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Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

A 2004 documentary movie direct4ed by Michael Moore.

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Not as hardcore or as blathering as I expected

  • Nov 9, 2008
  • by
I avoided this documentary for quite some time, particularly due to all the hype over how powerful it was, and from other voices how lame it was. Well, I finally watched it to discover that I found it to be neither overly powerful or overly lame, but a fairly normal documentary put together much like others, focusing on the Bush family.

Ignoring the Republican/Democrat verbal boxing matches (lets face it folks, there is no discerning the two parties apart any longer, all we have are Republicrats) this documentary did actually have some information that all Americans, regardless of partisanship, should have knowledge of.

Most important, in my opinion, are the Bush/Cheney ties to the Bin Laden family. Perhaps it is true that they have cut off their black-sheep son Osama, but there was no reason to personally, and at tax-payer expense, fly Bin Laden family members out of the United States before the public caught wind of their presence.

Also, a personal opinion, is that there should not be that much camaraderie between supposedly "competitive" oil sources, meaning American/Eastern oil sources. If this high-level billionaire club competed more than co-joined, I believe we *might* see lower prices. No promises though. But it does seem like a horrible friendship to keep during wartime, which is what makes Moore's presentation of "hand-shaking" Bush/Bin Laden pics so funny when presented to the tune of 'Shiny Happy Faces'. That was a nice touch.

But the Bush's (both SR and Bubba) oil connections to the Bin Laden's should, IMHO, have been made available to the public long before any elections were held. Plus, the tie in with the powerful Carlyle Group and their connections to Bush, Bin Laden, Cheney, and the new Middle Eastern Oil Pipeline project (a major project never covered by the media in the USA) should be of interest to everyone. And, not to surprise anyone, but also Enron's Ken Lay's involvement.

To me, I found the most humiliating moment of this documentary to be when President Bush addressed attendees of one his high priced political dinners, referring to him and those present as the "Haves" and "Have Mores". How smug of a statement to make at an elite mixer while it is the "Have Nots" who are dying in his war. This was the one piece of text, that, IMHO, makes this DVD worth a rent and a watch. Unbelievable in its arrogance.

The other alarming item I find with the new Republicrats is that, during the Clinton administration, millions of people died in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, which was/would have been, a virtuous cause to aid a foreign country; but in the next administration outright war is declared on a country that was unproven to have executed the terrorism, the families of the terrorists were freed, and war was declared against a country that needed much less of our aid than Rwanda, all because they happen to have oil underneath their land. Would that Rwanda have had oil, or some commodity to interest the 1%-Extreme-Wealth of our planet Earth, perhaps not so many would have died.

Again, just my two cents. I believe this film is worth watching as a documentary on war politics (not just Bush or Republican but Past, Present, Future Republicrats) to inform yourself of the behind the scenes schemes of the wealthy and some heart-breaking reality's of the "Have Nots" who never made it to Bubba's little dinner party. Rent, don't buy. Enjoy!
Fahrenheit 9/11

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April 14, 2009
I disagree with you, that there's no difference between the democrats and republicans. I think there are quite a few differences, but that discussion is for another time. As far as what Moore has done with this "documentary," I would suggest you do a bit of research online (www.moorewatch.com is one place to look) to learn more about the liberties Moore takes with his films. I just watched a documentary (so meta!) about Moore last night, and was surprised to find that a lot of the scenes from his movies are contrived or taken out of context. For example, the "haves and have mores" speech was from some kind of a "Roast," where W. was supposed to be making fun of himself. If you think about it under that context, it's not really as appalling. All of that said, I'm certainly not a Bush fan. Moore has certainly done a good job of "energizing the base," democrats and republicans alike, as the film I watched yesterday put it (I believe it was called "Manufacturing Dissent"). Good review! Just be careful with Mike Moore, because what you see isn't always as close to the truth as he wants you to believe.
April 14, 2009
Even though I disagree with your ultimatum on the movie itself I do give you high points for having a well thought-out review none-the-less. I have many problems with the film itself, mainly with the fact that many of the scenes and situations are taken WAY out of context in the film (including a couple you mentioned), but I think the film has more or less expired by now anyway. His latest film, "Sicko," wasn't much better either, and I think people are starting to realize Moore's more of a performer then a documentary maker.
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review by . February 28, 2007
Some people would consider this movie a documentary, especially many in Hollywood. It is more of an editorial than a documentary in that it takes certain facts from a large body of information, and uses it to argue several viewpoints. These are that the Bush administration did not take seriously warnings about the threat of Al Queda, the Bush administration did not react fast enough or with enough power to destroy the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Bush administration mistakenly went after Saddam Hussein, …
review by . August 13, 2006
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I am not sure where to start with this movie, or this persuasive visually essay. After all, that is what it is. Anyone who states this movie is entire fact, despite political stripe, is really not being honest with himself or herself. Many of Michael Moore's arguments and positions on topics really follow a "1 + 1 = 3" formula. For instance Fahrenheit 9/11 opens with the Bush/Gore 2000 election. How different news channels weren't displaying solidarity with the results of the election. Then the …
review by . August 10, 2006
I am not sure where to start with this movie, or this persuasive visually essay. After all, that is what it is. Anyone who states this movie is entire fact, despite political stripe, is really not being honest with himself or herself. Many of Michael Moore's arguments and positions on topics really follow a "1 + 1 = 3" formula. For instance Fahrenheit 9/11 opens with the Bush/Gore 2000 election. How different news channels weren't displaying solidarity with the results of the election. Then the …
review by . October 28, 2004
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I watched this at the invitation of someone who insisted I do so, saying it would convince me Bush was a disaster for the country. What I saw, instead, were Moore's usual diatribes, cleverly constructed to misrepresent the truth. We all know Bush was inexperienced in facing the camera during his early years in office and highly self-conscious about it to boot, all of which tended to make him smirk foolishly at inopportune moments, stumble haltingly over his words and look beseechingly around, as …
review by . October 14, 2004
Michael Moore has built his reputation on exposing corporate misdeeds and government corruption. This movie is an obvious attack on Bush, but one that fails to provide much investigation into what really happened to facilitate the events of 9-11 and America's descent into fascism. Also, Moore represents a voice for the communist-socialist critique of fascism (fascism being nationalist-socialist) - a tyranny that professes to be benevolent challenging one that appears elitist and arrogant. Moore …
review by . July 14, 2004
Pros: Plenty of verifiable facts to back his assertions.     Cons: Seen through a biased eye.     The Bottom Line: In the finally analysis Fahrenheit 9/11 is more then just another attempt by Michael Moore to shock us, it is an attempt to educate, to question, to enlighten us.      I should preface this review by telling you that I claim allegiance to neither the Democrat nor Republican Party’s. I am an Independent in my political affiliations …
review by . June 29, 2004
Pros: moving, presents some undeniable facts, music     Cons: manipulative, can be criticized as “propaganda,” too broad in scope     The Bottom Line: Let your anger rise / and we'll fly and we'll fall and we'll burn / no one will recall, no one will recall - Muse - "Stockholm Syndrome"     Do you remember what it was like to trust your government? Back in the simple days of the Cold War, I blissfully thought of the USA as “the good …
review by . June 28, 2004
Pros: Powerful, funny, spirited     Cons: Anguished, sad, depressing     The Bottom Line: It is both anguised and angry at the same time which leaves the viewer feeling torn - not sure whether to cry or riot.      Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie''s plot. Michael Moore's hot topic film contained no new surprises - but was a great example of the freedom of the press in the United States. Moore took square …
review by . June 25, 2004
Pros: Good humor and interesting discussion topics abound.     Cons: Not always an objective look.     The Bottom Line: While not always objective, Moore has created a film that you simply can't forget.     Next to “The Passion of the Christ” no film has generated more controversy than Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”. The film takes a highly critical look at the Bush administration, the War against Terror, and the …
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Starring Ben Affleck, Stevie Wonder, George W. Bush, James Baker III
Directed by Michael Moore
Writer:  Michael Moore

Product Description
In the most provocative film of the year, Academy Award-winner Michael Moore presents a searing examination of the role played by greed and oil in the wake of the tragic events of 9/11. From Academy-Award winning director Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine). WINNER, Palme D'Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival, BEST PICTURE. DVD features:

* "The Release of Fahrenheit 9/11" featurette
* "Iraq, Pre-War" featurette: The people of Iraq on the eve of invasion
* "Homeland security, Miami style" featurette: Footage of the old men who patrol the Florida coast lookng for terrorists as part of the homeland security plan
* "Outside Abu Ghraib Prison"
* Eyewitness account from Samara, Iraq
* "Lila, D.C.": Lila Lipscomb at the Washington, D.C. premiere
* Arab-American comedians: Their acts and experiences after 9/11
* Extended interview: More with Abdul Henderson
* "Condi 9/11": Condoleezza Rice's 9/11 Commission testimony
* "Bush Rose Garden": George W. Bush's full press briefing after 9/11 Commission appearance

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Director: Michael Moore
Genre: Documentary, Drama
Release Date: June 23, 2004
MPAA Rating: R
Screen Writer: Michael Moore
DVD Release Date: October 5, 2004
Runtime: 2hrs 2min
Studio: Lionsgate Films
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