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WWE Starrcade: The Essential Collection

Greatest matches from WCW Starrcade

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  • Aug 14, 2011
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I remember thinking when this was released that this has the potential to be the best release from WWE in a long while. It lived up to that kinda but in a way it was a little of a let down, mostly as far as the documentary is concerned. If you have read any of the other reviews you will know what I am saying. The doc is good but it goes by way to fast in fact it would have been awesome if they would have kept the format they were doing but did it for every Starrcade. Other than that this is a brilliant release that all should own, GO buy it now.

1.[MATCH OF THE DECADE]-RODDY PIPER VS HULK HOGAN-this was at the time one of the biggest matches in wrestling history, or at least one of the most hyped rematches in the business. WCW was on their way to losing to the NWO until Roddy Piper returned to put Hogan in his place, glad some one did. This is actually a much better match then people say or better yet fight as they just brawl basically, sure it was not the greatest bout between them but it was entertaining none the less. The story line going into and after this was great, one of my favorite times in WCW. This was a good match but the ending made this bout really, as The Giant came into the ring to choke slam Piper a fan jumped into the ring to help him and caught some kicks and fist to the head from Hogan and the ref even. Kinda reminiscent of the steel cage match they had.

2.[IORN MAN SINGLES TOURNAMENT]-STING VS THE GREAT MUTA-this was a great match between the two and while I think they had even better matches [which is saying something] this one is close to classic in my book. The action goes back and forth the entire match as both go all out with a various display of wrestling abilities. Muta is just magnificent in this match and the flip were he lands on his feet looks great. Still Sting takes this one with a superplex.

3.[UNIFIED TAG TITLE]-BARRY WINDAM & BRIAN PILLMAN VS RICKY STEAMBOAT & SHANE DOUGLAS-absolutely one of the best matches on this set and really it should be in the top ten, wrestling wise this is top notch. The action in this one is excellent and every one performs well and rises above expectations. Douglas is brilliant, Steamboat is outstanding, Windam is great, and Pillman is amazing, they all do a phenomenal job on this one. The action comes at you non stop as both teams go back and forth, still in the end Douglas and Steamboat retain the tag titles in a classic.

4.[WCW CHAMPIONSHIP]-GOLDBERG VS KEVIN NASH-the big thing about this match is that it was the first time Goldberg was beat by any one. This one seems a lot like the first match on the disc except with a little more wrestling, good match. I have always liked Nash and I never hated Goldberg so this one still seems like a good bout between 2 big guys. The action was as good as it could be between these two and Disco Inferno coming out still makes me laugh. Bam Bam [R.I.P.] and Scott Hall using the cattle prod helps secure a victory and the title for Nash.

5.BATTLEBOWL 91-this is an early version of the World War 3 event that WCW would latter hold as a usual card, except this one is minus one ring. This like most battle royals is fun but a little hard to follow at times; you must get them to the other ring and throw them over the top rope. There is some good action in this match from the like of Liger and such, and so good action with Sting, Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat, and Luger. The match gets really good once it becomes one on one between Sting and Lex Luger. Good enough match and battle royal I guess historic.

6.[2 OUT OF 3-US CHAMPIONSHIP]-DUSTIN RHODES VS STEVE AUSTIN-long before they were Stone Cold and Goldust they were two great athletes going at it in WCW. This is by far one of the better matches from this disc and collection in my opinion it is cool to see this again before their WWF/E runs. These two go at it and show why they both would go on to be famous in another company putting on a great match. Steve Austin wins two straight falls which is rare after putting on a great show; the lights even go out during this match.


1.[NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP]-ROAD WARRIORS VS ARN ANDERSON & TULLY BLANCHARD-this is back when the wrestlers could tell a story while in the ring, great times. I remember when the Horsemen and LOD were feuding man that was a great time in wrestling, I miss those days. This match is great and full of action as the rivals go at it tooth and nail. Road Warriors come with that brute strength and dominate at time but the Horsemen are quick thinkers and crafty in the ring so it is basically even. The Road Warriors get disqualified after throwing their opponents over the top rope, yeah that rule was around.

2.REY MYSTERIO JR. VS JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER-this is the battle of to revolutionary wrestlers who both changed the sport during their time in the business. I have always been a fan of Liger and I loved Rey during his WCW days, WWE won't let him do as much as he did then. There is a lot of great high flying action in this fight as both these guys stole the show that night and didn't just fly high but also wrestled showing their different styles. This is a great match that ends after Liger hits a Liger bomb on Rey.

2.[SCAFFOLD MATCH]-ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS VS THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS-this is pretty good match and with any match like this there is a sense of tension and anxiety just watching people nearly falling off. For two teams up on that thing they put on a good show trying to punish the others. The Rock N Roll Express take this one in a long rivalry that lasted forever almost. This is an entertaining match you should all enjoy.

3.[NWA CHAMPIONSHIP]-RIC FLAIR VS LEX LUGER-Ric Flair is one of the all time greatest wrestlers ever and while I have never really been a fan of Lex Luger he could at times deliver a good match. This is one of those times but to be honest that is mostly because of Flair, still it is a good match none the less. Luger dominates most of the match taking to Flair at every opportunity but Flair is a master craftsmen. This is a classic match that is full of drama and emotion, the fans were really into this one. Luger had many near falls on Flair and Ric uses a chair on Luger's legs. But even after that Luger tries to make the come back, while Ric tries to hold him back. Flair retains the title and for a Lex Luger match this is a classic.

4.EDDIE GUERRERO VS SHINJIRO OTANI-this match was from the 95 Starrcade were it was WCW vs Japan in a tournament type of thing. This is a great match between these two great competitors who go at it looking for the win. The match goes back and forth for most of the fight with Eddie looking like he was going to take the win at times. But it wasn't in the cards that night as he losses to a worthy opponent.

5.[NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP]-DUSTY RHODES & STING VS THE ROAD WARRIORS-excellent match right here possibly one of the best tag matches of all time. The monstrous Road Warriors take on the charismatic team of Dusty Rhodes and Sting, and they lay into them hard. Still Sting displays what made him a star and Dusty shows why he is one of the greatest performers in front of a crowd of all time. After a hard fought battle the Road Warriors get disqualified and keep the belts.

6.STING VS VADER-back during Vader's run in WCW he was a feared and respected opponent that held the world title, unlike his run in the WWF. These two have always had great matches together and this is no exception. These two tell a great story in the ring and it feels like a real fight as they just want to hurt each other. Sting takes this one after actually catching Vader in mid air and slamming him for the in.

7.[NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP]-BRISCO BROTHERS VS JAY YOUNGBLOOD, RICKY STEAMBOAT-another classic tag match that was at the time revolutionary in a way as far as contrasts in styles. Both teams went at each other with the Brisco's being more of a pure wrestling team that can brawl and Steamboat and Youngblood more high risk. The risk takers take the titles from the Brisco's in a great match.

8.[NWA CHAMPIONSHIP]-DUSTY RHODES VS RIC FLAIR-this is a rematch from the previous year and this one is just as good in my books. These two were always great together and both put on a great show here. Dusty uses his strength to use as Ric utilizes his speed and mind games. This is a hard hitting match that seems to be going Ric's way when the Horsemen interfere but Dusty takes the title home.

9.[WCW CRUISERWIEGHT CHAMPIONSHIP]-EDDIE GUERRERO VS DEAN MALENKO-two of my all time favorite wrestlers lock up in this brilliant match, RIP Eddie. I love both these guys and wish Dean would come back but at least I have tapes and DVD's with him. This is an excellent match that shows both wrestlers talents off greatly, a lot of high impact moves. Dean does all he can to beat Eddie but Eddie pulls this one out in a nice way.


1.ROAD WARRIORS VS STEINER BROTHERS-a battle between to legendary teams to see who the best is, LOD or the Steiner's. The Road Warriors always ran threw every team they went against but the Steiner Brothers were one of the few teams that could match them in strength and talent. This is a hard fought battle between both teams that ends with the Steiner's taking the win in a crazy manner.

2.[LADDER MATCH]-3 COUNT VS JAMIE NOBLE & EVAN KARAGIAS VS JUNG DRAGONS-this is with out a doubt one of the greatest matches in Starrcade history bar none, classic in my mind. These three teams go at it like crazy doing all kinds of things to each other in order to get the upper hand. If you like ladder matches and or high flying action then this is the one for you as all involved pull out all stops to deliver one of the most entertaining matches I have ever witnessed. 3 Count takes this but I recommend watching this over and over, excellent match.

3.[IRON MAN MATCH]-STING VS RIC FLAIR-these two have had some brilliant matches together and as far as I am concerned they never had a bad one. This while not their best match is still a very good one in which Sting wins the tournament and also becomes a Horseman. The action is great though out and the ring psychology between these two is great, one of the better matches on here.

4.[DOG COLLAR MATCH]-GREG VALENTINE VS RODDY PIPER-this one right here is a slugfest that can best be described as purely a fight, nothing more nothing less. To me this is a classic because this is one of the most historic matches in the history of the business not just Starrcade. By the end of this both are bloodied and Piper really got injured if you have seen his documentary, Piper takes the win.

5.[SCAFFOLD MATCH]-ROAD WARRIORS VS THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS-these matches never get the credit the deserve because watching these things live will have you on the edge of your seat. Watching these replays it is easy to say that these types of matches are not that great, but they are actually tense. This match was entertaining and had a wonderful ending involving Jim Cornett after the Road Warriors took the victory. In my eyes this is a classic.

6.[WCW CHAMPIONSHIP]-STING VS HULK HOGAN-to this day I am still mad about this match, they just couldn't let Sting have his night. This was Sting's first match in like a year and had one of the greatest build ups of all time. And then when Sting should have dominated this match [maybe not completely] but over all should have they let Hogan actually look good and unafraid. All of his opponents before this always looked good and Hogan always had all of the NOW run in for him. But here when during all the build up having Hogan running scared of Sting here he looks unafraid, it don't make sense. Add in the fact that the ref forgot the ending and forgot to count fast, so that ruined what should have been one of the biggest moments in WCW history. This was to be Sting's big moment and Bret Hart's debut into WCW, both were wasted.

7.[STEEL CAGE NWA CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH]-RIC FLAIR VS HARLEY RACE-this is one of the greatest matches in the history of the business right here. These two went at it like only legends can and go between a wrestling match to a brawl and back. Flair gets bloodied and still takes the belt back. It is always cool to see Natch being lifted into the air. Classic.

8.[STEEL CAGE WCW CHAMPIONSHIP]-MAGNUM TA VS TULLY BLANCHARD-this like the last is another classic steel cage match that pitted to game opponents against each other. This one is more of a fight then an actual match since it is an "I Quit" match and also inside a cage. These two beat each other senseless the entire match with both getting bloody and using the mic as a weapon. During the match there is a shot were Tully is beating on TA's head with the mic and it seems like a pedestrian filmed an actual street fight on a corner or something. Classic match that sees TA take the win when Tully says those two little words.

9.[WCW CHAMPIONSHIP]-RIC FLAIR VS VADER-the number one pick for this set is a worthy one indeed as the monster Vader takes on the legend Ric Flair. This is a battle right here that sees many twists and turns as Vader dominates a lot of the match over powering the weaker opponent. But the real thing to see here is Ric actually goes to the top rope multiple times and actually jumps off, not thrown off [unreal right]. Still Nach is Nach in this one and over comes the monster, love the ending.

This is a wonderful set that every wrestling fan should own and if the sales are good enough I really think that the WWE will release the full Starrcade Anthology DVD collection. This is a wonderful set as I said above buy it if you have yet to, GO now.


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August 14, 2011
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Quick Tip by . August 14, 2011
I remember thinking when this was released that this has the potential to be the best release from WWE in a long while. It lived up to that kinda but in a way it was a little of a let down, mostly as far as the documentary is concerned. If you have read any of the other reviews you will know what I am saying. The doc is good but it goes by way to fast in fact it would have been awesome if they would have kept the format they were doing but did it for every Starrcade. Other than that this is a brilliant …
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