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Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

A science fiction & fantasy movie directed by Leonard Nimoy.

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I bet Paul Watson loves this movie

  • Jul 26, 2009
Don't tell me he wouldn't have photon torpedoed a few whaling ships.

Last but not least on my Trek movie reviews is the one EVERYONE loves.  Proof that funny talking foriegners to some are still funny, Leonard Nimoy smoked something evil when he thought of the plot and that mainstreaming your sci fi movies can rake in some major box office bucks.

We'll address all of that in a minute, but first-the plot.

Picking up not long after the crew of the Enterprise broke every rule in the book to save Spock in the previous movie, the crew decides to return home to Earth and face the music for their crimes.  En route however, an alien probe is causing havoc in the Federation and is crippling everything it comes into contact with.  Upon reaching Earth, the probe begins damaging the planets atmosphere and is transmitting a message that no one can understand.  Spock's scans show that if braodcast underwater, the message is actually humpback whale songs.  Humpbacks however are extince in present day times.  The decision is made for the Enterprise crew to time travel back to the 80's when humpbacks existed, try to find whales and get home again to save their future.

NOW, when you look at it the story is that Whales in the past are needed to save the future, and the environmental message is none too subtle.  Leonard Nimoy, as much as I love him thought that the songs of whales, a creature that has existed on Earth far longer then many other species may communicate with other species.  Keep that doob away man, it's a trippy theory but not one I can be hip to.  Saving whales is one thing but communicating with ALIENS?  Thats why flying saucers are always in the midwest.

Humor plays a big part in this movie with lots of "fish out of water" jokes or in Spocks case alien from another planet material.  We get to see the crew swear, Spock lie badly with Kirk trying to cover him up, Scotty talking to an old Mac through a mouse and yes Chekov on his quest for "nuclear wessels."

The other point is that this movies success is coupled largely with hte humor part but even moreso with hte points that having a time travel story and taking the crew out of their world of phasers and warp drives made the movie open and available for regular audiences to enjoy.  Star Trek for the first time coudn't stand on it's own legs as a sci fi entertainment and has 80% of it's movie in a time for everyone to get in on.  I wouldn't bash the movie saying that they sold out or dumbed it down for mainstream appeal but no one is telling me that that's not going on.  The movie inspite of this remains very entertaining.

Special features include a great Shatner/Nimoy commentary and the line of making ofs and featurettes.  I don't remember if they talked about how the lovely Catherine Hicks and her part almost went to Paramounts other cash cow at the time, Eddie Murphy.

It may sound like I hated this movie but on the contrary it IS very good.  Eveyone in the cast gets something to do to move the story, the special effects are nice and don't envelop the movie and yes the humor is fun too.  I just wish the same creative energy could have kept the crew in their own century to find it's adventure with the same pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Kirk and Spock on a bus Scotty getting in touch with Apple Federation Headquarters under siege Checkov caught trespassing Preparing to leave Vulcan The Federation Council

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October 21, 2010
Another great review, it did sound a little like you didn't like it at first.
October 21, 2010
I like it and every time I watch it it's good but I can get tired of time travel stories and EVERYONE loves this one. The most popular Trek movie is the one that doesn't have much to do with the future which is what Trek is about. I know people will say that the movie is ABOUT the future, but I want to see the future..
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The Star Trek franchise has taken its fans all over the galaxy. From its deepest unknown reaches with "Voyager" to the bridge of the "Gorkon," fans have seen plenty. The peculiar thing is that one of Trek's best tales takes place in late 80's San Francisco in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home." After recovering Spock in "Star Trek III," the crew of the Enterprise find themselves as exiles in a Klingon vessel on Vulcan. When repairs to the damaged ship are completed, Kirk and company decide to return …
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Within days of the release of Star Trek III, my brother and I had the plot for Star Trek IV completely plotted. With the destruction of the Enterprise during The Search for Spock, it seemed like getting the ship back would be a top priority. It occurred to me that the destruction scene showed only the primary hall burning up as the rest of the ship drifted into the Genesis planet's atmosphere. What if the secondary hall and warp nacelles survived and were captured by the Klingons, who have …
Quick Tip by . May 16, 2010
"The one with the whales" An absurd story that had to sound weird on paper is very entertaining on the screen. Always entertaining.
Quick Tip by . October 16, 2009
Yes, the "Save The Whales" Star Trek movie. A classic case of mainstreaming to make more money but it's entertaining regardless.
review by . May 20, 2009
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Blu-ray
The third movie (technically the fourth) in what has become known as the Star Trek Trilogy which include The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock, concludes on beautiful Blu-ray.  This is the second time I have watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home in a span of two months and while it is not one of my favorite Trek films, it has really come to grow on me.  The film really comes to life on Blu-ray, having been completely digitally remastered and remixed with Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround.  …
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Of all the Star Trek movies, this is probably one of the best and one of the few to make an impact with a wide audience (only Star Trek - First Contact compares). The plotline is funny, uplifting, and memorable. Having seen Humpback Whales in the wild, I also appreciate the movie's message - that in harming our environment, we are harming ourselves.    With that said, Star Trek IV is tough to follow if you aren't at least somewhat familiar with the Trek universe. This movie especially …
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Of all the Star Trek movies out there, "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" is easily the silliest and goofiest of all the Star Trek films. It's also one of the best. The movie resumes where the previous Star Trek film left off. Captain Kirk and his crew have just rescued Spock and destroyed the Enterprise after their deadly fight with the Klingons. They are all feeling worn out after the fight, particularly Kirk and Spock. Kirk because he lost his son in the previous film, and Spock because he feels …
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The Star Trek franchise has taken its fans all over the galaxy. From its deepest unknown reaches with "Voyager" to the bridge of the "Gorkon," fans have seen plenty. The peculiar thing is that one of Trek's best tales takes place in late 80's San Francisco in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home." After recovering Spock in "Star Trek III," the crew of the Enterprise find themselves as exiles in a Klingon vessel on Vulcan. When repairs to the damaged ship are completed, Kirk and company decide to return …
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Pros: Yay for Star Trek!     Cons: Aww no big space battles or ships exploding. =P     The Bottom Line: Save the whales - Star Trek style! Hey - why not? =P     Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot. Just like with 12 Monkeys, I was flipping channels and landed on Star Trek the Next Generation. After that, however, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home came on. Now I'd seen bits and pieces before and knew something …
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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is the fourth feature film based on the Star Trek science fiction television series. It completes the loose story trilogy started in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and continued in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Leonard Nimoy directed as well as starred in The Voyage Home, which earned four Academy Award nominations, for Best Cinematography, Best Effects, Best Music and Best Sound. The original music score was composed by Leonard Rosenman, reusing some material from his earlier score to Ralph Bakshi's animated The Lord of the Rings

Widely considered the best movie in the "classicTrek" series of feature films,Star Trek IVreturns to one of the favorite themes of the original TV series--time travel--to bring Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov from the 23rd century to present-day San Francisco. In their own time, the Starfleet heroes encounter an alien probe emitting a mysterious message--a message delivered in the song of the now-extinct Earth species of humpback whales. Failure to respond to the probe will result in Earth's destruction, so Kirk and company time-travel to 20th-century Earth--in their captured Klingon starship--to transport a humpback whale to the future in an effort to peacefully communicate with the alien probe. The plot sounds somewhat absurd in description, but as executed by returning director Leonard Nimoy, this turned out to be a crowd-pleasing adventure, filled with humor and lively...
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Director: Leonard Nimoy
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy
DVD Release Date: March 4, 2003
Runtime: 119 minutes
Studio: Paramount
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