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  • Apr 10, 2014

Man I miss WCW and I never realize it until I start watching these things. This set chronicles the “War Games” matches that we all know and love.

1.DUSTY RHODES, THE ROAD WARRIORS, NIKITA KOLOFF, & PAUL ELLERING VS RIC FLAIR, LEX LUGER, ARN ANDERSON, TULLY BLANCHARD & J.J. DILLION-Dusty and Arn would start this off and you will notice that that becomes a pattern. These two go back and forth putting on a great match until the next man enters. The heels would win the coin toss [another pattern] and so momentum would switch between teams depending. The action here is great and for the time I am sure was hardcore. This was a great first showing on this set for this match with great talent in the ring. The crowd was so into this and into Dusty’s team. This match came about due to Dusty feuding with the Horsemen. Dusty’s team would go on to win after The Road Warriors broke Dillion’s collarbone for real] and he gave in shortly after that. This match took place at the Great American Bash 7/2/87.

2.DUSTY RHODES, THE ROD WARRIORS, NIKITA KOLOFF & PAUL ELLERING VS RIC FLAIR, LEX LUGER, ARN ANDERSON, TULLY BLANCHARD & THE WAR MACHINE-taking place later that same month as part of the Bash tour on 7/31/87 we would again kick it off with Arn and Dusty. War Machine was in this time to replace Dillion after his injury. Once again the action was great with a quick pace and like the last we get some blood. This one would end after one of the Road Warriors pads was used to make Machine submit.

3.THE ROAD WARRIROS, STEVE WILLIAMS, RON & JIMMY GARVIN VS KEVIN SULLIVAN, MIKE ROTUNDA, AL PEREZ, RUSSIAN ASSASSIN & IVAN KOLOFF-were the last two matches were two rings with one big cage this one was a single ring with three cages getting larger as they go down called the ‘Tower of Doom”. This took place at the Great American Bash 7/10/88 and was one of those crazy WCW matches. The wrestlers had to make their way down and out of all three cages with trap doors opening up every two minutes to let the contests move around. This was a good match and fun for the most part as the Road Warriors team would end up winning it.

4.DUSTY RHODES, LEX LUGER, STEVE WILLIAMS & PAUL ELLERING VS RIC FLAIR, ARN ANDERSON, BARRY WINDHAM, TULLY BLANCHARD & J.J. DILLION-the return of War Games came about on 7/16/88 with Dusty and the Horsemen looking to do battle once again. Dusty and Arn start us off again on this commentaryless match. Once again this is a great match with fast paced action and a good story being told. In the end the good guys win again. But after the match Dusty tells a hilarious story about JJ and Hawk.

5.THE ROAD WARRIROS, THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS & STEVE WILLIAMS VS THE FREEBIRDS & THE SAMOAN SWAT TEAM-Bash 89 and this one would crack me up every time I watch it thanks to Paul Heyman and Michael Hayes. Another fun match with some good and hard hitting action with fans really into. They really blow when the Road Warriors get the win here. But Hayes was the best here as he did not want to enter the match and kept getting his teammates to go in before him.

6.RIC FLAIR, SID VICIOUS, BARRY WINDHAM & LARRY ZBYSZKO VS STING, BRIAN PILLMAN & THE STEINER BROTHERS-this next match took place at WCW Wrestlewar 91. This was one of those matches that seemed like it was there to put someone over. That someone in my opinion was Brian Pillman as he jumped in to start the match even when he was told not to. So Pillman would have to survive the entire match as the smallest guy there. That story would also continue all the way to the end. Pillman takes two nasty power bombs from Sid, the first one looked like it could have broken his neck. That led to a heel team win.

7.STING, NIKITA KOLOFF, DUSTIN RHODES, RICKY STEAMBOAT & BARRY WINDHAM VS ARN ANDERSON, BOBBY EATON, STEVE AUSTIN, LARRY ZBYSZKO & RICK RUDE-what a talented group of participants we had in this one here from Wrestlewar 92. Man I miss Heyman’s Dangerous Alliance, look at that line up. This is one of the absolute best matches on the set and I am sure you can tell why. The action stays moving and everyone looks great here. I love Steamboat man and it was great to see him here in this match. But he takes a sick spinebuster from my boy Arn [one of my all time favorites] and the action just picks up from there. Sting’s team takes the win here after a mistake from the Dangerous Alliance.

8.STING, DAVEY BOY SMITH, DUSTIN RHODES & THE SHOCKMASTER VS SID VICIOUS, VADER & HARLEM HEAT-now we are at Fall Brawl 93 which is where most of today’s fans may know this match from. Once again a match full of great guys including the one and only Shockmaster who fell on his face when he was announced for this match, literally on his face [look that up]. War Games veteran Animal was in Sting’s corner here. I am a huge Vader fan and this match is wonderful to watch. I love the way he throws his punches, especially his shots to Dustin’s ribs here and then goes to the head. Dustin was a big story here as he was injured and despite Animal not wanting him to go in he went first. Also it was great to see Harlem Heat again and Sid was back. Also the late British Bulldog was on board in this battle. This one ends quickly after all guys are in with the Shockmaster getting the win for his team. Not the best of endings but I can see what they were trying to do.

9.DUSTY & DUSTIN RODES & THE NASTY BOYS VS TERRY FUNK, ARN ANDERSON, BUNKHOUSE BUCK & ROBERT PARKER-Fall Brawl 94 would see Arn and Dusty in the Games again but actually not starting against each other. Arn would instead start against Dusty’s kid Dustin and it was a fun new chapter in the Horsemen/Rhodes rivalry. For some reason while this was not the best match on the set I liked the camera work on this one, don’t know why I needed to say that. It should be noted that Dusty tells a great story about something that happened during this match. It is that moment that led to Dusty getting the win for his team.


1.RANDY SAVAGE, HULK HOGAN, STING & LEX LUGER VS KAMALA, THE SHARK, THE ZODIAC & MENG-finally a match with Randy Savage. This was from the 1995 Fall Brawl event and would see Hulk’s team going to war [hence the war paint and camouflage] against the Dungeon of Doom. It was great watching Randy again here as he went crazy in there. This match also kinda promoted the rivalry with Savage and Luger despite being on the same team. In the end you know Hulk’s team wins.

2.SCOTT HALL, KEVIN NASH, HULK HOGAN & NWO STING VS RIC FLAIR, ARN ANDERSON, LEX LUGER & STING-this was right at the beginning of the NWO angle so this was a big time match right here. The thing was that WCW may have been able to stop the NWO with a win here. But in the weeks leading up to the event Team WCW would come to think that their teammate Sting was turning to the NWO. As it turned out that would be a big mistake as the NWO had an imposter. This match was great with the talent that was in it. The last person in for WCW was the real Sting who came in and cleared house, only to leave. Team WCW takes the loss some time later at the 1996 Fall Brawl event.

3.KEVIN NASH, BUFF BAGWELL, SYXX & KONNAN VS RIC FLAIR, ARN ANDERSON, CHRIS BENOIT & CURT HENNING-the following year at the 1997 Fall Brawl WCW and the NWO would go to war again. This time the WCW team was the Horsemen. The thing was Arn Anderson had to retire before this event and the NOW would infamously mock him on Nitro. This lead to Curt Henning linking up with the Horsemen and taking Arn’s “spot”. The match is full of great moments and highlights like Syxx being launched to the top of the cage for one. Of course the ending here is what most people remember and of course that was Henning’s turn. He comes out with an injured arm after being attacked earlier in the night. Once he enters he turns on WCW and helps the NWO win once again.

4.RODDY PIPER, DDP & THE WARRIOR VS BRET HART, STEVIE RAY & HULK HOGAN VS KEVIN NASH, STING & LEX LUGER-this may have been the most talent filled “War Games” or at least name wise. I remember being so excited for this back then because Bret Hart was finally in the “War Games” plus The Warrior had returned. The match had three teams with the NWO, the Wolfpack, and WCW with the winner getting a title shot the next month. The match started with DDP against Bret Hart, one of my all time favorite rivalries. As the match progressed more would come out representing the three teams with the stipulation also being that the match could end at anytime. This meant that there actually were no teams if you wanted that World title shot. The WCW team was really the only ones that kinda fought each other. Things get interesting when the Warrior enters the match and how they pulled that stuff off. This match actually made Warrior look unlike the match he would have with Hogan at Halloween Havoc. After Warrior leaves DDP picks up the quick victory pinning Ray.

5.STING, BOOKER T, GOLDBERG & KRONIK VS JEFF JARRETT, KEVIN NASH, SCOTT STEINER, THE HARRIS BROTHERS & VINCE RUSSO-now this brought back that three cage thing with the cages getting smaller as the go up. This was called the “War Games 2000” and in this one you had to make your way up the cages and grab the belt. Once you do that you have to make your way down and out of the structure to win. Now of course the action is all over the place with who are involved and yes Russo is really in this match things are really hectic and the action is messy but still kinda fun. Goldberg almost wins this one but gets laid out by Bret Hart. This leads to Nash keeping the belt in another swerve for him that most probably saw coming.


1.BRIAN LEE, JINNY GOLDEN, RICKY MORTON, ROBERT FULLER & ROBERT GIBSON VS KEVIN SULLIVAN, KILLER KYLE, TAZMANIAC, STAN LEE & TOM PRICHARD-this is a match from Smokey Mountain Wrestling that we join in progress. Half the people are already eliminated from the match when we join as you had to cuff your opponents to the cage. The match is good from what we get to see with a brawl at the end.

2.TOMMY DREAMER, PUBLIC ENEMY & THE PITBULLS VS RAVEN, STEVIE RICHARDS, THE ELIMINATORS & THE HEAVENLY BODIES-this match was from ECW’s December to Dismember 1995 and is excellent. This is what I think of when I hear the term War Games. Two teams battling it out in violent fashion with the rule being if Dreamer’s team wins he gets 5 minutes with Richards. The action here is all over the place spilling out onto the floor like any good ECW match would. Various weapons were used and even after the match the brawl continued. Tommy would get the win but afterwards his team got beat down.

3.THE DUDLEYS & MUSTAFA SAED VS NEW JACK, AXEL ROTTEN & BALLS MAHONEY-another violent match that was a war, this one at CyberSlam 1999. At first it looked like New Jack backed out of the match so it was two on three for the first part of this match. But New Jack would appear towards the end of the match but it would not help as his team lost. This was a fun match that was a good addition to the set. Also it was good hearing Joey Styles on commentary.

This was a great set that brought back all kinds of memories. I miss WCW so much and I never realize how much until I bust out these sets or old tapes. I do recommend this set to any wrestling fan out there. There matches that are not as good as others but there are some classics here. You also get Dusty picking a dream "War Games" match.

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This was a great set that brought back all kinds of memories. I miss WCW so much and I never realize how much until I bust out these sets or old tapes. I do recommend this set to any wrestling fan out there. There matches that are not as good as others but there are some classics here. You also get Dusty picking a dream "War Games" match.
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