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She's Out of My League

A movie released March 12, 2010

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Not bad; but not good either. This romantic comedy is forgettable.

  • Feb 11, 2011
** out of ****

"She's Out of My League" is a mildly entertaining and slightly better-than-average romantic comedy that is alas taken down a notch on the fun-o-meter due to the fact that all-in-all, it feels sort of generic. There is no doubt fun to be had in the film, and there are some funny jokes, but most of it feels dry. I have a lot of complaints when it comes to the film's consistency, the relationships between the two lovers, and the story as well. There are just too many problems with the film. However, there are some good points to it. The acting is mostly solid, and I liked how the girl in the relationship was an actual person contrary to the complete "pretty-girl" that the premise suggests she should be. Also, Jay Baruchel plays a totally convincing dude; as long as you find nerdy-but-nice convincing. In a world where generic films are made every week, why watch this one? Because it's better than most romantic comedies? That's not good enough reason. If you must watch the thing, then why the hell not. It's obviously a very watchable movie, but that doesn't help it much to escape feeling familiar. I wouldn't recommend it, since there's not a hint of originality or true comedic genius present in this movie. You don't need originality to "make" a movie. All you need is a nice new spin, and "She's Out of My League" provides nothing of the like. But look on the bright side; at least it will make money and appeal to the target audience. I also like the fact that while it's very appealing, the film is also less raunchy than perhaps it wants to be. And in my opinion, that's (mostly) a good thing, and the film gets around without being completely tame. I understand it will have a couple of admirers, and then there are those like me who feel like they're treading familiar waters whilst watching the film. But what can be expected out of Hollywood? They're completely devoid of genius nowadays. Or perhaps I should say that, since every year has its gems. But few of them are big hits until they meet their critical match with praise. "She's Out of My League" is not one of those films, and it's neither deep nor sweet in the way I would have wanted it to be. And that's why it's so darn forgettable.

A nerdy but caring guy happens upon a beautiful girl one day, and approaches her without romantic intentions. The guy (whose name is Kirk) works at an Airport where he lives off of the comedic effect from his buddies. He hasn't dated in a while since most girls wouldn't give him the time of day, and he hasn't found "the one" quite yet. The girl goes by the name of Molly, and she's an attractive woman. So attractive that people quite literally gawk at her whenever she so much as passes by. So how does a guy like Kirk meet a girl like Molly? It all comes together when Molly forgets her cell-phone in security at the airport, and asks Kirk to deliver it to her. This marks the start of a relationship between the two, and the unlikely couple actually seems to be liking each-other for quite some time. As with most romances, there are bumps in the road, but in the end we all realize that nothing conquers love. Except for life, but then again, life doesn't play a significant role in the story here. If you want a deep love story, I'm sure "Blue Valentine" will suffice. But "She's Out of My League" comes with no surprises; and no remorse for those like myself who will find it boring. I would have liked "She's Out of My League" if it had any true wit or substance, but it has neither. Still, I thought it was entertaining for what it was; just not enough to be good. Most films are mediocre but entertaining. These are films which I somewhat enjoyed watching yet I can't quite forgive for whatever flaws they may have. It's best to let this romantic comedy float past since it's nothing special, and it's not as bittersweet/romantic as some people seem to think it is. It sure as hell mixes general "cuteness" with a couple good humorous moments; but each of these sequences/moments is completely forgettable. But what to expect from a typical film without much status to it. It doesn't reek of awfulness, but it's hard to get past the genre clich├ęs that are still in-tact. It doesn't quite cut it as good filmmaking, much less as a romantic comedy.

On the bright side of things, there are some pretty good performances in this film. I liked Jay Baruchel as his usual nerdy character. His character is easy to like since he's the sort of realistic nerdy guy that you find nice and endearing; yet you may never truly speak to with honesty. He works well with his co-star Alice Eve, who makes for a surprisingly solid actor when you come to think of it. However, every bit of chemistry that goes on between the two stars feels forgettable and often times bland. I didn't go into the movie expecting it to be a deep love story, but it could have at least been believable. Aside from Baruchel and Eve, you've got T.J. Miller as your comic relief, as well as a few other fellows who tend to get some good laughs as well. This film has a solid cast that alas does not belong to a very solid film. But mediocre films can have good actors, right? Yes, they can. And this one proudly does.

Considering the nigh despicable amounts of "bad" romantic comedies that come out today, "She's Out of My League" actually isn't too bad; but it's not too good either. The problem with the film is that it lacks creativity, cleverness, and substance. There are a few funny moments here and there, but nothing truly hilarious; just as there are a couple moments of honest romance, but nothing particularly note-worthy. I've seen better romantic comedies in my time, and this is not one of the great (or good) ones. It's definitely not a "bad" movie; I just didn't like the abrupt shifts from funny jokes to comedy that didn't make me laugh at all. This is a hit-or-miss for just about anyone, and I think that it will find an audience (most of them being teenage girls/boys). Adults may enjoy it as well; but they also must be reminded that this film wasn't really made for them. But then again, was "(500) Days of Summer", a pretty great romantic comedy from 2009, aimed at adults? Maybe, but at least more-so than this little flick. On the bright side of things, the film doesn't try to have much style, and it's a pretty average production. It looks fine, if you were to ask me, and the soundtrack is generic but never too annoying. It's not a particularly unpleasant experience, and that's really the least I can say for it. If only "She's Out of My League" would have spent less time feeling familiar and more time being hilarious and tender, then it would have been the pinnacle for Hollywood romantic comedies to release in 2010. But sadly, there are better films out there, and those are the films which you should want to see.

There's plenty of appeal in this film for "regular" movie-goers; casual audiences. But there's little for those who enjoy the finer side of romantic comedy. There's at least one good film in that genre every year, but that's not quite enough. "She's Out of My League" feels like a well-made romantic comedy/drama, but lacks the wit and entertainment value to hold its own in this nasty world. I think it's generic and never-hilarious, contrary to the biting, funny rom-com that most people seem to think it is. It's a divisive film; if you don't like raunchy comedies, then it's not for you. I myself don't like them; but I can enjoy them when they're good. But this film, in my opinion, is not good. In fact, it's just plain mediocre. And that is where it's at fault. As a piece of entertainment, "She's Out of My League" suffices decently enough. It was indeed entertaining in some scenes, and then boring in others. I can't say I didn't like watching it, and for a while I felt as if I may actually be enjoying the thing. But then something unfunny that wanted to be funny came up, and I was like "nope". I won't recommend "She's Out of My League", but it's not bad enough to detest and avoid completely. If you're bored, then I suggest you give it a look. Some will like it; some won't. It's the kind of film that doesn't deserve a whole lot of credit for its lack of new ideas, but then again it deserves some for being well-acted and semi-entertaining. Just keep in mind that it's nothing special. And I'm not trying to be biased when I say that; mediocrity is what I believe this film to be. But I won't be the bad person here and tell you NOT to see it. But proceed with caution anyways. A little caution never hurts.

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A gorgeous girl takes an interest in an ordinary guy inShe's Out of My League, only to find their relationship questioned, criticized, and outright scoffed at by their friends and families. When airport security guard Kirk (Jay Baruchel, best known from supporting roles inKnocked UpandNick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) recovers the cell phone of knockout Molly (Alice Eve,Crossing Over), she asks him out to a hockey game as thanks. When a romance blossoms, Kirk is amazed--but not half as amazed as his buddies, who explain at length why Kirk is inferior in every way to this "perfect girl." This emphasis on the social ripples of the romance separatesShe's Out of My Leaguefrom the usual average-guy-beautiful-girl romance; the web of admiration, envy, insecurity, and social anxiety is the real topic of the movie, not bland morals like "love is blind" or "true beauty is within." Well, that and a lot of embarrassing comic bits involving shaving, premature ejaculation, and more--some bits wouldn't be out of place inThere's Something About Mary. It's not a great movie (Molly's role is underdeveloped, though not as badly here as in most boy-centered sex comedies), but Baruchel's puppy-dog charm, the better-than-average dialogue, and a strong supporting cast (particularly T.J. Miller,Cloverfield, and Krysten Ritter,Confessions of a Shopaholic) liftShe's Out of My Leagueabove the ordinary.--Bret Fetzer
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Director: Jim Field Smith
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: March 12, 2010
MPAA Rating: R
Screen Writer: John Morris, Sean Anders
DVD Release Date: June 22, 2010
Runtime: 1hr 44min
Studio: Dreakworks Video
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