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Resident Evil: Afterlife (Movie)

A movie based on the hit video game

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Low on ammunition, but lots of firepower

  • Sep 23, 2010

The Resident Evil franchise is really two different things.  You have the video games, full of puzzle-solving and creature gore and some vast corporate conspiracy and of course, hordes of the undead.  Then you have the movies, which are action-packed gorefests with lots of pretty cinematography and vague references to the same corporate conspiracy.  About the only thing the two consistently share is the Umbrella Corporation and some pretty cheesy lines.

If you can accept all that, the Resident Evil movies are pretty good fun, and Afterlife (the fourth in the series, for those keeping track) is neither the best nor the worst of them, but it holds up pretty well.

The film still features Alice, a cloned human with enhanced abilities, in the aftermath of a viral outbreak which has turned most of humanity into the mindless undead.  After an attempt on the Umbrella Corporation's headquarters underneath a major Japanese city, she continues her search for the surviving vestiges of humanity in the hopes of a safe haven.

After zombies taking center stage in Extinction, they take a distant backseat in Afterlife, which focuses mostly on bigger and badder enemies, setup for new character developments and lots of pretty-looking fight scenes.  A new Resident Evil character is brought into the story (though not the one I was hoping for) and the ending practically begs for a sequel.  The story is thin and the best parts are when Alice and her friends get to face impossible odds and fight their way through.

And those parts shine, especially in 3-D.  I'm not a big fan of 3-D yet, but I have to admit that the depth of focus is used cleverly and unpredictably in Afterlife, in scenes where water seems to be falling all around you or foreground objects seem almost uncomfortably close.  There is the expected slow-motion fight scenes and dramatic character poses, but even those work.  It's that kind of movie.

To put it plainly, Milla Jovovich still kicks ass beautifully as Alice, and even Ali Larter has her moments playing Claire Redfield.  Isn't that why you go to see these movies?  And they do look gorgeous up there on the big screen.

Just to add one more reason to see it, the music by Tomandandy is perfect for the film, perhaps the best original music composed for the films so far, driving and intense where it needs to be, ambient and disturbing when that works best.

For my money Extinction remains the best of the Resident Evil film series, but Afterlife comes in second, better than the first two films by a good margin.  And the reasons that are purely visceral.

There's movies you see for a rich story or deep characters or clever dialogue.  There's movies you see because you loved the source material and you can't wait to see the characters you loved on the page or the small screen reproduced faithfully on a big screen.

So let's be clear: this ain't any of those movies. Resident Evil: Afterlife is fun to watch, it gets your heart pumping and your blood moving through your veins.  It's brainless entertainment, but as such, it works quite well.

Low on ammunition, but lots of firepower Low on ammunition, but lots of firepower

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September 28, 2010
There's definitely an audience for movies based on vieo games but it sure isn't me. They never feel like anything else and I can't get past that. For those who are into that sort of thing, peachy keen, but it's just not for me. Glad you liked it though. I'm well aware of the fact that my own cinematic tastes aren't exactly everyone else cup of tea. =)
September 28, 2010
Oh, believe me, for the most part I agree with you. Most movies based on games are absolutely not even worth the time it takes to see them. Resident Evil works in a way, but only because they went away from the game quite a lot. I liked 'Silent Hill' for the most part, but that's the exception, not the rule. I still can't believe how bad the Bloodrayne movie was though. That should have been an easy win, but ech. What a mess.
September 28, 2010
I almost watched BLOODRAYNE because Billy Zane is in it, but then my sanity returned.
September 23, 2010
well put. The 3D effects in the film were real good, and I am really beginning to see that this film would be very weak without 3D since it made its fun factor. I'll watch anything with Milla :) nice review and thanks for sharing! Welcome to Movie Hype!
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Decent action flick, but I don't think it was quite worth the 3D price. Previous movies were better plot-wise, but fans of the other movies will probably enjoy it (despite some sketchy plot points).
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Experience a new dimension in action horror as director Paul W.S. Anderson uses the 3D technology pioneered by James Cameron and Vincent Pace to take movie lovers on a nightmare thrill-ride. It's been five years since the zombie virus swept across the globe, and Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still traveling tirelessly in search of survivors. When the Umbrella Corporation ratchets up the stakes, an old friend turns up to lend Alice a helping hand. Rumor has it that some survivors have found sanctuary in Los Angeles, but when Alice and friends show up they find the city overrun with zombies, and quickly realize they've stumbled into a diabolical trap. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Genre: Action-Horror Thriller, Zombie Movie

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Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: Sept. 10, 2010
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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