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Max Payne

The 2008 movie starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by John Moore

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  • Jul 4, 2010


It seems that while most movies based on a game are usually poorly received [and usually for good reason] Hollywood continues to make these movies in hopes that fans of the game will come out to see the movie. Now I am not one of those people who are against this concept as I have enjoyed most of those movies, including this one. Now this film is far from a classic and to be honest isn't great but it is good. I tend to turn the old brain off when watching any movie because I like to be entertained, but at the same time you can't like everything. This movie is one of those that you really want to be great but it just ends up as ok.

The story follows Max Payne a man on a mission and that mission is finding the person who killed his wife, he already got some. Max makes his way through the city, the suburbs, and even ice filled water all in hopes of catching this guy, and to be fair he wasn't in that last place by choice. It seems that there are demons running around killing people or maybe that is just a drug, don't worry I really am not ruining anything for you. From here he moves on to one clue after another with some girl helping him along the way who at one time wanted him dead. Also he has a cop or two on his side or so it seems, once again not ruining a thing since you get all this right off the bat.

The thing about this movie is it just seems underwhelming I guess is the way to explain it because you really want to like it. I enjoyed the games and I have always like Mark Wahlberg and I liked the director's work on films like "Behind Enemy Lines" so I really wanted to love this film. The thing is it just doesn't feel right and as far as video game adaptations go I would say this is not in the top ten. But on the positive side the film looks wonderful and the effects are great, I like that they kept the slow motion style shootouts like on the game. Also the look of the film is great because I have always liked those dark looking films with snow, don't know why but it just looks cool. Speaking of which the shot were Max kills the dude on top of the building is excellent because they actually show the snow on top of the gun, and when he follows the gun once again it just looks cool.

Director John Moore just seems like he didn't get the game and didn't know how to properly translate that style to the screen, other than the slow motion stuff of course. The direction in this film seemed uneven and the film just moves along with that style. Writer Beau Thorne is also up for blame with the uneven feel because the script was obviously lacking in certain departments. The thing that really ways his script down is that you see every thing coming, does that make sense? But to be fair to both of them this is far from the worst movie ever made and is not even the worst video game movie ever. Also depending on if you like it or not there is a lot of style in this film, it looks smooth as ever.

As far as the acting it is ok I guess seeing that they didn't have much to work with so maybe they could have done much better with different material. Mark Wahlberg is good as the lead as one would expect but I always thought the character would be played by a much more rough looking guy kinda like what they did with "Punisher: War Zone". Mila Kunis is actually pretty entertaining in this film but she is not used enough. Beau Bridges is ok in this but his character just need to be more evil if you know what I mean, even though you see it coming you would expect more from that character. Nelly Furtado makes her film debut with this film as Bridges wife, she does a good job with her small role. Speaking of musicians' rapper Ludacris is ok in this, Amaury Nolasco is good as a crime boss and Chris O'Donnell is good in this as well.

This movie is not as bad as it sounds because it is entertaining enough for a rental at least. Who knows you may like this movie so I recommend every at least see the movie, either on TV or rent it or whatever. Like I said before this is not the worst movie ever just don't expect much from this film. And for all the action nuts out there this does have a decent amount of action but not as much as you would think.

Here is the trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2jAEoBz6RY


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January 20, 2011
I had the seen the trailer for this one months before it was granted a theatrical release. I actually had wanted to see it back then but lost interest after I read all the reviews for it. Great review.
July 13, 2010
I just can't get into flix that are based on video games because they always feel like a video game to me. They just never seem to give you any more than that, you know what I mean?
July 04, 2010
Great review! thought I'd do some more reading while the grill is still heating up. This wasn't horrible but when you have Mila Kunis and Olga Kurylenko do nothing, that is a sin! seen my review of it? You may get a laugh LOL!
July 05, 2010
I will be checking yours out tonight good sir.
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2008 noir action film based on the video game of the same name. This movie stars Mark Wahlberg as a NYC cop who investigates the death of his family in the city's criminal underground.

Any film based on a first-person shooter video game should, as a rule of thumb, be full of epic shootouts on a level equal to Sergio Leone or the Wachowski Brothers, and in that regard,Max Payneis an unqualified success. Mark Wahlberg also lives up to the game's pedigree by brooding mightily as the title hero, a big city detective mourning the murder of his wife and child. Revenge is, of course, Payne's ultimate goal, and with the assistance of slinky Russian hitwoman Mila Kunis, he dishes it out in elaborate set pieces overflowing with gymnastic gun play. Viewers seeking just that and nothing more will get their money's worth from John Moore's film adaptation, and most likely be impressed by its fashionably gloomy art direction and cinematography. Those seeking a bit more than gunpowder and gristle will find Max Payne utterly derivative of a half-dozen better films (Christopher Nolan'sBatmanfilms, most notably) and violent to the point of cartoon absurdity. They may find some refuge in appealing supporting turns by Donal Logue and Chris "Ludacris" Bridges as diametrically opposed cops and Beau Bridges, who offers his usual roguish charm as Payne's former superior.--Paul Gaita
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Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: October 17, 2008
MPAA Rating: PG-13
DVD Release Date: January 20, 2009
Runtime: 100 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Fox
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