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Predators (2010)

A movie produced by Robert Rodriguez released on July 9, 2010.

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A better film than most of its predecessors, but lacking the heart of the 1980's original.

  • Nov 13, 2010
 ** out of ****

Through all the bad sequels, prequels, and of course AVP, a new "Predator" film releases and essentially tries as hard as it can to revive a potentially great franchise. And...it doesn't quite do any of that. In fact, it doesn't revive "Predator" at all. The original is still the best and as far as I'm concerned it will always BE the best, even if "Predators" is a positive step up from "Predator 2" and the AVP movies. With that being said, it simply isn't a big enough step for me. "Predators" has the gore that you would expect and when it springs into action, it gets kind of fun. But when the characters aren't killing things and the Predators aren't sending out their minions to chew up some human flesh, things can get really boring really fast. Considering that the dialogue isn't that fascinating and the story even less so, "Predators" simply lacks the zest that it was by all means entitled to. I mean, come on guys. It's easy to make a new "Predator" movie and make it fun. Just forget about the plot and focus on creative, bloody killings. This film tries as hard as it can to focus on just that, but it also attempts to juggle a plot along with it. That's where my partial admiration for "Predators" comes to an end. There's nothing much to look at aside from "this is better than any Predator movie from the past 20 years" and "this has loads of blood". Aside from that, I didn't find myself particularly entertained, which is funny since I should by all means enjoy a movie as brutal as this. It tries to be what the original was, but with Adrian Brody instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sure, Hollywood, you can try and substitute someone for the absence of the Governator, but you simply can't make it satisfactory. Brody isn't even an action star and that's why he fits just as much as anything else not relating to "blood" or "guts" does. And that's seriously not a good thing in terms of this film. So "Predators" is another disappointment in this year of potentially decent-good flicks and turns out to be not the runt of the litter, but another mistake from film hell. This is a somewhat entertaining flick but it's never amusing enough to satisfy me. On the plus side, there are some semi-epic fight sequences that hold up nicely until something really stupid happens really fast. Then the film just halts for a while until it can get some nice bloodshed in there to cover up for the fact that there's not a whole lot going on. What the hell.

Think of "Predators" as "Predator" except not on Earth. Instead, "Predators" goes on-location to a new planet where a whole tribe of Predators (and Predator Dogs) reside. It should by all means spell "less predictability" and "more awesomeness", but instead it chooses to spell "boredom through lack of ideas". What bothers me the most about this movie is that it's so uneven. The acting doesn't mix in well with the atmosphere, the thrills are seldom seen, and the plot is nearly wooden. The plot, amongst other things, is pure cheese and nothing more. It doesn't have much of a structure and spends most of its time killing off unimportant characters and trying to make the characters understand their enemy as soon as possible. Thankfully, it's not too long of an experience although perhaps it carries itself on a bit too long for the movie that it is. I didn't feel good about tagging along for the ride although I didn't feel bad about it either. I felt sort of mixed (kind of like the movie) and in the end, I was unsatisfied with a potentially wild bloodbath. To put things simply: there is not a whole lot of story involved in "Predators". The characters are the most disposable of beings and the killings aren't entertaining enough to make a good movie out of all the blood and guts. What this film lacks in originality it attempts to make up in bloodshed, but not enough of CREATIVE blood is shed when it comes to killing time. The Predators kill each character in ways that we've all seen before, and the characters are so painfully generic and stereotypical that you kind of have to thank the damn humanoid aliens for stabbing them. That's more or less said, the film's highlights include a katana battle with a Predator, an encounter with the Predator's new security system (hint: it's alive), and a completely unnecessary shirtless scene from Adrian Brody. Maybe that's not so much a highlight, but the filmmakers certainly felt a need to do it. And they MUST have a reason behind it all. That reason is money, and nothing more. It's as simple as that.

Adrien Brody; the award winning actor from Roman Palanski's drama "The Pianist". My only question is: what the hell is he doing in "Predator". The guy just isn't fit for such a role (maybe physically he is, but otherwise...no. Just no.) and feels so out of place throughout. Brody must be some kind of "substitute" for someone more actiony (Schwarzenegger, anyone?). Fat chance that he was going to succeed whether the movie was genuinely good or not. Alice Braga is supposed to be some sort of female supporting role to Brody, although she can do anything but hold her own. She might be more fit out for the role of a gun-wielding badass than Brody...but she's not really good, now is she? The rest of the film's cast consists of potential actors in a potential film. Some of these people you may know. But that's not what matters. What matters is how good they are, and my answer would most likely be: not very.

If anything, "Predators" at least tries to be artsy. There are even some scenes that ARE artsy, although for the most part the film is rather mediocre. For one, the film is well shot. Not only are the shots typically interesting, but it doesn't look as ugly as I thought it would. The scenery is wonderful and would have made for some interesting Predator-human fight sequences (outside of the jungle), but no luck. The music is meant to raise the entertainment and intensity levels by al lot, but again, no luck. The film is meant to play with our minds a little and maybe thrill us a little. Yeah, it gets what it wants. That is, if we're all noobs when it comes to "Predator". We've seen all of this before, from the original Predator on. Bloody killings, skinned-human imagery...jungles. There's virtually nothing new about "Predator" that would make me want to watch it (if I hadn't already). I guess that the killing scenes were decent (some of them gloriously gory enough to catch my eye), but then there were others that were simply uninspired. At least none of the gore looks pathetic. Oh, and that reminds me. The CGI, primarily for the Predator Hounds, isn't that bad. It's not terrific...but it will suffice. What this film just plain FAILS at doing is bringing back any of the nostalgia of watching "Predator". It is not a remake but it relies so much on the original that it kind of BECOMES it, in more ways than one. It is, of course, not the film that "Predator" was in terms of entertainment and thrills, but it's bloody and action packed, much like the first film. But...explosions and blood can't make up for a lack of ambition and lack of ideas. What really hurts the film is that its entertainment factor is surprisingly low, although not as low as "Predator 2".

Goddamn it. I wanted "Predators" to be good. It will no doubt please some people who are looking for blood over a story, but I would have rather that the film had more spills than meaning. The film tries to have a story and fails, which is one of its bigger flaws. That is why in the end, I cannot forgive "Predators" for most of its flaws. It was somewhat entertaining (hell, it was pretty entertaining at times), but there wasn't enough fun to be had to the point where I admitted to have been enjoying myself. In fact, if I had said so, I would be lying. I'm not saying that "Predators" is a bad film, because it's not, but it is by no means a good one. It's not scary, it's not thrilling. The only thing it happens to be is bloody, messy, and laden with more than enough explosions. Fun? Not really. Michael Bay-quality-filmmaking? Not yet Nimrod Antal. Not yet. But the ax will come down if you continue to fail when it comes to reviving a franchise in desperate need of your potentially good assistance. The fact that you couldn't even hire a good writer and a working cast for this film is kind of sad. Bring on "Predators 2" if you must, since judging by the ending, it's going to happen. But from the looks of it, it's not going to be all that good. Oh, well. What can you do when a year full of remakes has essentially sucked. Not much.

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December 05, 2010
I actually liked this movie and thought it was pure fun, still great review.
December 06, 2010
It's good to see that you aren't one of the many people who would disagree with me and therefore say that my review "sucks". I accept your opinion, and can understand why you may like it.
November 17, 2010
THANK YOU. I agree with you almost entirely here. Adrien Brody? Action star? Please! Don't waste my time! And what with Robert Rodriguez's involvement I actually expected more. I just felt there was so little "new" or "original" to the formula here. I loved they way the film kinda/sorta mirrored the first one in terms of using the group dynamic, but, outside of Walton Goggins contribution I just didn't see this group as very formidable in any way. Now, some of that may've been the choice of actors ... you never know what someone with greater chops may've brought to the page here ... but, overall, the film was more of firecracker than a soaring bottle rocket. Great review ... I'm queuing up to follow your work. Nice contributions.
November 17, 2010
Thanks. You are person number two to admire my work on this site.
November 13, 2010
I liked this but I have to say that it couldn't hold up to repeat viewings. I saw the flaws much more the 2nd time around. I pretty much agree with your review for the most part, but I found it more fun somehow. It was inferior to the first film but way better than the other sequels/spin offs; this felt more like a homage to the Arnie original. Nice review!
November 13, 2010
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I saw this earlier and found it alright. There was nothing new to the storyline and well that was a big shame
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Rated R for pervasive language, gore and strong creature violence
  • Maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez tackles producing duties for a revamp of the Predator film series with this 20th Century Fox/ Troublemaker Studios production focusing on a human survival adventure set on one of the Predator's favorite hunting grounds. Kontroll's Nimród Antal directs from a script by Alex Litvak and Michael Finch, with Adrien Brody heading up an international cast.
  • Cast: Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo
  • Director: Nimród Antal
  • Genres: Sci-Fi Action, Action, Science Fiction
  • Executive producer Robert Rodriguez (Grindhouse,Spy Kids) is the driving force behind this energetic reboot of the popularPredatorfilms, which pits the dreadlocked alien hunters against a rogues' gallery of human antiheroes, led by a bulked-up Adrien Brody. The Oscar winner acquits himself nicely in the role of a gritty mercenary who finds himself stranded on a jungle planet with a host of criminals and professional killers (among them such scene-stealers as Walton Goggins and Danny Trejo), as well as a seemingly innocent doctor, well played by Topher Grace. They've been deposited there to serve as living targets for a horde of Predators--whose looks, designed by Gregory Nicotero and Howard Berger, are impressively varied and sleek--that use the planet as their private hunting grounds. Laurence Fishburne is also on hand as a ...
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    Genre: Horror
    MPAA Rating: R
    Runtime: 107 minutes
    Studio: 20th Century Fox
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