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Horton Hears a Who!

A movie directed by Chuck Jones

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Animation Comes to Life on the Big Screen.

  • Apr 25, 2008
Pros: This movie has a lot of morals. Hopefully your child can figure them out.

Cons: Not too many just one at the end, of defiance.

The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend this for all children and all adults.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been reading and hearing about Dr. Seuss. But until now, we have only been able to read them through a storybook. But with today’s age of inventions and 3-D animation for the cinema. We are all able to watch it on the big screen. When this first came out I was not too sure about how well they were able to make this book come to life. But after seeing this movie. I am convinced that they can bring any book to life. The 3-D animation of this movie is excellent. It has a vibrant colors and the voices of each character brings a personality to life. As each of the actors are talking the expressions on the faces of the characters come to life. Plus as Horton goes on his adventure to try and save this little town of Whoville

This movie starts out in the jungle of Knewl. It shows an elephant dancing around and prancing and his name is Horton (played by Jim Carrey). Horton, unknowingly hears a voice coming from a speck that floats by while he was swimming. The speck is blown loose from its sunflower home and all the way down off the mountain. Horton’s first job was to capture this speck safely and find a home for it. This is when he found a clover for it to land on. The kids that see this movie will love the antics of all of the cartoon characters. When he finally catches it, it is hard for him to believe that there is someone that small on a speck. He continues talking to the speck, and tries to convince all of his friends that there is life on this speck. He has conversations with the mayor of Whoville (played by Steve Carell), the mayor continues to thank him for saving their world. Even the mayor does not believe that there is another world besides their’s.

As the story goes on to mayor of Whoville and Horton are having trouble getting people to believe them, that there are other worlds besides their’s. The mayor thinks there is something wrong, but does not know how to tell everyone without letting them to think that he is crazy. He suggest that they cancel the who- Centennial. This is a hundred year old anniversary of the existence of Whoville. All through the movie Horton is being chased and attacked by villains, and the mayor is continually being insulted by his fellow councilman and not being believed by his own people. Horton is always being pursued by this pompous bitty of a kangaroo (played by Carol Burnett), she think’s she is the boss of the jungle. This is when she hatches a plan that she is going to get that clover from Horton. So she engages the help of Vlan (played by Will Arnett), an evil vulture.

Horton sticks to his guns and tries to find the perfect safe place for that his little friends, he finds a spot way up on the top of Mount Knewl. He has to journey to the top of Mount Knewl, but has trouble getting there. As he tries to make his way to the top of Mount Knewl he has to overcome the attacks of the monkeys and try to get by the evil vulture.

Jim Carrey is the voice of a klutzy but comical elephant. With Jim Carrey style of acting he fits this elephant to a tee. Even the facial expressions make the elephant looked like Jim Carrey. The voice on the mayor of Whoville belongs to Steve Carell. Just like the elephant Steve brings the mayor to life. I can just picture Carol Burnett, playing the miss bossy kangaroo. After seeing all of her shows in the 70' s, they could not have picked a better person for this part. Will Arnett is the voice of Vlad, the evil mischievous black vulture. Then there was Morton played by Seth Rogen, this is Horton’s best friend and adviser. All throughout the movie he continues to warn Horton and tried to give him the best advice possible. The chief councilman of Whoville, Yummo Wickersham, is played by Dan Folger. The chief is always calling the mayor a boob or idiot, and always belittling him telling him that he was finished. And of course we always have a bumbling scientist of whoville, Dr. Mary Lou Larue, she is played by Isla Fischer. Another one of Horton’s little friends is Tommy, Tommy and his friends are always following Horton around the jungle trying to reenact his every move, he is played by Jonah Hill. Plus, of course, the mayor has a wife that stands by his side matter how crazy she thinks he is. She wants to support him, but is having a hard time trying to believe him. Sally O’Malley does a fine job. She is played by Amy Poehler. Then there is the goofy friend. Oh, the miss bossy kangaroo and animated klutzy Emu, Mrs. Quilligan, played by Jamie Pressly. And let us not forget the little people in this movie. There are few to mention the baby kangaroo, Rudy, played by Josh Flitter. Then we have the mayor’s secretary Miss yelp, played by Niecy Nash. Only a few scenes with her acting as a snobbish secretary. Old yes, we must not forget that the mayor has some children, he has 96 daughters, Hedy, Hooly, and all of the additional daughters voices are played by Shelby Adamowsky. A couple of other voices that you should know about it if you get the moral of this story you will see why that is the one of the mayor’s son JoJo, played by Jesse McCartney, he only has a few lines to the whole movie, but he brings the point home. He also was afraid to speak because he does not want to disappoint his father. Plus, a big hand goes out to the narrator, Charles Osgood. The strength in his voice brings the narration to life.

This movie lasts about an hour and a half of comical and cartoon characters running through a jungle chasing each other. It has animation, comedy, family and adventure. All of your children will love this movie. This is directed by Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino, and the screenplay is written by Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul. The critics rate this four stars, but if I had my choice I would give it a lot more than that. This is also rated G, so that anybody children or adults could watch it without being offended..

There is a lot of morals to this movie, which I do not think any of the children will be old enough to understand that. They just like the movie because it is an animated type. But from the beginning of the movie they try to stress that just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it does not exist. Plus, they also show that a big guy can always stand up for the little guys. Horton is continually showing this during the whole movie. In addition to this, we have all heard that saying that an elephant never ever forgets, well, they talk about this also. Plus the fact that an elephant is faithful and is true to his word. It is almost comical that throughout the movie. The children of the animated cartoons are the ones that have the most thought in everything, it took a child to tell them that they do exist plus, it took a child to listen. But the most important one, of all is what he says quite often through the whole movie, “a person is a person no matter how small”. Also, just like in real life, we are experiencing that there might be other planets bigger than ours, some where in the universe.

I did notice that there was only one bad spot in this whole movie, and that is what happens at the very end, I don’t mean to be a spoiler. But there is a spot where a mother tells the child to do something and the child chose defiance by disobeying what the mother. I have raised my child to obey and respect all adults. Other than this little spot or blemish on this movie, I would highly recommend this for everyone to see. They do an excellent job bringing this book to life. As I have since found out some children have never even heard or seen the book ( Horton Hears a Who). Remember, “A Person Is a Person No Matter How Small”


Viewing Format: DVD
Video Occasion: Fit for Friday Evening
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children up Ages 8

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review by . December 15, 2009
The message behind this one is great, driven in and kept fun. A great movie based on the story by Suess, a favorite of my kids and now a favorite movie of theirs. While they already had this one I did pick another copy up for my neice for X-mas. Recommended to kids and Suess lovers everywhere!
review by . February 12, 2009
I last read this Dr. Seuss story in elementary school, and have forgotten all but the basic premise. So I went into watching this movie with no expectations as to story or execution. I was happily surprised. The story moved briskly, the dialogue was great, the animation was flawless, and every scene was full of eye candy. The soundtrack was upbeat orchestral music, and mirrored the mood of each scene. Probably the best was the comedy; neither ridiculous nor slapstick, it is original, zany and unforced. …
review by . December 21, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Last weekend we had family movie night featuring the new DVD Horton Hears a Who. My skeptical husband (who is not necessarily a fan of "family movie night") said, "How can they make a 90 minute movie out of a 30 page book?"    The kids and I saw this movie in the theater, and I remembered thinking what a great job they did adapting Dr. Seuss' picture book to a feature-length film, so I quickly replied, "Quite well, actually."    Jim Carrey (Horton) and Steve …
review by . November 15, 2008
In the middle of March, with the kids out of school   In the heat of the day, `cos the tropics aren't cool   We were watching ....enjoying the cinema's joys...   When Horton the elephant first heard the noise     When Horton stopped splashing we learned that the sound   Came not from the trees or the stones on the ground   A small shrieky voice was appealing for help   But all Horton heard was a faint little yelp.   He …
review by . September 21, 2008
Let's be honest for a second, when you have three of the biggest comic actors come together in an animated feature, it was destined to be funny. For an animated Dr. Seuss adaptation, this is not just funny but damned hysterical and one of the best CG animated features to date. In recent years, the Dr. Seuss films haven't exactly delivered as expected so I think most people weren't expecting much, but honestly it's really great.    The story focuses around Horton the Elephant …
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The imagination of Dr. Seuss meets the classic animation of Chuck Jones in this adaptation of one the doc's most beloved books, HORTON HEARS A WHO! Though he may be just an elephant, Horton has a magnificent power--to hear the voices that come from a tiny planet hiding inside a dust particle! Unfortunately, his fellow pachyderms just think Horton has been out in the jungle sun too long. For his own good, they steal his precious particle and, with it, the the residents of Who-ville. Can Horton rescue his microscopic friends before they bite the dust?
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