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WWE: The Best of in Your House

Best of collection from the WWE

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  • Sep 9, 2013
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Ah the mid 90's, was there ever a better time period for wrestling fans. WCW was finally getting up there in ratings against the WWF and competition was in the air. It was in fact that same competition that I speak of that lead to everything you are going to see here on this release. The WWF had at the time only the five major Pay Per View events that we all knew and loved. The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, King of the Ring, SummerSlam, and of course the Survivor Series but that was soon about to change. WCW was starting to add more PPV's to their schedule so the WWF had to compete. Their answer was to create a two hour [at first] PPV called "In Your House". These events would be held in-between the "big" events. Eventually they would drop the "In Your House" from the title but we all remember those days for the good and the bad. This is the first volume of the "best of" and is hosted by Todd Pettengill.

1.BRET HART VS HAKUSHI-the first match on the set was also the first match on the first IYH PPV. This was Bret's first match of the night as he would go on to face, trick [fake leg injury], and beat Jerry Lawler later that night. First though he had to get through the "modern day kamikaze" Hakushi. This was a good opening match for that PPV and a good choice for this set. Hakushi was a different kind of opponent for Hart as he was more of an aerial based wrestler with his attacks. There was some great action here from moonsaults to both men going to the outside from a suplex. Hakushi and his manager Sinjin were not above trying to cheat to win but it would not be enough as Bret was able to get the win with a victory roll. Also it was cool to here Vince and Dok Hendrix [Michaels Hayes] on commentary, that takes me back.

2.[I-C TITLE]JEFF JARRETT VS SHAWN MICHAELS-one of the best matches that is always overlooked by fans when it comes to both guys. This match took place at the second IYH event and was probably the best match on the card. Both guys looked great here as did the Roadie who would get involved and even cost Double J the match at the end. Jarrett tried to stale the match many times going to the outside and then back in to break the count. Also it is funny when Vince's mic goes out and Lawler has free range for a short period of time. In the end HBK hits some sweet chin music on JJ and takes home the I-C title as a late B-Day present for at the time a record tying third time.

3.[I-C TITLE]DEAN DOUGLAS VS RAZOR RAMON-this match took place at the fourth IYH and was Ramon's second match of the night after competing in a tag match earlier in the evening. Dean had been awarded the I-C title shortly before the match due to HBK forfeiting the title due to injuries he received after he was jumped outside of a night club [this really happened]. So Dean had to immediately defend the title against Razor and both men delivered a good match. I for one have always been a fan of Douglas especially during his ECW days. I think he is very underrated as is this match since I still think it was one of the best of the night. The match is mostly Ramon with Dean getting in some good moments from time to time. That is of course everything except for the finish which seemed out of place. After a back body drop Razor drapes his arm over Dean for the three count but Douglas was able to get his foot under the rope, but the ref did not see it. The best thing about it was the guy with the black hair in the front row, his reaction still cracks me up. And I miss Lawler as a heel commentator.

4.[HOG PEN MATCH]TRIPLE H VS HENRY GODWIN-this match was back when Triple H was Hunter Hearst Helmsley and before the rest of his body caught up with that nose. Also in should be noted that Hillbilly Jim was the special referee for this match. This took place at the fifth IYH event and was a good match over all. You would think a match like this would be a pure brawl but you would be wrong. Yes it did have its brawling moments but it was more than just a fight at times. Of course over all this match was made to be the fun comedic match of the night. Hunter gets the win after sending Godwin into the pin. But afterwards he would also be thrown in even after he was slopped on.

5.[WWF TITLE]BRET HART VS BRITISH BULLDOG-also taking place at the fifth IYH this is one of my favorite matches form the early IYH events. These two had a classic in 92 at SummerSlam and when this was live on PPV I had no doubt that this would be as well. As I thought this was an excellent match and probably the best on that card and one of the best on this set. These two just had great chemistry from their tag matches to the singles. The match would see Bulldog control most of it really putting a beating on Bret and busting him open. But Bret stayed in the fight delivering some big moves such as a superplex. Bret would avenge that SummerSlam match with this one pinning Davey and retaining the title.

6.[WWF TITLE NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH]SHAWN MICHAELS VS DIESEL-the first match that the two had with the roles reversed as far as baby face/heel goes, and unlike last time HBK came to win. This was the classic no hold barred match between the two where Diesel [Kevin Nash] used Mad Dog Vachone's [not sure I spelled that right] fake leg as a weapon. This was for the time in WWF was a pretty hardcore match, I say for WWF because at the time ECW was alive and well. But for this company this was a great hardcore match before this was the norm in the company. There is a lot of good action in this match and the best friends turned enemies angle was working real well even after it started way back in 1994 between these two. To anyone who says Vince doesn't care about his wrestlers [at least some of the time] should check this one out. I never really noticed it before but when Nash goes to power bomb HBK into the table notice how Vince tries to grab the video monitor out of the way but it pops up into the air. Shawn wins this one after some sweet chin music is played for Nash. This match took place at the "Good Friends Better Enemies" IYH.

7.[WWF TITLE]SHAWN MICHAELS VS MANKIND-I remember watching this match and really being worried that Shawn may not keep the belt, because at the time Mankind was a whole new breed in the WWF. I had watched Mick before in WCW and ECW [who were in the house that night] and was well aware of what he could do. But I relaxed and knew Shawn would overcome this obstacle, still though this was the same guy [Mankind] that took it to the Undertaker so I knew it would be interesting. The match its self was great and very entertaining, the action in this match was very well paced and did not over do anything. It seemed to me that the story of this match played out very well and the Undertaker, Vader, & Psycho Sid appearances just added to the atmosphere. There were a lot of high spots in the match of course like the super kick off of the chair or both wrestlers falling from the top turnbuckle onto the table. Shawn takes a DQ victory for this unique match. This was not really a hardcore match or a traditional wrestling match but kinda a hybrid of the two, very unique feeling to this one. This is one of the most physical matches on the set and ever. This match brought out an aggressive side of HBK that we had not seen since he put Marty through the glass, this is one of my favorite matches on the set. This match took place at the "Mind Games" IYH.

8.STEVE AUSTIN VS TRIPLE H-the future of the company was competing right here in one of their earlier matches. Both were heels at the time which made the contest even more interesting in my opinion. Austin was scheduled to face Savio Vega and continue that feud but he was injured. The match itself was great with both men looking great and getting in a great opening contest for that event. This match took place at the "Buried Alive" IYH [more on that later]. Hunter was going to be facing former friend Mr. Perfect the next night on Raw. Perfect decided to go down to ringside and take Hunter's girl. This not only lead to Austin winning the match after a stunner but prior to that and encounter between Perfect and Austin.

9.[BURIED ALIVE MATCH]UNDERTAKER VS MANKIND-the first ever buried alive match featured two of the best from the WWF. This match was more of a fight and brawl than anything else. They would battle in the crowd, ring and even at the burial site. This was one of the most fun feuds in the WWF and this match also introduced the short lived Executioner character. Taker wins the match but Ex nails him with a shovel and along with Mankind and other heels of the time buries Taker alive. The horror movie like ending with Taker's hand is still great.

10.[WWF TITLE FINAL FOUR MATCH]BRET HART VS VADER VS UNDERTAKER VS STEVE AUSTIN-this match came about because Steve Austin had been eliminated at the Royal Rumble by Bret Hart. The refs did not see it so he came back into the ring eliminating Hart, Taker, and Vader to win. This of course could not be allowed so this Final Four match was established to crown the new WWF champ since HBK had to let the title go. This was a fun match with all four guys going at each other's throats, or should I say eyes. Vader gets bloody and nasty looking on his left eye. They could eliminate each other battle royal style or by the traditional pin or submission. Thankfully Bret Hart won the match and the title after some great action. Unfortunately he would drop the belt the next night on Raw to Sid, my brother and I are still upset by that.


1.HART FOUNDATION VS KEN SHAMROCK, LOD, GOLDUST, & STEVE AUSTIN-one of the best matches on the set. This match is full of legends and some of the best to ever lace the boots up. This took place at the "Canadian Stampede" IYH event in Canada so you know who the crowd was behind. This match was full of drama and had great atmosphere around it. There were countless great moments in this match and every time someone from the Hart Foundation lands a punch or anything the crowd came alive. I will say though that I loved when Owen came back down after he was sent to the back, the crowd loved it. This match was full of brawling as well as classic tag team maneuvers such as the original Foundation laying out some moves. The ending was great and the aftermath was a great moment for the Hart family.

2.SHAWN MICHAELS VS UNDERTAKER-this match was from the often forgotten IYH "Ground Zero" event which is still one of my favorites. This is one of the craziest matches these two ever had and is up there with every match they have had since. This is a crazy fight and brawl from the beginning and a good while into the match you finally hear the bell. That is right the first part of this match wasn't even officially part of the match. Taker really takes it to HBK here for costing him the title at SummerSlam. When the match finally starts it stays mostly Taker but Shawn showcases why he is the best of all time in my opinion. One of the best matches the two ever had and that is saying something. I love how the refs keep getting knocked out so the wrestlers have to come out to break them up. Of course this leads to Taker diving over the ropes to still get at Shawn, this might be my favorite match of the set.

3.[NON SNACTIONED MATCH]STEVE AUSTIN, OWEN HART, CACTUS JACK & CHAINSAW CHARLIE VS TRIPLE H, NEW AGE OUTLAWS & SAVIO VEGA-still to this day one of the most fun matches of all time. I still wish it would have been DX & the New Age Outlaws but Shawn was injured and thus Savio took his place. This like the last just starts out as a brawl with weapons galore everywhere thanks in most part to the hardcore legends. Eventually the ref gets control and it turns into a tag match. It is at this point that one of the greatest and funniest moments ever happens. Steve Austin has a trash can in his hands and just launches it at Billy Gun as he gets into the ring. You have to see that moment to get it, it is hilarious. This match featured all the big feuds going into Wrestlemania so it was an important event. The ending comes when Austin stuns the Outlaws and gets the pin. Afterwards he stuns Chyna.

4.[WWF TAG TITLES]MANKIND & KANE VS UNDERTAKER & STEVE AUSTIN-great tag match right here as the tag champs were going in against a team that no one was sure could work together in Austin [WWF Champ] and Taker [future challenger]. The story here was great with Austin and Taker getting into it at various times and refusing to tag each other. Of course the tag champs Kane and Mankind worked together very well and took it to the challengers. Of course as it would turn out it would not be enough as Taker tombstoned Kane for the win. This was a great match that makes me want to go back and watch that whole IYH [Fully Loaded] and the SummerSlam that followed.

5.[I-C TITLE]KEN SHAMROCK VS MANKIND-man I really miss Shamrock I realize that now. I have been watching him since the first UFC event. So when he came into the WWF I was super excited [despite the feud with Dan Severn never materializing. This was a fun back and forth match with both men looking great here. This was a nice mix of brawling and in ring action. Mankind tapped up his middle fingers for this match like he had done in the past looking to apply the mandible claw. Little did he know that he would be using it on himself after Shamrock locks on the ankle lock. He does this in order to knock himself out. In doing so Mankind looses the match but does not give Ken the satisfaction of seeing him tap to the ankle lock. This was at the "Judgment Day" IYH.

6.[WWF TITLE LAST MAN STANDING MATCH]THE ROCK VS MANKIND-taking place at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre" IYH and was another hardcore brawl between these two. These guys had some great matches and chemistry and this was more of the same. They battled all over the place and used every weapon they could get their hands on. That included the announcer's table, and speaking of that The Rock had a great moment here doing some commentary for his own match. These beat each other until they both could not answer the count leaving it as a draw and Mankind still with the belt.


1.BRET HART VS STEVE AUSTIN-the first bonus match was between "The Hitman" and "The Rattlesnake". These two always delivered when they got together and I still remember this match. Not as remembered as much as their other encounters but this was still a good one. Bret really tried to work Austin's knee over including doing his figure for on the post. That is still one of my favorite moves from Bret ever. Austin of course would fight back leading to the Hart Foundation getting involved. Austin wins the match due to a DQ at the "Revenge of the `Taker" IYH.

2.[WWF LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE]TAKA MICHINOKU VS BRIAN CHRISTOPHER-this took place at the great D-Generation X IYH and was the finals of the new Light Heavyweight Championship tournament. At the time the WWF was trying to bring in the faster littler guys and counter WCW's Cruiserweight division. I was so excited for this match because I had been loving the tournament leading into this. Thankfully it did not disappoint as booth men brought their A games here. Taka was obviously the quicker of the two and it showed with all of his high flyer maneuvers. Brian of course was the stronger and beat on Taka when he had the chance. The funny thing here was hearing J.R. and Lawler go at it over if Brian was King's son or not. But anyways after a great back and forth battle Taka gets the win and the new belt.

3.[WWF TITLE]SHAWN MICHAELS VS KEN SHAMROCK-like the last match this one took place at HBK's own PPV "D-Generation X". He would be defending the title against Ken Shamrock who I am a huge fan of. I had been watching Shamrock since the first UFC so I was a bit torn. But this is pro wrestling so I had to go with Shawn. This was a great match with Shawn doing all he can to survive Ken's onslaught. The WWF was making Shamrock look great here so HBK had help from Triple H and Chyna. This was a great match with Ken getting the win by DQ but it was the ending that most people remember with "The Black Heart" Owen Hart returning.

4.X PAC VS D'LO BROWN-two of my favorites were going at it here during one of the best feuds of the time, which of course was DX vs. The Nation of Domination. This was a non title match since D'Lo had stolen the European title. This was a great contest with back and forth action that would see D'Lo take the win. This was a good match and a good bonus match.

This was a fun set and really brought me back. It was cool to see Todd back again hosting this, I always liked that guy. The match selection was a good one especially for a first volume. I really hope we get a second and even a third if possible, I think there was enough events to do that. It would be cool to see an IYH anthology like the big events, I don't see it happening.

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September 09, 2013
I remember the IN Your House PPV serving as a pre-cursor to something big to the major PPV's, but yeah, there are shows that were quite nice.
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Quick Tip by . September 09, 2013
This was a fun set and really brought me back. It was cool to see Todd back again hosting this, I always liked that guy. The match selection was a good one especially for a first volume. I really hope we get a second and even a third if possible, I think there was enough events to do that.
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