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Rule #1: Always make sure your enemy is dead.

  • Jan 13, 2007
Pros: Oh the action! Oh the adventure! Oh the goofy anime faces!

Cons: Dumb decisions.

The Bottom Line: Would I wish for the same things as Miaka? Haha - YES.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

It’s late at night and I’m wearing fuzzy green socks with snowflakes on them. Oh yeah. Who’s cool? Join me, won’t you?

Newcomers beware – you’re in the wrong spot. Go back 5 spaces and take another turn. There’s a lot going on in here. Action. Adventure. Love. Deception. Life. Death. Chock-a-block full of goodies. Just be sure you start at the beginning in order for all of it to make sense.

There are 52 episodes on a total of 8 volumes, significantly less than if you were to get them on VHS. Half, in fact.

The Deal In This Volume:
Miaka and the Seven Warriors of Suzaku must search for relics known as Shinzaho, special objects left behind by the past priestesses of the book. These objects are the only way for Miaka to summon Suzaku. However, things don’t always go as planned. There’s already been one death among them, and more trouble and pain is on the way. Will the Suzaku Seven find the Shinzaho before the Seiryu Seven? Or will adversaries and illusions stray them in their path?

Music, Animation, Voices:
As per usual we still have our old school music for the time the anime was made. Works well in the series in all the situations. Sad, action, what have you. The opening song and closing songs are always the same, except for a few select situations. I like them both – they’re peppy and when you decipher a few lyrics it’s fun to sing along a little to.

Naturally the animation is still fine and dandy. It hasn’t wavered and still retains all its color and detail. Sometimes it seems a bit faded, but hey, it’s an older anime so that’s no big deal. It’s still much better than a lot of things out there, American or Japanese.

Everyone’s voices are still as right as rain. By now any problems you may have had with either English or Japanese voice actors should be dissolved or settled with. Except now we have Tomo’s voice. Japanese is fine, though his laugh is weird. But his English voice, while by this point in time I’ve accepted it, still bugs me a little. It’s just too weird, slightly awkward and not sinister enough. Gets under my skin. But I do give the guy credit for having the laugh spot on.

What You’ll Like:
Episode 34 was pretty cool because you get to check out some of the Genbu Seven and their neat tricks. It’s a good episode – one I remember for the reason of it being nifty. Plus there’s a hilarious part near the end where the closing music starts playing and then there’s a major point they seem to have missed, so there’s a kind of record-screeching halt moment. Everyone flatlines. Good stuff. That’s what makes this whole series fun, the uniqueness it contains and how it can make you laugh or be sad. And I dig on the detailing.

Tasuki vs. the horse – sheer awesomeness. Hahaha.

I can’t say for sure whether or not you’ll like it, but Tomo is flippin’ creepy, so well done on that.

What Will Annoy You:
Miaka, though usually okay, is dumb sometimes. I guess it’s because she’s just a little 15 year old, but even if I was that age and in such a position in #35, I’d still say, “Ah, no way. I have a better idea anyway.” (and I do). But hey, I guess it’s all for drama.

Still, in the episodes after that (and again in #38), when Miaka runs off yet again because of what Nakago’s done, I’m sorry but that’s just idiotic, in more ways than one. Drama or no, it bugs me. Sorry, but if you have a man who’s as helpful and supportive as Tamahome, you don’t go wandering off into the wilderness. That’s just stupid.

And Yui is so weak. Ugh. I hope none of my friends are ever like that or I’m gonna be ticked.

Though not annoying, I just have to say it: Junior high guys were not that cool. Heck, let’s face it, high school guys were not that cool.

Warning! A warning for all you parents out there – I don’t know what you allow your child to see and not see, so I’ll just point out that there is a tiny bit of swearing, violence (blood, death, etc.), a bit of cross-dressing (although that was basically in the first half of the series), and a fair share of nudity/sexual content. It’s up to you.

Volume 6:
34: Guardians of Ice
35: Hell’s Mirage
36: Trampled Love
37: Bewitched Warmth
38: Dawn of the Heart
39: Bewitched Illusions

Oh, random cosmic question – why are all the Seiryu Seven automatically evil?


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Viewing Format: DVD

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Equal parts action, romance, and comedy, FUSHIGI YUGI is an influential Anim? series in the mahou shoujo (magical girl) fantasy genre. When Miaka and Yui read the magical book "Universe of the Four Gods" at their library, they are transported into another world. Arriving there, however, they discover that they are priestesses for two opposing factions, and must assemble a team of adventurers to summon their respective gods. The imaginary power of literature is the unifying theme underlying the grand fantasy of FUSHIGI YUGI. VOLUME SIX contains six episodes of the series, where Miaka must rebuild her shattered forces as her enemies gain ground.
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Director: Hajime Kamegaki
Release Date: 1998
MPAA Rating: Unrated
DVD Release Date: Geneon Entertainment (May 17, 2005)
Runtime: 2hr 30min
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