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DBZ at it’s oldest and yet finest

  • Feb 8, 2005
Pros: fun fight scenes, interesting plot, Vegeta rules!

Cons: sort of a long term commitment, can become drawn out

The Bottom Line: If I had a couple of extra bucks on me, I’d buy it myself. It’s creative and funny; a well-known anime for years and years.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

Well this is where it all starts…in the Dragon Ball Z series anyway. Been directed to this item by a friend who said, “Hey, it’s cool, take a look at it!” Look no more because you’re in just the right spot. Just keep in mind that this item is not a movie - it is a set of tapes with episodes 1-26 of the series on them.

Runtime: 8 hours, 55 minutes

What is Dragon Ball Z you may be asking? Dragon Ball Z (or more well-known as DBZ), is a Japanese cartoon (or more commonly called anime) made by Akira Toriyama who has also made other series such as Chrono Trigger. DBZ is a high action show with a rather interesting plot and a lot of fighting through martial arts and energy techniques that utilize a person’s “ki” (or rather, the energy inside of you).

The main character is Goku, a non-Human person with Superman-like powers. Goku is actually from an alien race called the Saiyans (or Saiya-jin, roughly meaning Saiya race in Japanese). Saiyans originated from the planet Vegeta. The way Saiyans work is by class. Lower class fighters are sent to distant planets as children. When a Saiyan sees a full moon, they turn into a huge, well, Were-monkey (Oozaru in Japanese). The main goal is for the monkey to trash the planet and clear the way for future Saiyans to come and take over. They then auction the planet off to the highest bidder and that’s what they do. Higher classes order the rest around, to be blunt.

Now that you’ve had a little crash course in Saiyan culture, let’s move on.

This specific set of episodes deals with Goku coming to the realization of what he is (relax, I didn’t give anything away, it’s in the first episode) due to the fact that his brother, Radditz, has arrived on earth to see just what is going on with Goku (Goku’s Saiyan name is Kakarot – or Kakarotto in Japanese). Radditz isn’t a very nice guy – in fact, practically all Saiyans are rather ill tempered. But he explains to Goku that Planet Vegeta has been destroyed and now there are only four Saiyans left in the universe (and if you decide to pursue your DBZ viewing, you’ll find out later that there were actually seven left). Radditz wishes for Goku to join them. But Goku likes earth, and all his friends – namely Krillin, his best friend, Bulma, his female best friend, Master Roshi, his martial arts teacher, as well as others. Besides, Goku is married with a son, Gohan, and doesn’t think ravaging planets out in space is a great place to be.

The episodes, once the Radditz issue is resolved – and I won’t say how - move on to include Gohan’s training by Goku’s former enemy Piccolo – a green, pointy-eared, sharp-toothed alien known as a Namekian, Goku’s training by King Kai, a rather goofy martial arts teacher, the training of Krillin and Goku’s other friends, Yamucha, Tien, and Chaotsu, and the travels of the two strongest Saiyans ever, Nappa and Vegeta. Go figure huh? Their planet blows up but the two strongest are left alive. Vegeta happens to be the prince (or rather, the king now since his father is dead) of the now nonexistent Planet Vegeta (couldn’t you tell?) and is a very nasty individual. He can destroy a planet with practically a whim and won’t think a thing of it. He’s the bad guy you love to hate, and sometimes you just love anyway. Personally, Vegeta was my favorite character. Eventually, everything leads up to the arrival of the two Saiyans and the fate of the earth (definitely not going to be a first and last time occurrence!) rests on the shoulders of Goku and his friends.

The best part of these episodes is the duel between Vegeta and Goku. Goku is the ultimate good guy, his power resting in his abilities, his confidence, and his will to protect the innocent. However, Vegeta is a very tough rival, his power lying in his abilities also, his pride, and his near insane will not to lose to this “low class soldier.” Between these two, it’s the beginning of a beautiful rivalry. So…who wins? Well, I’m certainly not going to spoil it!

Personally, out of the entire Dragon Ball Z series, I think this is possibly one of the best sagas out there as compared to the Namek, Freeza, Cell, and Buu sagas. There isn’t a fight as good as Goku and Vegeta’s up until the next Goku and Vegeta fight, and that’s in the Buu era.

If you can find it in it’s original form, however, that is the best you could possibly buy. If you’re a parent and you just want the censored, English version, just prepare to see a little bit of blood, but still a great deal of people beating the crap out of one another. If you want the uncut, English version, chances are it will be a little bit more mature, but not by much. However, if you can get your hands on the uncut, Japanese version and you’re mature enough to handle it, you will get plenty of blood and swearing – every other word out of Vegeta’s mouth is a curse word it seems like. That version is the best though, just because it is the most realistic (cartoon though it may be!).

Even if you don’t want the rest of the series, this is a fun one to have just because of Goku vs. Vegeta. It’s like a futuristic fantasy series in an interesting way. Just think on it and keep my words in mind because quite honestly, I’m quite an expert on DBZ. ^_~


Episodes included are:

#1 The Arrival of Radditz
#2 The World’s Strongest Team
#3 Gohan’s Hidden Powers
#4 Goku’s Unusual Journey
#5 Gohan’s Metamorphosis
#6 Gohan Makes a Friend
#7 Trouble on Arlia
#8 Home for Infinite Losers
#9 Princess Snake’s Hospitality
#10 Escape from Piccolo
#11 Showdown in the Past
#12 The End of Snake Way
#13 A Fight Against Gravity…Catch Bubbles!
#14 The Legend of the Saiyans
#15 Black Day for the Planet Earth
#16 The Battle Begins…Goku Where Are You?
#17 The Saibamen Strike
#18 Nappa…The Invincible?
#19 Tien Goes All Out!
#20 Time’s Up!
#21 The Return of Goku
#22 Goku Strikes Back
#23 Goku vs. Vegeta…A Saiyan Duel
#24 Vegeta…Saiyan Style!
#25 Stop Vegeta Now!!
#26 Battle’s End

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Viewing Format: VHS
Video Occasion: Good for a Rainy Day
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 13 and Older

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Release Date: 1997
MPAA Rating: Unrated
DVD Release Date: Geneon Entertainment (October 09, 2001)
Runtime: 8hr 55min

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