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Dragon Ball Z is still around

  • Feb 7, 2005
Pros: It's DBZ!

Cons: ...it's DBZ.

The Bottom Line: If you like DBZ, then you might as well be familiar with everything.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

Ok, so it is DBZ.

For those of you not familiar with DBZ, it stands for Dragon Ball Z, a popular anime (cartoon to be blunt) in Japan, though now it's pretty old. DBZ started coming to America several years ago, but now the craze has definitely died down.

Runtime: 10 hours, 5 minutes

This particular item is in fact, not a movie, but rather a set of several tapes containing episodes 27-53 from a certain saga within the entire series. The saga before this one was the Saiyan (or in Japan, Saiya-jin, meaning the Saiya race - these guys are very powerful, human-like aliens) saga. I suggest for those of you new to DBZ, see the Saiyan Saga first, otherwise this set won't make much sense.

Within this particular set of episodes, several human characters by the name of Krillin, Gohan (half human, half Saiyan), Bulma set out to help their friends who died within the Saiyan Saga. They have new enemies to face now, namely Vegeta (a very tough and nasty Saiyan) and Freeza, an extremely powerful alien whose race is unknown, along with Freeza's minions. They are trying to reach a planet called Namek, which is inhabited by Namekians, green, pointy-eared people, in order to find the dragonballs (hence the name of the show). Dragonballs are like a genie's lamp - collect all seven and a magical dragon pops up and grants a certain amount of wishes. Everyone on Namek is after these dragonballs and the poor Nameks are doing all they can to keep them safe.

The main hero of Dragon Ball Z, Goku, a kind-hearted Saiyan brought up on Earth, is not present in this saga because he is still recovering on Earth from his last battle with Vegeta.

Every character who is looking for these special items has his own reason for wanting them.

Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma have come all the way from Earth to look for the dragonballs. Their friends Tien, Yamucha, Chaotsu, and Piccolo were killed by the Saiyans, and the goal now is to bring them back to life via the dragonballs. Normally they would use the dragonballs on Earth, but because Piccolo has died, so has the maker of the dragonballs (long story...). So now they have to watch out for a very vengeful Vegeta and a very powerful Freeza. They'll do their best to help the Nameks against these evil foes and find the dragonballs at the same time.

Vegeta, the main villain of the Saiyan Saga, now wants to find the dragonballs in order to become immortal. Once he is immortal, he will be able to defeat Freeza, who is the one being that destroyed his planet and his entire race along with it. He won't let anyone or anything get in his way and will kill as many Nameks and Freeza's henchmen as it takes in order to get what he wants. All he has to do is stay away from Freeza, watch out for Zarbon (Freeza's right hand man), and get the dragonballs before anyone else does.

Freeza (actually Freezer in Japan and Frieza in America - I just tend to combine the two) is the biggest, baddest, tyrant any of the DBZ characters have had to face. Even Vegeta is afraid of him - and that's saying something! Freeza just wants the dragonballs for one simple (typical badguy reason); to become immortal and rule the universe! (Insert evil laughter here) But because the Nameks don't want to give them up to an evil person and Vegeta is after them and Krillin and the others have found some already, Freeza's job is getting a bit difficult. He's only brought so many henchmen with him and they're starting to run out. It's not a good idea to make Freeza angry...

It's all a mad dash to see who gets there first, along with a lot of twists and turns. So - who will get all the dragonballs first?

Once you reach the end of this saga, you'll have to move on to the next saga - The Frieza Saga, which wraps everything up with the arrival of the show's superman-like Saiyan hero (and Gohan's father by the way), Goku.

Dragon Ball Z can be a lot of fun from the beginning to the end. I do warn you though, when you're waiting for a fight, prepare to wait because a lot of times those doing the fighting do a lot of standing around, staring at each other, powering up, and other unnecessary things. The Freeza Saga in particular - but that's a different review. If you like anime, action, or are just getting started, DBZ can be right for you.

Just watch out for the prices on these things...but then again, there aren't any commercials to worry about.


Episodes included in this package are:

#27 A New Goal…Namek!
#28 A Journey to Namek
#29 Friends or Foes?!
#30 Hunt for a Dragon Ball
#31 Who’s Who?
#32 Touchdown on Namek
#33 Face Off On Namek
#34 The Ruthless Frieza
#35 The Nameks Versus Frieza
#36 Escape From Dodoria
#37 Secrets Revealed
#38 A Collision Course
#39 Stay Away From Frieza
#40 Zarbon Transformed
#41 The Eldest Namek
#42 Get Vegeta!
#43 Vegeta Revived
#44 A Heavy Burden
#45 Immortality Denied
#46 Big Trouble for Bulma
#47 Scramble for the Dragonballs
#48 Arrival of the Ginyu Force
#49 Elite Fighters of the Universe…The Ginyu Force
#50 Time Tricks and Body Binds
#51 No Refuge From Recoome
#52 Enter Goku
#53 Goku…Super Saiyan?

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Viewing Format: VHS
Video Occasion: Better than Watching TV
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 13 and Older

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Contains episodes 29-53 (volumes 10-17) of the DRAGONBALL Z series in a collector's box. See individual titles for details.
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Release Date: 1998
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