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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

A 2011 reboot of the popular science fiction film franchise.

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Rise of the Apes makes justice to this franchise after years of failures and regrets.

  • Sep 25, 2011

Rise of the Apes (as I like to call this movie because the title is too long and stupid) is probably the best "what-if" movie of the year. The so-called prequel to the original Planet of the Apes surely delivers the expected and probably exceeds our expectations. I wasn't sold at the beginning in Wyatt's talent as a director but now I'm convinced. He managed to reinvent this franchise by giving it exactly what it needs: a good story with a good amount of amazing action scenes. Although this was sold as a sci-fi/action blockbuster, Rise of the Apes is more than that. It's more of a sci-fi/drama than an action film thanks to the incredible moving story of this young chimpanzee Caesar played almost flawlessly by the well-known Andy Serkis.

The story starts with Will Rodman (James Franco), a scientist who runs for a company run by David Oyelowo, who's main occupation is the search for a cure for the Alzheimer syndrome. His dedication for the discovery of this cure is also influenced by the fact that his father, Charles Rodman (John Lithgow) is also a walking victim of the Alzheimer. During the process of testing various samples of the cure in progress on chimpanzees, he notices a strange interference with ape's behavior and intelligence. Apparently, the tested samples increase the capacity of intelligence to the apes. Because of a prior to this failed experiment he was forced to save the life of this one special chimpanzee (Caesar - Andy Serkis). A monkey which inherited her mother's genetics including the potential cure. Will continues to experiment home on Caesar and year by year he teaches him and trains him till the point where Caesar will walk and behave like humans do. He'll understand human language but still cannot speak it. In parallel time with Caesar's evolution, Will finds out that the cure is actually working while administrating a dose to his father when he was in the weakest condition. The effect was immediate and soon he got the chance of working again in the lab on the cure. At the same time, Caesar is getting more and more aware of the things surrounding him, he starts to question himself and even tries to understand how is him not another "pet". It's like he's hurt of knowing that he might be a "pet" so he needs to make sure that he isn't by asking Will "who is Caesar". But still problems don't appear in this time.

Problems appear after more than 5 years, when Charles, Will's father starts to behave inappropriately, the Alzheimer appearing to come back in a worse state than ever. One day, during one Alzheimer crisis, Charles gets in trouble with some neighbor. But he was not alone. Caesar always watched outside his window, always felt protective about his family, always cared for the people who took care of him, he loved them and he understood what love means so he decides to get out of the house and jump on the neighbor beating him and scaring him till Charles stops him from going further. Because of this action alone, Caesar will have to be taken into a placement where he will meet with his destiny. Here is where the actual story gets deeper and more interesting. The separation between Caesar and Will evolves into issues of family recognition, of trust, of betrayal or of loyalty. Loyalty to who? To the human? To the other apes? In that placement, which looks more and more like a jail where the apes are treated badly by a stereotypically retarded take-carer, Caesar will find answers to many of his questions. He will connect with the other monkeys, he will understand their condition, he will see their suffering, he will see human's desire to hurt, to enslave, to make fun of or human's pleasure to laugh at the ones that are inferior to him. Caesar emerges into a captivating world. A world in which his "brothers", his new "family" should be free and why not, even in control of things. On the other part of the story, Will still has problems at his company, his boss wanting to develop the on-going program even further while Will directly opposing it due to the severe reactions the cure has when it's applied on humans. But Will's story of human exploitation and greed really drops considerably in delivering interest to the audience. The audience wants more of Caesar and that because of the magical way in which Andy Serkis decided to play him.

While James Franco's performance is very good, emotional, simple but convincing, Andy's portrayal of an ape is probably unseen before on screen. It's an interesting experiment, an interesting idea that worked and showed Andy's acting skills. However, while I do admit I was fascinated by his work, I cannot really understand the Oscar-worthy performance praising that has hit the internet. To me, this performance can't be put in the same bowl with the other because it's a performance using a different technique and using a different technology, so unless the Academy decides to make a special award for these types of performances, I cannot agree with Serkis deserving an Oscar for his work in Rise of the Apes. But let's get back to our story since it's getting close to the ending.

The final moments in Rise of the Apes consist of Caesar becoming the "leader" of the other apes. He takes control of things in that placements, he succeeds a break-out, he produces chaos into the city and he's responsible of some great action moments which will not make you "wow" your head but will also make you think and ask yourself the typical "what-if" questions. As a leader of these apes, he fights for their own freedom and dreams of getting in peaceful way to the natural resort in which he played so many times along the years he stood home with Will. He wants to be free and climb those trees again without having a schedule, without having to respond to someone. During the fight scenes between the humans and the apes, fights scenes which become more tactical than one-to-one brutality, we encounter feelings that Caesar still has for the humans. His character is so well developed and creates so much tensions and suspense around it that you cannot hold but to cheer for his success. You want the humans to fail because the ape shows much more humanity than anything. It's like he understands our world better than we are. And it surely sounds like a cliche, but this cliche was managed wonderfully in this film. In addition, we have some scenes that pay homage to the original film, thing that I enjoyed and found to fit this movie perfectly.

Accompanied by a very realistic display of the monkey's behavior, by a tremendous piece of acting from Serkis, by great music and by a great powerful and emotional story, Rise of the Apes makes justice to this franchise after years of failures and regrets. Rise of the Apes might be easily the real blockbuster of the summer and we might as well wait for another Apes movie if it will be made in the same manor.

Storyline/Dialogue: 8.0
Acting: 9.0
Technical Execution: 8,7
Replay Value: 9.0
Overall: 8.5

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September 26, 2011
I liked this one as well. I just didn't like the family parts of it, but I guess it made sense. I just wished that there was more to it to match the quality of the rest of the movie.
September 26, 2011
thanks. yeah well, for me it kinda worked more. :D
September 26, 2011
amazing how different reviewers can see things differently... :)
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This movie was so friggin' cool! Even more cool that it's based in my native San Francisco. I had no idea what to expect, only watching it because I saw positive ratings and because I had liked a previous Planet of the Apes film. This did not disappoint. The visuals are astounding and the plot just makes you think. This is one of those movies that you'll have to catch while it's on the big screen.
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Director: Rupert Wyatt
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