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A 2009 horror film directed by Sam Raimi.

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Disappointed and Predictable

  • Jan 17, 2012
  • by
I am a huge horror movie fan. I have been ever since I was little, but ever since all of these brand new horror flicks have come out, I have yet to see one that I can give five stars to. So let me start with the good on this movie, which honestly wasn't very much. The acting was pretty good, the picture was good, and the characters were somwhat interesting. The storyline was also interesting and they did throw in a good air of suspense and horror.

Now for the bad; there was very little character development. The creators of this movie, hint at it by showing how this woman was fat in her past 'Pork Queen' and then never really go anywhere with it at all. Also, there are Inconsistencies in the main character's personality. First she comes across as sweet, and nice, and caring. You can see it in her eyes how she views the old lady at first; full of concern and sympathy, but then she also keeps looking at the assistant manager desk and you can see she has ambition. Her mousy, overly sweet, extremely passive personality, doesn't really mix with an ambitious and nasty bitch which she displays here and there later on. Maybe she has a personality disorder?

Now let me go into how disgusting this movie was. Was all the puke, worms, mud, saliva, rotting skin, etc really neccessary? A truly good horror movie doesn't need the gross factor to the degree this movie had. Yes, horror movies will have blood, and will have death, but the degree these new movies are putting it out is only catering to the less intelligent, and younger populations which are more easily entertained the more they dumb down these films.

On to how predicable this movie was. Ever since she gave her boyfriend the coin, which he then sealed into an envelope, and then later on when she put the button into the envelope and sealed; and after that when all the papers flew all over the car floor it became so obvious she was going to pick up the wrong envelope after that. SO SO SO PREDICTABLE and highly uncreative. After that scene the rest of the movie iritated me even further because I knew exactly how it was going to end. I even said, to my husband, ''Now I know whats going to happen. She picked up the wrong envelope and at the end of the movie the boyfriend is going to show up and say 'hey you forgot this' then she would be swallowed up in hell'' Anyone with even half a sense of intelligence and common sense could have picked up on this.

Now lets also go to the part that gave me an overall sense of ill feelings throughout this badly done film. First of all, I can't stand any film that thinks it's okay to have animals being tortured or killed in any form. I don't think it's okay, even though I know its not real, simply because it makes me feel bad, and gives an overall dark feeling to a horror movie. Animal killing and torture is simply not neccessary for a good horror flick.

The second to last thing I wanted to discuss is how incredibly stupid and dumb the main character actually was. First of all, how can you take someone on their word, that you don't know, that killing an animal is the way to go? Has she ever heard of doing her own research? And for that matter killing your own, sweet, innocent little kitty? How about using your brain and getting a chicken at least? Stupid, stupid, stuipd. And on to her next bit of stupidity, how about the time when all those papers fell on the floor, and fearing for her life she just happens to pick up the first envelope she sees??? I mean, common! Really?? You are fearing for your life and you don't have the brain power to gather ALL the papers up and make absolutly certain you have the right envelope with the right item in it?

And lastly, how much of a total bitch was that young gypsy bitch at the front door? The main character came in looking for help for her very life, and the bitch had the nerve to tell her she deserved all she got? I mean, wow, how nasty have people become. Yes the main character did do something wrong, that probably deserved some sort of punishment, but not burning in hell for all eternity. Thats just taking it too far! So all these gypsy bitches can just get mad about anything and at their whim curse any person to go to hell forever?? Not right at all.

So my conclusion is this. I wouldn't buy, I wouldn't watch it again, I would not recomend it to anyone that likes to actually think about what they watch when they are watching it. Predictable, uncreative, generic, poor story line, mediocre acting, mediocre character development, overly disgusting, animal abuse, and overly not good. Thankyou for reading.

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February 14, 2012
Well conveyed !
January 17, 2012
Couldn't agree more...I actually forgot all about how bad this movie really was until I read this. Great review, thanks for sharing!
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I really liked the cinematography of this film. It had a very surreal feel, sometimes almost cartoonish like something you would see in a show like "Tales from the Cryptkeeper." It made the movie unique, and so I liked it.
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First of All, for a "dissenting" opinion and a review of this review, please check out my friend QUEENBflix's review. This film never met her expectations and she wanted to see that Raimi has grown. Her review is a great comparison to Raimi's past work, may give you an idea of what you may NOT like about this film, that Raimi has faltered in her expectations, as well as a rebuttal to this review. However, if you just want to read details as to how this film plays out, may have seen the film …
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This was an experience that was both welcoming and disheartening. Any of Raimi's old tricks are back, but some of his new tricks are present too, much to my chagrin. A good friend informed me that the first fifteen minutes of the film are "epic", a word that is not to be used lightly. In this, I strongly disagree. While some of the later scenes were very intense and quite fun, the first fifteen minutes were largely a waste of film.   Some of Raimi's old tricks include: the return of the …
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Touted as a return to Sam Raimi's horror-movie roots, Drag Me to Hell is indeed closer in spirit to the director's Evil Dead pictures than to his Spider-Man films. You got your gypsy gargoyles with rotted dentures, your upchucking corpses, your flexible two-way orifices--yes, Raimi's definitely back in the saddle. There's even a story: a sad loan officer (Alison Lohman) turns down the aforementioned denture-wearing gypsy for a loan extension, which leads to an evil curse and a date in hell in three days' time. A séance, an animal sacrifice, and a session in a storm-tossed graveyard will make the 72 hours pass very nervously, thank you, along with assorted scares. Justin Long plays Lohman's upper-class boyfriend, and Raimi fills the rest of the cast with some unusual and unfamiliar types. Along with the giddy horror-comedy that bursts out of the movie every 10 minutes or so, there's also an underlying mood of pity: Lohman's character is something of a hard-luck sad sack, who does enough wrong things to make her seem like a truly abject individual, well outside the heroic model of most multiplex offerings. (Lohman's own little-girl-lost quality adds to this feeling.) But don't let that get in the way of the fun-ride aspects of this goofy enterprise: Drag Me to Hell is a bunch of Z-movie gags wrapped in top-drawer production values.--Robert Horton

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Director: Sam Raimi
Genre: Horror
Release Date: May 29, 2009
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Screen Writer: Ivan Raimi, Sam Raimi
DVD Release Date: October 13, 2009
Runtime: 99 minutes
Studio: Universal Studios
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