students cannot get work. At bottom, we need to get
the private sector going again.

Romney is optimistic about the future. He wants real
peace and economic prosperity. Romney wants increased
take home pay, a balanced budget, 12 million new jobs
and fewer people on food stamps. Washington is basically
broken. The United States is the hope of the earth.
The economy is the core issue. Romney asked for Americans
to vote for him.

The moderator closed the debate. Both candidates had strong
performances but they differed on many issues. Romney
wants a more assertive military posture and a missile defense capability
over Poland. Obama does not want to fund the military on programs
they are not even asking for. Both affirmed 2014 as a good date
for turning over security to Afghanistan.

Romney clearly wants to turn Medicare dollars over to the States
who could utilize the money more prudently. Obama affirms the
Obamacare program and more available health care coverage.
Romney called for tax cuts paid for by a 5% reduction in
discretionary spending. Obama fears that the math of the tax
cuts just doesn't add up. This is something former President
Clinton stated at the Democratic National Convention.

Neither candidate discussed taxing junk food with an excess
consumption tax to strengthen Medicaid funding and improve
health outcomes for more people.

Credits: First Published on Blogcritics


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The Third and Final Presidential Debate Begins and Ends Successfully

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October 26, 2012
I still found both these candidates wanting....I mean, I wish they would both be more direct...but I guess that would be too much to ask for from politicians....
October 26, 2012
They really didn't answer when unemployment would get down to 5%. I brought up before about the million or more increase in population over the death rate each year. America's population increased from 300MM to 312MM people since 2000. If Romney actually creates 12MM new jobs - how does that close the gap when the population keeps increasing at such a fast rate? Funding Medicaid is a related question because the population keeps increasing. The only way to do it is by taxing junk food and utilizing the revenues to fund the Medicaid program. Neither candidate has addressed funding for the Hill Burton Program which provides significantly reduced health care costs for people up to $98T in income in virtually every state. You don't even need insurance!!!!
October 25, 2012
I'm not a fan of taxing junk food.
October 26, 2012
Medicaid is having funding problems. Insurance costs are skyrocketing. Taxing junk food is about the only remedy for getting people healthier and using the revenues to pay for the costs of medical care delivery necessitated by the junk food. When I was young, there was no such thing as childhood diabetes. Today, it's a growing threat to larger and larger numbers of young people.
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