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  • Feb 12, 2013
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UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem

UFC 141

Ah yes the event that would be sold as the biggest heavyweight fight of all time [that is of course since the last time they said it, and would say again]. Overeem was debuting in the UFC after coming over from Strikeforce [saw his last fight there live in Dallas here in Texas] and he was going against big Brock Lesnar. Also there was the big grudge match between Donald Cerrone against Nate Diaz [can't stand him or his brother.]



1.NAM PHAN VS JIMY HETTES-the first round was all Hettes as he attacked from the beginning displaying excellent accuracy with his strikes. That accuracy also includes his ground strikes which is very impressive. He takes him down, slams him, and beats on him for most of the round, great showing from Jimy. The second round is pretty much the same but like the last Nam is game for it all, he never gives up. Jimy keeps using his Judo to get Nam down. From there you can see that this man is really very good with Jiu-Jitsu, this guy looks much better than a purple belt. The third round is even more impressive from both guys as Jimy dominates once again and Nam shows his heart. In the end Jimy takes a big UD.

2.VLADIMIR MATYUSHENKO VS ALEXANDER GUSTAFSSON-this one would see an up and comer in Alex taking on a veteran in Vlad. This fight lasts only a round with Alex using his range very well. Vlad attacks most of the time looking for that right hand. In the end that moving forward attack costs him as he walks right into a stiff jab knocking him to the ground. From there Alex jumps on him and gets the TKO victory.

3.JON FITCH VS JOHNY HENDRICKS-the next fight ended up being the most surprising of the night. This fight lasts seconds in fact I believe it was 12 seconds into the fight and Jon Fitch was sleeping. Hendricks blasts Fitch with a left and the fight is over. This of course got the "KO of the Night" award.

4.NATE DIAZ VS DONALD CERRONE-next up was the co main event of the evening and I was so looking forward to Diaz getting destroyed here. Diaz is a disrespectful black eye to the sport like his brother Nick and needs another beat down like the one he took from Rory McDonald. The first round is very entertaining but Diaz really lands those combinations. The second round seems a little better for Cerrone landing with his kicks but Diaz still controls with t boxing. The third round like the last saw Cerrone look a little better but Diaz still landed with the boxing leading to a UD win. This fight scored the "Fight of the Night" bonus.

5.BROCK LESNAR VS ALISTAIR OVEREEM-then came the fight every one was looking forward too. It was marketed as the biggest fight in the UFC's Heavyweight Division ever. They may have been right because these two are mammoth gladiators who are specialists in different areas. This was the classic grappler versus striker matchup that classics are made from. Lesnar is of course the grappler supreme with his amateur wrestling back ground and 2000 NCAA Championship. Then there is Overeem who is a world champion in not only MMA but also kickboxing and the only man to hold those titles at the same time. He was the Dream and Strikeforce Heavyweight champs in MMA and the K-1 World GP Champion, he is very dangerous standing up. The thing is he also holds multiple wins with submissions including a very impressive one over Vitor Belfort in Belfort's Pride FC debut. So going into this one I was worried about Lesnar's chances, still I was pulling for the former UFC Champ.

We all had goosebumps as Bruce Buffer yelled out "This is the MAIN EVENT of the evening", and of course his trademark "AND NOWWW" right before he introduces each fighter. When they met in the middle of the octagon it was incredible to see these giants standing in front of each other about to face off.

Things started slower then normal as Lesnar let some punches and even some kicks fly a little. Overeem stalked him down though with his hands at his side, a clear indicator that he did not respect Lesnar's stand up ability. When he was about to let loose Lesnar goes down for the single only to loose it, that was a big win for Overeem. Still Lesnar is able to cut Overeem but it does not effect Alistair at all, he continues to move forward looking for the kill. He breaks threw Lesnar's defenses and lands some big knees and even though Brock answers with one of his own it is not the same. Alistair pushes forward again landing more knees and a body kick that Lesnar tries to catch. Right back Overeem lands more knees and some punches loosing up on Brock. He backs away momentarily only to land a sickening body kick that sends Lesnar back and falling to a knee. Overeem smells the blood and comes in landing some heavy shots and the ref steps in to save Brock.

This was a huge fight with a lot of hype coming into it and rightfully so as "The Reem" very much delivered here. Lesnar was very humble in defeat and then announced his retirement from the sport. We were all a little upset but honestly we kinda saw it coming, but there is that steroid thing. As some may not know Alistair got caught before his next fight with insane amounts of testosterone in him. Now any one who has seen him when he was fighting at Light Heavyweight it is pretty obvious, so there is that if you want to look into it. But a win is a win and it was an exciting fight any way, of course we all also know how his last fight went as well

. Special features on disc one includes the Weigh-Ins and the Countdown Show which is always excellent.


1.MANNY GAMBURYAN VS DIEGO NUNES-the opening fight of the night was in the featherweight division. The opening round showcased what each was thinking as far as a game plan goes. Nunes worked the outside with kicks and such while Manny worked for the takedown and eventually gets it for a short time. Round two favored Manny more so as he landed a big right hand and did get another take down. The third round looked like the first more so without the take down really. Nunes fought the fight on the out side and that lead to him getting the win.

2.JACOB VOLKMANN VS EFRAIN ESCUDERO-next up was the lightweights and two good ones at that. The first round here is great as these two grapple it up. Volkmann spends the entire round on top looking for position and ground and pound. Efrain on the other hand defends well and even had a choke at the beginning of the round. The first part of the second round was almost picture perfect frame by frame repeat of the first round until they are stood up. But from there Jacob looks to get Efrain's back and he does closing out the round dominating. Mix round one and two together and you have the third round until Efrain sinks in a power guillotine. From there he switches into a north south choke when they hit the ground and switched it back when they were back up. Still it was not enough as Volkmann gets the win.

3.DONG HYUN KIM VS SEAN PIERSON-I am a huge Dong Hyun Kim fan and was all about this next fight. Great first round with Kim controlling most of the round until he throws Sean only for Sean to gain superior position taking his back in the final seconds. The second round is controlled by Kim as he just lands combinations the entire time. With seconds left to go Kim lands a crane kick but Sean is saved by the bell as Kim pounces. The third round sees Kim control most of it on the ground until they are stood up, Kim gets the UD win.

4.ANTHONY NJOKUANI VS DANNY CASTILLO-great first round here as Danny comes in very determined to get the takedown. He gets it many times and even is close to taking his back. Towards the end Anthony spins and gets on top but the round ends before he can do too much. The second round would see Anthony land some nice knees, elbows and a bug right hand that stumbled Danny. But Danny hung in there and got that take down which aloud him to control and regain himself. The third round looked much like the first two with Danny getting the takedowns, which leads to his winning the fight by UD.

5.ROSS PEARSON VS JUNIOR ASSUNCAO-the first round would see these two circle the cage like crazy. Ross was walking Junior down while Junior was looking to counter, there was a takedown and some strikes landed. In the second round we pick up steam as Ross starts to find his range landing nice body shots a sick jab. We are treated to a few takedowns, actually one is a trip, basically a good round. The third round is really good with both guys looking good but Ross really coming alive as the round went on. That of course would lead him on to get the UD.

This was a good event over all in my opinion with some good fights and a stunning knock out. Sure things didn't go the way I wanted them on some fights but hey they are fights. Also one of the most fun nights I have ever had was that night but is a story for another day.

The special features on disc 2 include the behind the scenes, Ultimate Insider, and the UFC Promos.


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February 12, 2013
how come Lesnar is now focusing on the WWE rather than UFC?
February 12, 2013
His second bout with diverticulitis really took a lot out of him, you could tell in this fight as Overeem was crushing his body. So he retired after the fight and went back to the WWE.
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Quick Tip by . February 12, 2013
This was a good event over all in my opinion with some good fights and a stunning knock out. Sure things didn't go the way I wanted them on some fights but hey they are fights. Also one of the most fun nights I have ever had was that night but is a story for another day.
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