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28 Weeks Later

An art house & international movie directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

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An example of how you ruin a good thing

  • Mar 22, 2009
  • by
While I am not going to preach about how great the first movie was, I felt these sequel just messed up too much to be an enjoyable film. To keep it simple, i will just list the cons and pros of the film.


1) The first 10 minutes were very cool, and set the movie up for an incredible story, unfortunately, they flopped it.

2) A couple scenes were cool, I enjoyed the helicopter scene, although that was just utter gorefest crap, that some people may feel takes away from the movie.


1) They flopped it, the most interesting and dynamic characters got killed literally when the first zombie appears, and they throw out all character anything to start a mindless chase scene.

2) Breaking zombie lore. It is really bad when a squeal feels the need to break the zombie lore established in it's own movie. I am surprised noone has mentioned the fact that these zombies run around freely at daytime now. In 28 days, they avoided light and remained indoors during the daytime if they could help it, that is why the characters were so capable of moving around and you only saw infected indoors or in tunnels during the day. Every scene that had zombies outdoors occurred during sunset with the light fading. The other lore broken is the formation of the "intelligent zombie" that seemed to explicitly harass his loved ones and avoid the failsafes.

3) The sheer stupidity of it. So many things in this are just stupid, so stupid that it is unforgivable. For your convenience, I will list them now.
-The women in quarantine is left completely unguarded, even after they realized she was infected. A Janitor is given open access to her door with his card (a quarantined area for infected). The then infected janitor, apparently quarantined areas have no cameras, manages to open the door to let himself out of quarantine (quarantine, mind you) and kill several armed guards who are completely incapable of shooting and killing him.
-In response to this threat, the army shoves everyone into a single, dark, crowded room, cause naturally, placing everyone in a crowded room is the best thing to do when confronted with a highly contagious virus. A room, I might add with a back door that is unguarded and easily opened by a single infected.
-The army begins opening fire on everyone to kill the virus. So insanely, in fact, that they target and kill people that are obviously not infected. The best example, of course, is when they open fire on a moving car. Cause naturally, there could be a zombie driving that car? Maybe I can understand the napalm and poison to stop the threat, but shooting someone who shouts, "don't shoot I am not a zombie" in an area with no zombies present, without making any attempt to extract them is idiocy.
- Apparently, not only do legions of zombies managed to escape a quarantined area after a napalm raid, even though it only showed like 15 escaping, but they all have radar gps units in their heads even with all of London at their disposal and immediately run to the area the few surviving humans head to for pick up. Plus the "intelligent" zombie I mentioned earlier manages to track them perfectly, yet doesn't choose to attack at numerous opportunities.
- In the stadium tunnel, the stairway leading down is apparently pitch black, yet there is plenty of light at the bottom of the stairs for them to navigate once they fall down the stairs and wonder out about 10 feet from it. Plus, after falling down the stairs in a pitch black environment, whose impulse would be to calmly wonder away, not panic and run, but just meander away before the only person that can see has a chance to find you.

Alright, after that, maybe you can see why I chose the score I did. I will grant it a 2 simply because of the potential, that under better hands, could have made this movie a great experience. At the moment the first zombie appeared. I muttered quite loudly, "Oh my god, that is not the direction this movie is going". Yet it was, they just tossed away the plot and started running from crazed gps infected, the end.

What did you think of this review?

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Yes I waited like 28 Months to see this one
When I saw 28 Days Later  it was a rather odd feeling film to me, see at the time I was so used to watching Hollywood films that everything else felt weird. As the movie when on it grew on me and I fell in love with it. It was one of the first British films i'd ever watched. So when i heard about the sequel i was super excited.      28 Weeks Later literally takes place 28 weeks after the first film. The last infected died months prior and Great Britain is being …
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      28 WEEKS LATER      I was extremely excited about this movie when it was first announced because one of my favorite actors ever Jeremy Renner. I have always liked him especially his performance in the great flick Dahmer. So when this first came out I was really excited but this did not turn out as great as I thought. Still the movie was fun and had a bit of that appeal that the first did although I think it was trying to hard to live up to the first. …
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I liked this second film and found it to be a fun flick but it did not seem as real as the first or even as fun. The story was good and the acting was good but it just fell a little short in my opinion.
review by . November 15, 2009
Step 1: Kill the infected. Step 2: Containment. If containment fails, then Step 3: Extermination.
England was ravaged by a biological nightmare.  Many of it's citizens were turned into raving homicidal lunatics because of a bio-weapon virus that mutated from monkey to man and spread like wildfire.  Those that were lucky enough to escape lived on the continent whilst the unfortunate ones were running for their lives from the infected,  28 weeks have passed and the people of the UK (assisted by the United States government are now able to return home under a tight military governance.  …
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Pros: the idea was good but the delivery stunk     Cons: many     The Bottom Line:   “And this is the end, the end  This is the end  Of the World”  ~performed by Muse     Sometimes I just don’t get it, or at least don’t get it like other folks do. I mistakenly got this 28 Weeks Later, thinking it was the original 28 Days Later, which I hadn’t seen for sometime and vaguely …
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If the first film took its theme to be the collective inheritance of a militaristic and violent culture, this film is about the effects upon a family of personal guilt. But the theme is pounded in a bit too strongly by a series of coincidences and implausible developments, especially when one of the zombies (I mean "infected") develops a personal vendetta and somehow seems to already be waiting for the main characters everywhere they happen to decide to go.     Part of the appeal …
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There's always that extra obstacle to conquer when making sequels, for the lovers of the first movie the second needs a reason to exist, it has to be real, strong and carry the story further than one could have imagined. I really enjoyed "28 Days Later" because I got to see it in a half empty theater with a friend, and it felt so real and brutal that I walked out with my knees shaking. Then I saw this movie at home and while it still made me cringe I don't think that it was the lack of super sized …
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Taking a play from the George Romero zombie-movie book, 28 WEEKS LATER--the sequel to the 2002 successful zombie picture 28 DAYS LATER directed by Danny Boyle--has none of the original characters from the original picture. Instead, the film revolves around new characters living in England in the aftermath of death and destruction caused by the Rage virus.    The picture begins during the time period of 28 DAYS LATER with a group of unaffected citizens attempting to survive in …
review by . August 29, 2007
Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later (2002), I thought, had all the positive and negative traits of a typical Boyle film. The film had its moments of effective film making. The concept of "28 Days Later," however, is golden. Like George Romero's zombie flicks, the storyline of an incurable virus turning those infected into ravenous zombie-like murderers that is quarantined within the main British isle, is so ripe for possible sequels and spin-offs. As expected, a sequel is made --- grossly entitled "28 Weeks …
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As an exercise in pure, unadulterated terror,28 Weeks Lateris a worthy follow-up to its acclaimed predecessor,28 Days Later. In this ultraviolent sequel from Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (hired on the strength of his 2001 thrillerIntacto), over six months have passed since the first film's apocalyptic vision of London overrun by infectious, plague-ridden zombies. Just when it seems the "rage virus" has been fully contained, and London is in the process of slowly recovering, an extremely unfortunate couple (Robert Carlyle, Catherine McCormack) is attacked by a small band of rampaging "ragers," and the cowardly husband escapes while his wife is attacked and presumably infected. Their surviving children (Imogen Poots, Mackintosh Muggleton) fall under the protection of a U.S. Army sharpshooter (Jeremy Renner), but nobody's safe for long as28 Weeks Latergoes into action-packed overdrive, with scene after blood-gushing scene of carnage and decimation. The film's visuals follow the look established in28 Days Later, this time with bigger and better scenes of a nearly abandoned London on the brink of utter destruction. The military subplot gets a bold assist from Harold Perrineau (as a daring helicopter pilot) and Idris Elba (in a too-brief role as the military commander), and their firepower--not to mention the efficient lethality of helicopter blades--turns28 Weeks Laterinto a nonstop bloodbath that's way too intense for younger ...
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Genre: Foreign
DVD Release Date: October 9, 2007
Runtime: 100 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Fox
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