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Robin Hood (Single-Disc Unrated Director's Cut)

Action & Adventure movie directed by Ridley Scott

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Is Robin of the Hood, any bloody good?

  • May 27, 2010
  • by
Robin Hood swashbuckles its way through new territory, hitting the perverbial "refresh" button atop the original story. This is a whole new world folks. Fortunately, the errors don't overthrow an overall decent attempt.

Its been almost a year since my last review. That would be the cue for all of my fellow reviewers to pass me a tissue. Yeah, Im just a dude that likes movies, and my massive following has literally never exhisted, so why mention the fact that it has been a year? Cause I did, and you're still reading, and monkeys can be funny when they sniff their own fingers and pass out. So with that said, back to the review.

I like Russel Crowe. Though he is an infamous briggant, he is still considered one of the best of this generation. A Beautiful Mind, anyone? He plays Locksley (or Longstride) with the conviction one would expect, though he seems to be having more fun with the absurdity of his predicaments than literally responding them in character. Also, Im not one of these "Sylvester Stallone shouldn't make another Rambo because he is an old fart" types, but for a foundational precursor story about Robin Hood, shouldn't he be a younger lad?

Cate Blanchette is always dependable. Her quiet forcefulness makes her the perfect Maid Marion. Does her character have the chance to evolve realistically into the love interest of Robin? I would argue, no. Though there are several scenes with them together, I never felt their progression developed, but rather it "jumped" forward when necessary. Not completely a flawed relationship, but it felt (to me) somewhat manufactured.

Technically, the casting is inspired across the board. In fact the performances are the reason I didn't push this into the dreaded 2 star category. I want you to see it, if only to watch a bunch of great sacrificial performances save the movie from from itself.

I know friends. This is a "prequel" to Robin Hood. Its not supposed to "develop" as much as "establish." But really folks? Really? I sit back and wonder, was the first hour and 55 minutes necessary if Robin isn't branded an outlaw until the last 5? Does it really matter that he and crew fight the Barbarian Hordes, only to be cast out in a fit of jealousy? And how do the mysterious forest children suddenly go from foe thieves to friendly soldiers? And, isn't this a watered down R rated movie, with the violence carefully placed off-screen and edited 2 frames from sealing the bloody deal - to bring in more kiddies - because they are afraid if they release a movie Gladiator style they won't make their money back - and in turn have created a movie filled with battle scenes that are not suitable for kids or adults? (I love run-ons)

In passing I will disagree with many reviewers who felt it was too dark with little humor, as compared to the original Errol Flynn masterpiece. Wrong. I went in expecting Schindlers Sherwood, and pleasantly discovered that there are many funny moments to be found.

I almost never take the time to SPELL out plots, and I'm not going to here. I liked Robin Hood, and I could have (as I have done with countless movies) turned off the ol' brain and had fun. But, it's Robin Hood folks! Should I really have to?

PS - Seems negative for a three star review, huh? Well, the purpose of this review it to place a grain of salt in your hand to take during the show, at any point you deem necessary. If you let your mind wander a minute, you will.

What did you think of this review?

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3 ½ Stars:
   I have to admit that I am a fan of Ridley Scott. So when the multi-award winning director of films such as “Alien”, the underrated “Kingdom of Heaven” (the director’s cut is one of the best films I’ve ever seen), and the harrowing war epic “Black Hawk Down” was directing a film based on the legend of “Robin Hood”; of course I was excited. This film is a reunion of sorts for Scott and award-winning actor Russell Crowe after …
review by . November 21, 2010
Ridley Scott's 'Robin Hood' is an action-filled masterpiece, but it's an achievement lacking in the heart of "merry men,' and the spirit of Robin Hood. Every shot is expertly framed, a stunning sight kept up for over two hours. The fight and chase scenes are nearly flawlessly shot and choreographed, but the story gets lost in too much action without the color and fervor of characterization to back it up. Cate Blanchett and Max Von Sydow's sunset performance frame what is lacking: Mostly the film …
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Origin stories seem to have been de rigeur in Hollywood in recent years. Putting a fresh spin on an old story is a great way to re-invigorate a franchise and breathe new life into well known characters. So, following movies like Batman Begins, Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes, we now have a new take on Robin Hood, and there's no sign of a mullet or Bryan Adams this time.      Many early reports about this film described it as being "Gladiator with a bow and arrow". That …
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I Need a Hero
Had there never been a Braveheart or Gladiator, Robin Hood probably would have been a much better film. Unfortunately for the producers -- and the viewers -- this film tried to live up to its similar epics but fell short.      An old story with a new twist, a prequel of sorts, Robin Hood (portrayed by Russell Crowe) attempts to tell how the legend began. Crowe's character was similar to his role in Gladiator -- a war hero who was betrayed by his country's leaders …
review by . June 02, 2011
This film adds some truth to the ancient legend and turns Robin into a hood (crook)
Rather than basing this version of Robin Hood on any of the ancient legends about this fictional character, the film makers of this excellent, well acted, and dramatic movie base their totally different version in small part upon actual history. Robin is not the fine, nice, gentleman portrayed in the other films, but a low class expert archer who is a crook with a conscious, who accompanies King Richard on his crusade to Palestine and participates somewhat reluctantly in the king's robberies …
review by . March 15, 2011
I have always loved the story of Robin Hood.  As a little kid Disney's Robin Hood was one of my favorite movies, and since then, it has been added to my wide array of films that have become staples in my film collection.  Robin Hood is one of those characters that seem to captivate young children’s interest and continues to hang on  through adulthood., with classics like the 1938 Errol Flynn The Adventures of Robin Hood, the 1991 Kevin Costner Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves, …
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Robin Hood: The Prequel
ROBIN HOOD   Written by Brian Helgeland Directed by Ridley Scott Starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong, Max Von Sydow and William Hurt      Godfrey (on Nottingham): I’ll make this place famous.    I’ve seen a number of Robin Hood movies.  Who hasn’t?  I haven’t seen them all and I’m sure some people out there have, but even those people haven’t seen Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s bluish hue before. …
Quick Tip by . November 16, 2010
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I can't say that I was at all impressed by this film. I've enjoyed a number of Ridley Scott's films in the past, but his current phase of making epic historical action films isn't that appealing. Part of the issue I have here is with the cast. Though all of the actors in the major roles are talented, they all feel terribly miscast. In addition, the film's attempts to take current sociopolitical issues and transplant them into Medieval times creates numerous contradictions and …
review by . July 10, 2010
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Everyone knows the traditional story of Robin Hood. Take from the rich and give to the poor, but the movie done by Ridley Scott starring Russell Crowe is a completely different take on this old English legend. Not only are Scott and Crowe and awesome combination of film making, but I really liked the idea that they gave Robin Hood a whole new spin which was surprising because when I first heard that they were doing another Robin Hood movie, one would think that it has just been way over done. It …
review by . May 22, 2010
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The Rise of a legend....
For the last 588 years, a legendary story has been passed from generation to generation about a man, a man who stole from the rich and gave to the poor wit not thought to his own actions. This man  is the most legendary of all folklore heroes in fact the most legendary of all heroes he is  the man who inspire  comic book  like Batman, The Spirit  and most notable of them all   The Green Arrow. This man is called Robin Hood   a fabled hero, a legendary …
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Cast aside all notions of men in tights: Ridley Scott'sRobin Hoodis decidedly earthier and more grown-up than most romps through Sherwood Forest. The presence of the over-40 Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett cinches the deal, lending a dose of worldliness to a project that means to be about the origins of the famous character, who in this incarnation was evidently a late bloomer. Robin Longstride (that's his name before he started wearing a hood) is just returned from a 10-year jaunt in the Crusades when he loses his king (Danny Huston as Richard the Lionheart) and his job. Back in England, Robin folds himself neatly into a Nottingham family, where a grieving widow named Marion (Blanchett) and her father-in-law (Max von Sydow) hardly care that he doesn't much resemble their own departed warrior. But the merry men and their famous sideline will have to wait: except for one bit of robbing from the rich (i.e., the greedy government of King John) and giving to the poor, this movie is more concerned with creating a portrait of the royal intrigue that went into creating Robin Hood than in detailing the high jinks of the Nottingham outlaws. And that's not a bad thing, because althoughRobin Hoodlacks the mechanical action beats that distinguish most films of its scale, it creates an engrossing story line around its political chess playing (outlined by screenwriter Brian Helgeland and apparently a few others). Crowe is in reliable crusty-tender form and Blanchett ...
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Director: Ridley Scott
DVD Release Date: September 21, 2010
Runtime: 156 minutes
Studio: Universal Studios
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