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Capain Kronos - Vampire Hunter

1974 Hammer film about an adventurer/vampire hunter.

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"And suddenly the toad shall live"

  • Feb 23, 2009
By 1974 Hammer Films was in its death throes, its films had become formulaic--boring and predictable. Their vampire films in particular were suffering from severe anemia despite copious amounts of blood being spilled, and not even the savage, arrogant charisma of Christoper Lee seemed capable of rescuing the Dracula films from certain death at the box office. It was at this point that Hammer finally decided to change its approach. Toward this end they hired Brian Clemens, best known for his work on television's AVENGERS, to "revamp" the genre. The film he created was CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER, possibly the freshest, most creative vampire film to ever grace the genre. It completely re-thought the entire concept of the vampire, taking him out of the drawing room that Bela Lugosi to which Bela Lugosi had been confined and away from the image of the revenge seeking, magnetic animal Christopher Lee frequently portrayed. KRONOS' vampires would be different (for this film was to have been the FIRST of a series of films), they would be of many types, almost as if they were each of a different species. They would each "live" in a different manner, survive by taking different things from their victims, be detected in different ways, and be destroyed by totally different means as well. How cool is that?! In addition to having a good old fashioned monster movie of sorts we would also be given a NEW type  that includes a mystery to be unraveled.

CAPTAIN KRONOS begins with the arrival of our titular hero portrayed by Horst Jansen who (who sports a Japanese katana) , and his hunchbacked assistant/mentor Professor Hieronymos Grost (John Cater).  They are seeking the village of Durward, having been summoned by Kronos' old friend Dr. Marcus after some very strange deaths occurred in the village. Along the way they encounter the luscious Carla (Caroline Munro), a naughty gypsy girl whom Kronos frees from the stocks. Her crime? Dancing on Sunday. Of course she joins them, which is handy since they will need her for vampire bait later in the story. Marcus quickly fills our intrepid duo of vampire hunters in on the killer's modus operandi; it seems that young girls have suddenly been drained of their youth and left to die of old age, with only the slightest trace of blood upon their lips! This is a killer who seems to have no respect either for crosses or, as we soon learn, churches themselves since one of the girls meets her doom within the supposed safety of a church's walls. There are still more deaths as Kronos and Grost lay traps devised on Grost's knowledge of ancient folklore in an effort to determine the vampire's identity. Since this vampire steals youth itself from its victims rather than blood, they must seek out someone who has a "cheek with a bloom on it".

CAPTAIN KRONOS is one of the few 34 year old films that plays as well today as it did when it was initially released. One reason was the addition of the swordplay scenes which were choreographed by William Hobbs who also choreographed the 1974 Richard Lester version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS. The fight between Hobbs and Jansen pitted katana against a fencing foil and had a wonderfully, messy, realistic look to the action. The use of the katana was no doubt intended to capitalize on the new-found popularity of Asian martial arts films in the west. Hammers' own co-production with Shaw Brothers THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES was released in 1974 as well. Another reason it still plays well is the film's absolute break from the traditional Hammer/Hollywood vamps whose vampire "lore" had been established primarily by Bram Stoker in his novel and which had been taken as gospel ever since. Instead Clemens has given us something unique and completely original. This is a vampire film based on folklore rather than a Victorian novel, some of the lore is real some of it "reel". The influences of its ground breaking storyline can still be seen today in BLADE and BUFFY and their ilk where for better or worse, vampires and their eternal foes have evolved into the 21st century and perhaps fallen into their own brand new cliches. While we may occasionally long for a good old fashioned Victorian romp a la Cushing and Lee, I still live for the day that I might walk into a movie and see something as stunningly original as CAPTAIN KRONOS was in 1974.

This film unfortunately failed upon its initial release for reasons I still can't fathom. Its recent release on DVD seems to have enabled it to finally have found its audience however, and it's about time. But it's far too late to do us any good. There will never be a series of CAPTAIN KRONOS films as Brian Clemens had intended, and all I can say is, what a loss. If you haven't seen it, pick up a copy and give it a chance. The photography and sets are excellent and the film simply oozes vintage Hammer in that respect. The actors are all at their peak--Jansen, who looks like a taller, blonder Roman Polanski, was dubbed even though his English was supposedly more than acceptable--I defy you to notice the dub job. There is virtually no violence  (the vampire "killing blow" is delivered via a kiss) and  the film contains even less gore than it does violence. But there are a great many wonderful touches that more than compensate for this. Best of all the script and direction by Brian Clemens couldn't be better--and with THE AVENGERS on one's resume, what would you expect?

Come on, give it a try!

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July 15, 2010
Absolutely one of my favorite films that I own, EXCELLENT review once again. I need to pop this one in again.
July 15, 2010
This one just never gets old. You can pull it out every so often and enjoy it just as much as you did the first time.
May 02, 2009
I remember this movie, the dude looked like he stepped out of a romance novel. I saw it one light when i used to watch the late night movies on the weekends. Watched a lot of cool films.
May 02, 2009
I can't say that I cared for him, but I really loved the movie. I always like to see a new spin.
February 25, 2009
The Count is right, this was an influence on Blade. I love CRONOS, its actually my favorite Del Toro film! Yep, inspite of all the magnificent work he's done since, CRONOS is still my favorite, possibly because I always appreciate a new twist on an established genre and that is the closest he has ever come to doing a straight genre film--even though its far more than that.
November 19, 2010
Out of curiosity, how do you think "Captain Kronos" would translate to a comic book series that could take the potential and some of the ideas that Brain Clemens had for the film series and materialize them?
November 19, 2010
Great idea. I'd take that premise any way I could get it.
February 24, 2009
Nice job Queen B. I still love this film and your review perfectly captures the film's eclectic mixture of genres. And yes, Woo, it does sound like a Marvel comic book. In fact David S. Goyer listed it as being an influence on the Blade DVD.
February 24, 2009
Captain Cronos vampire hunter!sounds like a Marvel comic book. excellent write up as usual, Karen. By the way, what did you think of Del Toro's "Chronos"?
February 24, 2009
Sure have. Its been one of my favorite films since it was first released! i'm always amazed that so many Romero fans seem oblivious to it.
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Was slated to be the first in a series of Captain Kronos films.  But due to it's box office failure plans for it were scrapped.
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Director: Brian Clemens
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: April 7,1974
MPAA Rating: R
Screen Writer: Brian Clemens
Runtime: 1hr 31min
Studio: Hammer
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