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A 2010 movie directed by Niel Marshall.

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Neil Marshall Incorporates Blood and Gore, Violent Swordplay and Substance in This Epic-Adventure!

  • Aug 30, 2010
The name Neil Marshall is enough to draw me in seeing a film since I was real impressed with “Dog Soldiers” and I liked “The Descent” for its "girls who fight back" overtones; also, despite my disappointments with “Doomsday”, I didn’t hate that one at all. This time, Marshall goes for the swordplay-historical epic theme with his film “CENTURION” that he wrote and directed himself. The film is based on the story of the Ninth Legion during the Roman invasion of Britain where they met heavy resistance by the Pict tribes. This legion was believed to have met a humiliating defeat that Rome had to cover it up. Keep in mind though, that this is not a history lesson but a fictional tale crafted by Marshall. So if you want a violent, bloody and gory action-adventure then you will be right at home with “Centurion” (which is why I went out to see it on a limited release here in San Francisco).

The war between the Picts and the Romans are coming full speed, as the Roman army is pushed to a halt in their invasion of the British territory by the tribe of savages. Governor Agricola (Paul Freeman) is tired of the savages’ guerilla tactics and sends the Ninth Legion led by General Titus Virilus (Dominic West) to join a full-force attack on the Pictish tribes to be guided by a scout who knows the ways of the Pict called Etain (Olga Kurylenko). On the way to the battleground, the legion finds a Roman centurion who had escaped the Pict’s grasp; Quintus Dias (Michael Fassbender) joins the legion as they are ambushed the day after. Now only a tiny group of men remain, and they must find their way home with the Picts hot on their tail…

                     Dominic West as Gen. Titus Virilus in "Centurion."

                    Olga Kurylenko as Etain in "Centurion."

                   Michael Fassbender as Quintus Dias in "Centurion."

It is quite refreshing to see a different type of sword and sandals epic with Neil Marshall on its helm. “Centurion” is not as stylish as “300” and doesn't have the production values of  “Gladiator”, but it is just as violent and maybe even bloodier than those two films. The film takes on a serious tone as the film gets to the themes of the hardships of war, its casualties, and how heroes emerge from its ashes because of a need to survive. It becomes an act of survival for our centurions as Marshall’s script does favor the side of the Romans. Yes, he does take a side, but he also doesn’t fail in bringing forth the determination of the opposing side as represented by the Pictish side. Seems like both sides are doing what it can to survive, they both see their side to be in the right and would do whatever is necessary. The Romans were never known for their honorable deeds during wartime, and Marshall touches on some of these themes. This is a film about a war, but it focuses its story on the plight of a handful Roman centurions.

Most swordplay epics begin with the development of its characters, then a grand epic battle serves as its final act. Here, Marshall seems to have learned from Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” beginning with not one but two intense battle sequences between the Roman forces and the Pict tribes. The battles are really brutal, bloody and intense; if your thing is severed heads, mutilated body parts and decapitated limbs, then you will be right at home with the film. It doesn’t shy away from the bloody side of war; it meets it head on before it becomes a chase film. Many would be reminded of the film “Apocalypto” when the film hits its stride in its second act, as it hit’s the points of its characterizations and we get to know our characters, in both the Roman and the Pict side.

                      Imogen Poots as Arianne in "Centurion."

                     Dominic West as Gen. Titus Virilus in "Centurion."

                     Axelle Carolyn in "Centurion."

The chase lies between a Pictish tracker Etain and the son of a Roman gladiator who has been trained to survive. The viewer will see how each side interacts and how their methods coincide and then oppose the other. Marshall does bring forth some sequences that display bloody violence, it is essentially a chase film that develops the characters through exactly how they deal with their mission. Aside from all the action and blood, we see characters learn how to betray as well as how they learn to honor and choose their alliances. I was impressed with how Marshall managed to bring forth such depth between the lines and the mysterious woman in the woods was quite effective in representing a side in the struggle despite the limited screen time. Arianne (Imogen Poots) is an exile and Marshall leaves it to the imagination just who, what or why she is what she is.

                 Olga Kurylenko as Etain in "Centurion."

                 Michael Fassbender as Quintus Dias in "Centurion."

The performances are quite good. Dominic West brought forth a credible feeling of authority even as he met his end. Fassbender manages to carry the film with the support of its cast; mostly indirectly complemented by Bond-girl Olga Kurylenko. Kurylenko is one sexy actress as seen in “Hitman” and “Max Payne”; this time around, she sheds her glamorous image to portray a brutal woman-warrior who is the Pict King’s wrath. The rest of the supporting cast had their short moments to shine and reveal their purpose in the script. The soundtrack of the film generates a serious, brooding tone as it goes forward with the violent mood birthed of war. The colors seem a little muted at times to give an intense and gritty atmosphere.

I guess if the film had a flaw is the fact that the story is a little too simple and may become a little predictable towards the final act. For a film like this, it’s easy to see how it will all play out between the Picts and the Roman survivors; but Marshall does bring forth a surprising final act to add an exclamation point to the story of the Ninth legion. Yes, Neil Marshall isn’t known for his creative storytelling, but I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t afraid to send both heroes and villains to their end, even when you pick a side. “Centurion” isn’t a perfect film but it has enough substance for me to give it a highly recommended rating.It is gruesome, really violent and quite grim in the way it depicts the horrors of war. The film takes on a serious tone and a bitter mood, leaving us no reason to smile but we do begin to care and have a sense of sympathy amid all the blood and mayhem.

Highly Recommended! [4 Out of 5 Stars]
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Axelle Carolyn in "Centurion."  Poster art for "Centurion."

Neil Marshall Incorporates Blood, Violent, Gore and Substance in This Epic-Adventure! Neil Marshall Incorporates Blood, Violent, Gore and Substance in This Epic-Adventure! Neil Marshall Incorporates Blood, Violent, Gore and Substance in This Epic-Adventure! Neil Marshall Incorporates Blood, Violent, Gore and Substance in This Epic-Adventure!

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December 14, 2011
Crud! I've gotta stop reading your reviews. Now I want to see this and "Conan" this weekend. The more I dig up on the actors and directors in these films, the more I find out about their other projects. You're a mean pusher, woo!
December 19, 2011
Thanks, Kendall! I hope you enjoy this one. "Conan" isn't great but I sure liked the action. Now if you are really into swordplay and violence, check out IronClad...reviews are here too! Some folks shunned it, but I had fun with it. Let me know what you think of those movies. Be interested to read your take.
December 19, 2011
I've seen "IronClad" around but haven't checked it out. Thanks to a friend's graduation party I didn't get to watch anything this weekend, but with the extended weekend coming up for Christmas (and me needing something to watch while wrapping presents), it looks like "Centurion" is gonna get a look see.
September 11, 2010
As a descendant of the indigenous Irish, my sympathies are anti-imperialist! But, I find this era fascinating for how little we know of the Picts, and it's a great setting and plot idea. The trailers aim towards a very conventional swords & sandals (well, maybe boots given the climate) epic, so I hope that as you indicate in this efficiently told review that the plot twists and acting (admiring West in "The Wire" & Fassbender in "Hunger" increases my desire to view this) will pay off.
September 11, 2010
I agree. I would be real interested if movies that portray this era would be released. I am really curious about the Picts; this movie did have the right premise that they may have been the reason behind the disappearance of the 9th legion. Thank you for the read.
September 01, 2010
Hmmm, I'm not sure. It looks a bit too much like Antoine Fuqua's "King Arthur". But then again, I like sexy warrior women in war paint.
; )

Red Sonja
The Bride
September 01, 2010
This was better than King Arthur...but that one had grander set designs, and maybe even be closely related as to themes and such. I liked King Arthur but the dialogue and its climax was real weak.
September 01, 2010
Kurylenko is a Euopean cook turned model-actress and now painted warrior! like that?
September 01, 2010
September 02, 2010
Ok....now I am having trouble deciding who is the hottest! But I have to admit I have a soft spot for Xena and Keira's Guinevere LOL!
September 02, 2010
Yeah, Lucy Lawless is awesome.
September 02, 2010
you forgot this one:

and this one:
August 31, 2010
Great observations. The comparison with Apacoplyto did not strike me, but is a very strong analogy. I agree regarding the story telling short-comings, but also felt the dialogue left a lot to be desired. We are close on this one, but I couldn't go past three stars. Great review as always.
September 01, 2010
Thanks! I agree that the dialogue could've been better, but I gave it a benefit of a doubt. Honestly, I would've just as easily rated this a 3-3.5 stars but I was really entertained by it. I guess I am a sucker for those bloody, realistic battles, so I gave it a 4 LOL!.
August 30, 2010
Brutal, bloody, violent battles, sign me up right now, plus I am a huge Neil Marshall fan. Excellent review WP I was going to see this anyway but you have made me want to even more, plus I love the pics.
August 30, 2010
I really liked this, man. My friend said that he had ordered it ondemand and didn't like it; I went to see for myself and was pleasantly surprised. I am not sure maybe the one ondemand was edited? Only explanation I could think of....check it out!
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In ancient Scotland, a Roman officer named Quintus Dias (Michael Fassbender) is liberated from his Pictish captors by the Ninth Legion. The soldiers are in pursuit of the Picts' leader, and Quintus joins their quest. Soon after, the Romans' Pictish guide betrays them, resulting in the slaughter of all but a handful of men. Quintus and his fellow survivors try desperately to reach safety as enemy warriors pick them off one by one.
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