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An American television series hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh.

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Sometimes It's Enjoyable

  • May 23, 2011
  • by
There are tons of places and tons of shows (mostly on Youtube alone) which look at viral videos and do viral video breakdowns.  With Youtube becoming that much more popular, Comedy Central decided they needed to do a show.  In a style similar to The Soup, they constructed Tosh.O.  A show where your host Daniel Tosh shows you several viral videos and gives commentary.  At the start it was definitely amusing.  After all, it was on Comedy Central.  That gave it some edge.  And Tosh.O does have edge.  It's also funny at times... and deeply repetitive at others.

Daniel Tosh has quite a few things he likes to do.  He always opens up the show with a video before he cracks a few jokes about it.  They're a hit or miss affair.  When Tosh is really on it, he's really on it.  But he'll sometimes do other things in his show that are kind of creative.  He'll show a video and see how many comments he can post in twenty seconds.  He'll also do a breakdown of the video in which he narrates the video.  He's also got a segment called: "Can you guess what happens next?" where he pauses the video and asks the audience if they can guess what's going to happen next (surprise, you're most likely wrong).  His timing with this particular segment is impeccable and it's often one of the funnier ones.

There are a few segments that are far more interesting, however.  The segment which is unquestionably the best is the "Web Redemption" segment.  Tosh takes a video that has gone viral mostly because it was embarrassing for the talent in it... and gives them a chance to redo it.  Often in an instance in which they couldn't possibly fail.  We've seen people like Tron Guy, Chris Crocker and Afro Ninja get web redemptions.  It may seem like Tosh is picking only the ridiculously popular videos, but not always.  Generally speaking, if you've seen every video that Tosh has shown, you probably spend far too much time on the internet and may need to go outside for a couple of hours... or maybe invite a member of the opposite sex over to your house for some... uh... arts and crafts.  Tosh has also done other big segments that sometimes involve finding out whether or not a particular video was fake, or sometimes bringing people who once shot a video back together in what he calls a "web reunion." 

It can be fun and amusing.  Although most times Tosh tries to find videos in which someone is getting hurt or something like that.  Because those are typically the videos that people are viewing, it seems (at least his show isn't filled to the brim with goddamn cat videos).  And sometimes it is fun.  He's also done filler where he mocks videos and tries to do some of what you've seen in them.  Sometimes those moments are fun, but most times you realize that Tosh is just killing time.

What can be grating about the show however are the jokes.  If there's one thing about Tosh.O that is really annoying it's that his catalog of jokes is about as robust as a children's picture book.  Every now and then he tells some good yarns, but there are other times you'll wonder if Tosh can do a joke in which the punchline isn't about gays, lesbians, blacks, asians etc.  It's not that some of these jokes aren't funny, it's that there are times you feel like they're the only types of jokes he knows.  In one episode it felt like that was the punchline of every joke.  There are times when you want to say, "Yes, Tosh, we get it, that male gymnastics teacher looks like a homosexual... yes, the joke was funny the first twenty times, but after twenty thousand...."  The other thing about it is that it makes the jokes predictable and unexciting.

There are no jokes more repetitive than his gay jokes or jokes about women, however.  That are so frequent even the new ones he throws out aren't as interesting anymore.  How many times can he use the punchline, "This is why women shouldn't ________?" 

I don't believe Daniel Tosh to be racist, homophobic or sexist, mind you.  He's just doing what comedians do: Telling jokes that may garner laughs.  If that's the case, racist, homophobic, sexist and misogynistic jokes come with the territory.  The problem is that it hardly feels like there's a breath in between them.

That's not to say that sometimes the jokes aren't funny.  A lot of the time they actually are.  It's just that it would be nice if he had a bit more range to those jokes.  It just gets tiring to watch him do commentary on a video where the jokes eventually come back to something along the lines of, "Oh and because he's Black I CAN'T forget the black jokes." 

When the show first began it was quite amusing to watch because it was different.  Nowadays the show isn't quite as interesting, probably for the same reason Family Guy began to get less interesting: There are times when Tosh isn't particularly doing what he does for the sake of being funny but rather for the sake of trying to shock and awe you.  This would be amusing if we could actually see some of the videos he was actually showing.  But because they're too shocking and probably lurid, we don't get to see them.  That's not Tosh's fault that's the fault of the network.  Although I would imagine that Tosh.O isn't exactly suitable for small children to begin with. 

As repetitive as some of the jokes can get, however, there is one thing that is certain: Daniel Tosh is a fairly charming host.  He is often fun to watch.  And when he tells a joke that is actually really good (and can step away from the easy race related and gay jokes) then you get something really good.  There are times when it's like sitting down with one of your buddies (if you're in college, anyway) and it can be good stuff.

So is it a good show?  Certainly.  Tosh.O entertains.  But can it also be a headache from time to time? yes because he spends a lot more time than he should sticking to safe bet jokes.  I'm not seeking originality from Daniel Tosh, just a little bit more variety from his repertoire of jokes.  This is perhaps why when he tells a joke or comes with a witty response that is surprisingly different they're that much more enjoyable.  But the point still stands: most of the videos he shows will be much more funny than the commentary he does on them.

It's not a bad show by any means.  In fact, most times Tosh.O is good.  There are likely to be tons of spectators offended, however.  Tosh may be charming but he doesn't exactly sugar coat things.  If he weren't a comedian you'd surely think he was one harsh dude.  Even when watching you're likely to hear the audience gasp in shock at some of the things he says.  Does Tosh cross the line?  Sometimes he does.  And other times watching his show is like watching a car accident unfold before your very eyes.  You know you shouldn't look... but you do anyway. 

If you can get beyond the extremely repetitive nature of his bail out race, gay, and women jokes you may find yourself enjoying the show a lot more than you think. 

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January 26, 2012
Well conveyed.
May 24, 2011
I agree. I'm much more of a fan of The Soup because I think Joel McHale is hilarious and much more observant than Tosh is. I don't think he's offensive as much as he is redundant and predictable. I do like the segments that you highlighted in this review though, so that wouldn't warrant a full on negative rating.
May 24, 2011
It's pretty much how I feel.  He can be funny but after a while his jokes are just too redundant.  I'm a fairly good sport about jokes concerning race, sexuality and gender and all that, but at some point the jokes just get repetitive.
May 25, 2011
Yeah, I hear ya! It's alright in moderation, like everything else and definitely doable if done so with wit which I don't necessarily think Tosh does.
May 24, 2011
Great review, Sean!  I quite like Tosh.0.  After all, he was the reason that I discovered these gems ;)
May 24, 2011
I cannot comment that much since I am not very familiar with this show. Only caught an episode here and there...your review told me all I needed to know. Nice job!
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