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A movie starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst directed by Sam Raimi

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For just $5 you can help this poor college student so that he can lighten up and have a social life

  • Aug 2, 2010
  • by

Within the first half hour or so of this movie, we could see our hero:  Get yelled at by his boss, get stiffed on a bill delivering pizzas by a snotty receptionist, lose his job, get yelled at by his other boss, find he owes money to co-workers, failing his college classes, have his aunt throw him a birthday party when shes having trouble paying bills, see his best friend obsessed with killing our protagonists alter ego, hear his cute girlfriend may be leaving him, find he owes back money to his LANDLORD and the birthday money is needed to appease him-and his apartment is a dump.  DAMN!!!  Can I send Peter Parker a few dollars to some charity he's attached to?!   A little of this goes a long way, and thats a LOT to swallow in the first act.

That could in fact be the point of Spiderman 2, called the greatest comic book movie made, a title that lasted till Batman Begins showed up the following year which was free of super melodrama and had more super hero.  There are scenes where Spiderman is flying around town and you can almost hear the speech bubbles above his head talk of how is he doing the right thing?  What is more important, furthering the professional school life that makes him happy?  Or being the superhero and using his great power for great responsibility to stop the crime that the New York city cops can't cope with?  Sometimes his powers fail him and he needs his glasses, other times his radioactive spider powers work just fine.  Is his own body trying to tell him something?  It's a good thing his powers are working most of time cause a scientist that Peter admires has gone insane after an accident and tries his experiments again which could endanger all of New York.  In between this, Peter makes his decisions as to how to live his life.

Notice how I only mentioned a little bit of the villain in that sentance?  Yeah this movie could almost serve as a deconstruction of super heroes instead of the big summer action movie that your expecting, with it's talk of what am I doing and is this right.  Spiderman meets NiteOwl and Silk Spectre if thats the case, I'll re-read Watchmen if I want the same effect.

All the casting is as good as it was before in the first Spiderman movie, especially JK Simmons who plays J Jonah Jameson to a blustering tee as before.  Alfred Molina takes the place as the villian as Otto Octavious who becomes the obsessed Doctor Octopus who despite his flab has some wicked metal tentacles to smash Spiderman with.  The two only get a couple of action scenes together but when they fight, it's phenomenal.  This movie really could have benefitted from more of these scenes and less of Peter suffering and padding out the drama that spell out to us whats going on when we already know.  Damn spoonfeeding the audience sometimes.

The bottom line here is that this movie bathes in the melodrama that I was so happy the Iron Man movies avoided.  I saw this twice in the theatres and the wangst was bad enough to make another Star Wars prequel.  I did sympathize with the characters, even the villian and the acting wasn't bad but why should a fun action movie be so full of baggage that makes the movie feel heavy and heady?  I guess the flipside to that is if it was so full of nonsense Michael Bay would have directed it so maybe the baggage is good, just not a steamer trunk, maybe a duffel bag.  The positives do outweight the heady negatives and once done, you have a nice action movie but the Spider sense is still tingling feeling that something more upbeat could have been made.  He's a friendly neighborhood Spiderman who has radioactivity in his blood, not prozac.

For just $5 you can help this poor college student so that he can lighten up and have a social life

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October 21, 2010
Marvel does a good job casting their films, loved Doc Ock in this.
October 21, 2010
So did I. He was awesome.
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Peter Parkers powers fluctuate between how badly he really wants his super hero life and a normal one. Melodramatic as HELL but awesome.
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Sam Rami needs to be congratulated on making a film that totally outdoes its predecessor.  Tobey McGuire is great and is one of the most likeable characters (re: Peter Parker) that I have seen in a film in a long time.  Alfred Molina is great as one of the more charismatic villains that have ever been portrayed on the screen.  I found myself cheering several times throughout the movie.   Peter Parker can't seem to hold a job (he's killing a pizza business that promises on-time …
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"Spider-Man 2" is one of the best sequels around. Unlike many people, I don't think that it is any better than the first film, it just deals with a little tougher material. In this go-round, Spidey is finding it hard to deal with the fact that he is living two lives. It's so hard, in fact, that it's affecting his performance(in real life and as the Wallcrawler). Basically, his whole life is a mess. He's lost his girl, his best friend, and a mentor(Dr. Octavius) loses his mind. The film pans out …
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I am not necessarily going to agree with everyone that this is the best comic book adaptation ever rendered on the screen, simply because I will be the first to admit I haven't viewed all of them. But I will honestly say out of the countless superhero films I have seen: this is, without a doubt, the best.      What seperates Spider Man 2, a sequel no less, from its counterpart and all of the other fx crazed superhero movies hollywood has to offer? Simply put, it takes …
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Sam Raimi's follow-up to SPIDER-MAN finds Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) struggling to balance his everyday life with his alter ego as the web-slinging superhero. Still carrying the burden of keeping his crime-fighting identity from those closest to him--including his longtime love Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst), his best friend Harry Osborn (James Franco), and his doting Aunt May (Rosemary Harris)--Parker must also face off against a dangerous new menace, Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina), a scientist driven mad by experiments involving powerful mechanical arms. When the deranged Octavius (AKA Doc Ock) forms an alliance with the vengeful Osborn, who blames Spider-Man for the death of his father, the wall-crawling hero is in for his biggest battle yet.

With SPIDER-MAN 2, Raimi retains--and improves on--all of the elements that made the first film so good, including an excellent story (crafted, in part, by acclaimed novelist Michael Chabon), tight pacing, and stunning special effects. Parker's ...
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