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  • Apr 29, 2013
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This was a set released that took a look at some of the famous families of wrestling. The documentary like feature on the first disc is cool and is hosted by Carlito. There are some families that are left out that should have been there but overall it is a good release. In this set you get profiles on the Orton's, Guerrero's, McMahon's, Windam's, Graham's, Anoai's, Gagne's, The Hart's, Vachon's, Colon's, the Von Erich's, Rougeau's, Funk's, Brisco's and the Maivia/Johnson family. You may notice that the Rhodes family is not there but at least we get a match from them on disc 2. The matches are as follows.


1.PETER MAIVIA & JAY STRONGBOW VS ALI BABA & BARON MIKEL SCICLUNA-now I know you know about The Rock's Grandfather. Here we have him and Jay Strongbow working together in a tag match that starts with a little musical number, you can see where Rock gets it. This match was all Maivia and Strongbow and you can tell they were having a good time in there. Of course with this set you know they get the victory in a good entertaining match.

2.[AWA TITLE]CURT HENNING VS GREG GAGNE-Greg was going against "Cool" Curt Henning as they called him in this one. This one starts a little into the match but that is ok. We get most of the match and it is a fun one. The style they each had complimented the other and this one goes from wrestling to brawl and back again. In the end Daddy Gagne helps his boy get the win and the belt.

3.THE FABULOUS ROUGEAU BROTHERS VS THE BUSHWHACKERS-I love the music even still to this day of the Rougeau's man, that song cracks me up. And of course who didn't love the Bushwhackers in their WWF days, of course these guys were killers prior to these days. This was an excellent tag match between these two and the crowd was really into it. Good back and forth action in classic heels against face matches from the time. The bushwhackers end up with a win back when tag team wrestling meant something and was given actual time on the card.

4.BARRY & KENDALL WINDAM VS MICHAEL HAYES & LEX LUGER-one of the best matches on the disc as the Windam's wanted to crush Luger and home town boy Hayes. Good action here with Luger and Hayes taking to the heel Windams. Of course in the end it would turn out to be that Hayes was also indeed a heel as he turned on Luger and cost them the match.

You get some additional footage and interview segments in the special features here.


1.[FLORIDA TAG TITLE]BOB ORTON SR. & JR. VS JEFF PORTS & ROCKY SMITH-good match here to showcase the Orton's as the control most of the match. This of course was for Florida Championship Wrestling in 76 and the Orton's did their thing. Bob Jr. looked really good here especially at the end, the Orton's get the win after a piledriver.

2.KEVIN, DAVID, & KERRY VON ERICH VS WILD BILL IRWIN, FRANK DUSEK, & TEN GU-this match was for the Von Erich's WCCW Star Wars event in 81. There were two rings set up next to each other and one man from each team would be in both rings leaving one from each on the outside to be tagged in at either one. The Von Erich's were my grandmother's favorite wrestlers, their dad in particular. This is a really good match that lasts a little longer than I was expecting. We get to see the claw here from Kevin who gets the pinfall.

3.BLACKJACK MULLIGAN SR. & JR. VS RICKY HARRIS & JIM NELSON-we get an interview with father and son before the match. The match is a good one that has some brawling mainly and the Mulligan's dominating throughout. In the end daddy Mulligan wins with the claw, Von Erich style.

4.[NWA TAG TITLE]GERRY & JACK BRISCO VS JAY YOUNGBLOOD & RICKY STEAMBOAT-this right here is an excellent match and possibly the best on the entire collection. Two of the best tag teams ever go at it in this one with nonstop action. Back and forth action at its finest takes place here with the stipulation that The Brisco's can drop the belts by DQ. This is a well paced match that showcases both teams very well. After a great match Jay & Ricky take the belts.

5.LOS GUERREROS VS MIKE INOS, KRUSHER KRUGNOFF, & TOM BURTON-this match showcases the skills of Chavo Sr, Hector, and Mando Guerrero and the wrestling pedigree of the family. Every one of these guys look excellent here individually and as a team. The tandem moves here I can see made them one of the best teams of their time. The Guerreros dominate this match much to the delight of the crowd and I also really liked the commentary here. Of course the Guerrero's win the match after a great showing from the family.

6.[FAMILY FEUD MATCH]BRET, OWEN, BRUCE, & KEITH HART VS SHAWN MICHAELS & HIS THREE KNIGHTS-now there is some interesting history behind this match right here. The original plan for this match was to continue the feud between Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler. They had been going t each other since the first "King the Ring" PPV and continued past "SummerSlam" of that year. So the stage was set for the Hart Brothers to do battle with The King and his Knights. But Lawler got caught up in a situation where a woman was saying he raped her. The charges would later be dropped when she admitted to making it up, but it was too late and a replacement was needed. So since Bret had battled it out with Shawn at the previous year's Survivor Series and since Shawn was a great heel they brought him in with the Knights.

Now while this was not the best match on the card I still like it, I remember when we were watching this on PPV in 93. This was the match I was most looking forward to at the time since I love Shawn, Bret, and Owen. My brother was also all about this one since Bret is his favorite of all time. Any way there was some good action here with the Black Knight being eliminated first. Also I would like to point out that I loved Ray Combs on commentary here with "The Brain" and Vinnie Mac. The Red Knight was eliminated next followed by the Blue Knight leaving HBK all by his lonesome. Now Keith and Bruce did well in this match coming out of retirement but it was Bret and Owen that held it down for their team. Likewise on the other team the Knights were good but Shawn kept things going on his team.

Still this match is what set up the brother versus brother feud between Bret and Owen as Owen accidently hit Bret who was on the apron. This allowed Shawn to roll up Owen making him the only Hart eliminated as Shawn would leave the match and be counted out after a while. Owen would return to the ring and confront Bret causing the family to get involved. They would make up and team together later at the Royal Rumble but it would not last.

7.DUSTY & DUSTIN RHODES VS TERY FUNK & BUCKHOUSE BUCK-this match would take place at Clash of the Champions 28 in 1994 and would go right into a brawl between all four men. Then we would get into a normal tag match with the Rhodes family looking really good throughout controlling most of the match. Funk and Buck would only gain the upper hand every time the cheated like using the boot or when Arn Anderson would get involved. But it would be Anderson that would get them DQ'd after he and Meng would get in the ring. From that point all four men attacked the father and son team.

8.TERRY & DORY FUNK JR VS PUBLIC ENEMY-this match took place in ECW with the Funks taking on the team from "the hood". This match took place back when it was still Eastern Championship Wrestling. This was a really good match that would see all four men get a little extreme with chairs and such. Paul Heyman would come to the ring with 911 and get involved but that wouldn't stop the Funk's from getting the win.

9.[WWF I-C TITLE]ROCKY MAIVIA VS THE SULTAN-this was a decent match between the two with Sultan [who you may know as another wrester that uses the stink face] showcasing his power. The future Rock looked good here and you could tell he had something. This match really showcases why he became the Rock because the crowd really didn't care for him. This is on here though because after he wins the match the Sultan attacks him so Rock's father comes in to make the save.

10.JERRY LAWLER & BRIAN CHRISTOPHER VS IVAN & SCOTT PUTSKI-I still remember to this day watching this match on Raw in the summer 1997. Myself, brother and friend watched this Raw and I always remembered this match. This took place during the time when the WWF was teasing that Brian might be the real life son of Lawler. This was a good match that the Putski's would win, it was cool seeing them together. I wish Scott would have had more of a chance in the WWF or later during his time in WCW.

11.[WWE TAG TEAM TITLE]EDDIE & CHAVO GUERRERO VS CHARLIE HAAS & SHELTON BENJAMIN-great match right here as two of the best teams in the WWE went at it for the titles. This was the second coming of Los Guerreros and they did not disappoint, I miss these two together, R.I.P. Eddie. Any way they were going against two of the best athletes to ever grace a WWE ring in Haas and Benjamin. Back and forth high paced action is given to all us fans during this match with technical and aerial wrestling being displayed. In the end the Guerrero's take this one and keep the belts.

12.UNDERTAKER VS RANDY ORTON-this was a pretty good match with Randy really trying to work Taker over. Of course comparisons will be made with their previous matches such as their Mania match. This has a bit of a slower pace than the previously mentioned match but was still good. Randy's dad in disguise makes an appearance here and helps his boy win.

Over all this was a good set and worth it for the matches that are selected on here. Not all of them are great but none are horrible in my opinion. For the most part they are all really good. So if you find this cheap enough are or a wrestling fan and collector then I say pick it up.


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April 30, 2013
looks very cool, man
April 30, 2013
It is a cool little set.
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Quick Tip by . April 29, 2013
This was a good set and worth it for the matches that are selected on here. Not all of them are great but none are horrible in my opinion. For the most part they are all really good. So if you find this cheap enough are or a wrestling fan and collector then I say pick it up.
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