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A movie directed by Byron Howard and Chris Williams

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Try Not to be Killed By all the Cuteness

  • Oct 22, 2009
  • by
Within the past few years, Disney movies that don't have Pixar attached typically tend to be forgettable.  Meet the Robinsons was funny but so random and jumbled that telling anyone just what the movie was about was a pain.  So when Bolt came out without Pixar to it (and having to follow the absurdly over the top Meet the Robinsons) it was easy to be a little skeptical.  Without Pixar (or Johnny Depp) it doesn't seem that Disney does so great on their own.  Yet for what it's worth--in spite of its problems--Bolt ends up being a good and lovable movie because it manages to do what Disney used to be very known for, but it also does it in ways that aren't quite so over-the-top.  There are still major questions and a couple of plot holes that make one scratch their head, but kids aren't likely to pick up on these things, and they hardly detract from the enjoyment of the film (okay, most of them don't detract from the enjoyment of the film).

Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus) is a star who has known Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) as a puppy.  The two become famous and make a television series in which Bolt is a Super Dog that protects Penny from the Green Eyed man.  The producers are some kind of wizards because they are able to make sure that Bolt thinks the entire thing is real.  And they're able to do this without ever reshooting.  It takes A LOT of suspension of disbelief to let this one slide.  A hit television series that NEVER has to reshoot?  This essentially means that these guys can't afford to make mistakes and they somehow never do.  All for the sake of making sure the dog believes it's all real.  Because if the dog believes its real then the audience will believe it's real (because you know a dog that has the powers of Superman is something audiences will totally believe is real)  The network comes into some problems, however.  The first being that the 18-34 year old Demographic (that's right... a TV show about a kid and her super dog has a key demographic of 18-34 years old... uh-huh, again your suspension of disbelief has to be REALLY big here).  Some of it is funny, but it was just hard to get over these things.  A crew that never has to reshoot any of this stuff... and a key demographic of 18-34 for a show about a teenage girl who runs around with a Super Dog?

Okay, so Bolt doesn't actually get off to a great start.  I'm actually still confused how Bolt doesn't know it isn't real.  This staff must be a bunch of wizards because they never have to reshoot... and apparently never have to edit in special effects or anything either.  It might be entertaining for some, but suspension of disbelief runs high.  From the opening moments I was almost certain I would hate the rest of the movie.  But once Bolt "escapes" the studio and gets out into the real world to discover he has no powers... the movie actually picks up.  He gets shipped off to New York by mistake and has to travel across country back to Hollywood.  The "twist" of course is that he actually believes Penny is in danger and thinks there's a reason for him losing his powers.  Along with a cat name Mittens and later a Hamster named Rhino, Bolt embarks on a cross country trip across the United States where he'll not only have to come to the realization that he doesn't have super powers, but also what it means to actually be a dog.

As I said, the beginning of the movie never struck a huge chord because it asks too much of its audience to suspend their disbelief.  Getting beyond that however, what you get is a movie about friendship, courage and many more simple themes.  And it's actually very funny and very hilarious.  It's also--dare I say--adorable as all hell.  Because of how enjoyable everything after the first bit is, we can quickly sit back and enjoy the movie.  That doesn't excuse the first fifteen minutes or so of the movie, but it is to say that as the movie goes along it gets better.  Besides, a kid probably doesn't really care too much about those first fifteen minutes anyway. 

In the end, Bolt is fun and adorable.  The animation itself isn't quite as fantastic looking as such films as Ratatouille or Wall-E, but the story in and of itself, but what you get is still an enjoyable movie.  It's also short and sweet without overstaying it's welcome.  The only thing I caution is that when I say this movie is adorable I'm not kidding.  There are points when the cuteness can aboslutely make you melt.  Nevertheless, for what you get it's enjoyable.  If you have kids they'll probably love it.

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October 22, 2009
"Salem's Lot" followed by Disney. Now that's what I call eclectic. What's next?
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I admit that I really wasn't that excited to see BOLT. An animal road trip movie featuring the voices of John Travolta and Miley Cyrus? It really didn't sound that interesting to me. However, I was wrong. BOLT is a much more entertaining and enjoyable movie than I expected and after viewing it I would gladly watch it again.    Bolt (John Travolta) is the star of his own tv show with his owner, Penny (Miley Cyrus). In the show, Penny's dad is a world-class scientist who is wanted …
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Bolt is such a good movie! Bolt is a dog with superpowers working in the world of espionage with his "person" Penny...or so he thinks. Truth is that Bolt works in a T.V. show and he doesn't even know it. The producers have gone to extreme lengths to hide this from Bolt (hiding the microphones, etc.) just so that his "performance" is real. But then Bolt is inadvertently shipped all the way across the country and exposed to the real world. He must come to terms with the fact that he does not have …
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Boltis a funny animated film about a dog who thinks he has superpowers. It is also a movie about friendship, perseverance, and the power of believing in oneself. Everyone knows that superheroes on television are not real, but super-dog Bolt (John Travolta) is a canine star who has been carefully raised to believe that he really possesses superpowers. Bolt is completely devoted to his human co-star Penny (Miley Cyrus), so when Penny is captured by the evil Dr. Calico (Malcolm McDowell) in their latest television episode and then Bolt accidentally gets loose in the real world, Bolt sets off on a journey to save her. Bolt is confounded when his super powers are suddenly ineffective, but inspiration strikes and Bolt quickly discovers the mysterious, power-stealing effects of Styrofoam packing peanuts. An encounter with alley cat Mittens (Susie Essman) gives Bolt some eye-opening lessons about being a real dog in the real world, while star-struck, ball-enclosed hamster Rhino (Mark Walton) revels in the opportunity to serve as Bolt's sidekick in the quest to rescue Penny. The trio traverses the United States from waffle house to waffle house on a hysterical quest to find Penny and prove that the relationship between Penny and Bolt is real. In the end, Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino learn that everyone is special in their own way and they discover the true power of believing in oneself and one's friends. Select theaters showed Bolt in Real-D 3-D which features some nice effects, ...
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Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Release Date: March 24, 2009
MPAA Rating: PG
Screen Writer: Chris Williams, Dan Fogelman
DVD Release Date: March 22, 2009
Runtime: 97 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney Studios
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