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Remake of the slasher classic movie directed by Rob Zombie

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Decent Remake

  • May 5, 2009
As far as horror remakes go, I'm usually quick to write them as nothing more than just Hollywood's way of saying they have no other tricks up their sleeve & a remake is perhaps the best thing that could be done. Sadly, horror remakes rarely are as innovative nor as entertaining as the originals & most of them are financial flops at the box office. With the mere exception of perhaps a few, I could very well skip most of them altogether & not miss a beat honestly. In recent years, most of the remakes cater to the teeny bopper crowd & select few deserve our attention. Zombie's take on the Carpenter classic Halloween is one of the more tolerable exercises in futility for our times.

As anyone will tell you, the future of horror films may look somewhat more positive with the strange but powerful presence of Rob Zombie standing behind a camera. His determination & sincere dedication to making great scary flicks is hopeful to say the least as no one out there wants to really scare us anymore nor craft anything that will merit a solid R-rating. God forbid you make a film which is steeped in heavy violence & gore that may warrant a very cool but undesired NC-17 rating. (Now that's what I'm talking about!) Zombie, however, is very capable of straddling the hardcore horror world while keeping the mainstream masses in check. Kudos to Zombie for sure!!

Let me begin by saying I've never been a fan of the original Halloween series per se. For some unearthly reason, I simply cannot fathom the concept of a child who is simply evil &enjoys killing for the fun of it. A great many slasher films have been made throughout the years which are nothing particularly special but yet the villains' motivation for killing is often justified in some fashion. In Carpenter's original film, we never get a clear understanding of why Michael kills which makes Halloween a cop-out in my opinion & nothing more than a springboard to deliver some cheap thrills.

Zombie does get it right & I give him props for atleast giving us a solid hour of Myer's history before releasing the slasher bloodbath with a heavy body count. Malcolm McDowell gives a bang up performance as Dr. Loomis, who tries very hard through the years to work with young Myers with no success whatsover. Rob's take on the original clearly explains much of Myer's psychological motivation which spirals into an inevitable homicidal explosion. In fact, most of the viewers are more than likely to feel sorry for the little guy this time around whereas we never really felt any sympathy in the original film nor any of the horrendous sequels.

The second half of the film is nothing more than your average chills & thrills horror flick. Zombie has a keen eye for visuals & special effects although the remainder of his film is just your typical slasher fare so don't expect anything revolutionary here. While most of the movie isn't very scary, there are some cringe-worthy moments that will more than likely satisfy genre enthusiasts everywhere or fans of the original series. I just wish Zombie had found a better actress to take on the role of Laurie Strode. I'm sorry but she will never hold a candle to the incomparable Jamie Lee Curtis.

This is, quite possibly, one of the better horror remakes I've seen with the exception of Aja's Hills Have Eyes. I am curious to see what Zombie does this time around with H2.
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October 21, 2010
I actually loved this remake, especially when compared to all the other remakes. Excellent review.
October 25, 2010
I agree with you. There are a few good remakes but this was more of an exception rather than the rule. I love Rob Zombie!!!
November 06, 2009
The original is still best but this remake was acceptable. I liked the first act but I really felt that it started to lose steam towards the end. What is Zombie's obsession with the word 'fuck' anyhoo??
November 06, 2009
The second half was more or less just another exercise in the the routine slasher formula. I really loved the first half & am quite curious to see what he does with the latest installment although I'm not paying top dollar to see it. Hmm, I have no fucking idea why he likes that word so much. Hehe Just kidding
May 05, 2009
I'm no Zombie fan. His characters are wooden, universally vile, and unbelieveable. Carpenter's version of a child who killed for no reason was frightening to people because there WAS NO reason and people always want to have a justification for violence. (By the way I didn't like Carpenter's version either.) If I had to pick between the 2 versions, I'd go with Carpenter's simply because Zombie hasn't learned the lesson yet that sometimes more is just too much. And as for the sequels, the 3rd was the only one that had any imagination at all--its the way Carpenter had originally envisionedit--putting out a different type of film each Halloween, not bringing back the same character ad nauseum. I enjoy reading your reviews. Keep 'em coming.
May 08, 2009
I can definitely see your point on Zombie. Zombie does get carried away with his violent montages & often his films are quite vile. I find his material to be darkly humrous for some reason. His characters are usually cartoonish or goofy so it's hard for me to take his films too seriously nor do I find myself trembling in my seat. I think his films will get better & maybe he will learn one day that sometimes less is more. Wes Craven mellowed out a lot through the years & even made some films which weren't so icky. Maybe there is hope for Zombie too? Thank you for all the comments!! I'm glad you've enjoyed the reviews & I'll do my best to crank out some more very soon. Hugs!
May 08, 2009
I have no problem with going over the top. But I've heard him say that he believes his characters to be "realistic". He must be bullshiting.
May 08, 2009
Over the top can be good if it's well done. I am not sure what Zombie means about his characters being "realistic" though. I don't see that either.
May 10, 2009
In an interview he said he put people in his films who were real, like people he knew. He said he had never encountered people like those found in other people's movies.
May 12, 2009
I like the fact that Zombie helps people get back into the biz the same way Tarantino does. I think this is very cool. Gosh, it scares me to think that the people he considers "real" actually exist. That's hard to process. LOL I am speechless.
May 12, 2009
That freaked me out too. Maybe its all a put on, its hard to tell with somebody like him.
May 13, 2009
Yeah, that's pretty freaky but it's more than likely a gimmick just to make more money or boost ticket sales with Zombie. Then again, I could be dead wrong.
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Written, produced and directed by Rob Zombie, Halloween is the 2007 remake of the 1978 slasher classic of the same name by John Carpenter. It mainly takes place on a Halloween day and night at the otherwise casual Illinois town, Haddonfield. Starring, Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Sam Loomis), Scout Taylor-Compton (Laurie Strode) and Daeg Faerch (as young Michael Myers), the movie grossed 78.5 million dollars worldwide.
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