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Star Wars - Episode III, Revenge of the Sith

The third episode of the "Star Wars" movie sextilogy released in 2005.

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I hereby find the Defendant George Lucas not guilty of creating a sub par Star Wars movie

  • Jun 15, 2009
The stretch for me from Episode I to Episode II was painful.  I really enjoyed Episode I as nice light entertainment and waiting to see what surprises we would see.  After Episode II I couldn't care less.  The movie was painful, wooden, uncreative and stuck us with a pretty boy who whines and cries throughout most of the movies run time.    That three year span was left with almost no anticipation.  Episode III made me want to reinvest in Star Wars again.

The war that started in Episode II is nearing a close.  The Jedi are becoming suspicious of Chancellor Palpatine who is nosing into Jedi business and begins to manipulate the fragile Anakin who is having nightmares of losing Padme, who is pregnant with his children.  Matters get worse when Anakin begins to feel that the Jedi don't trust him which only pushes Anakin further down to the darkside.

Star Wars fans had spoken since Episode I that this was what they'be been wanting to see from the begining.  They wanted to see Anakin become Darth Vader, something that we all knew was going to happen going into this movie being the final film of the prequel trilogy.  They also wanted lots of lightsaber duels, BIG lightsaber duels and a whole lot of action.  This movie delivers all of that.  The action is fast, fun and they'res a lot of it making it a HUGE step over Episode II's dry spells of flat expostion and lukewarm action scenes. 

You want to know what else?  Hayden Christensen didn't annoy the hell out of me in this movie either.  He lost his Justin Timberlake do' from the previous film, can actually talk to or about Obi Wan without sounding crabby and here we can at least identify with his moaning and groaning as it actually looks like what Palpatine tells him is right.  His scenes with Padme are cut down aw well.  At least when Padme and Anakin are together they're far more tolerable, I can only think of one spot on the DVD where I'm hitting >> on the remote.

The special effects (of which the movie is about 98% of) look far better then they did in Episode II.  Either the all digital format has improved or the movie is simply more entertaining that you don't notice.  I'd believe either.

Star Wars films were never known for their acting (no not even in the original trilogy) but Ian McDiarmid gets a million and a half props here for an awesome performance.  Like the devil sitting on Anakin's shoulder telling him everything he wants the emotionally unstable Anakin to hear and when the time is right to bust out and have his dark jedi powers go it's great.  Palpatine for his little screen time that doesn't amount to a whole lot way back in Return of the Jedi, still rocked and here, hes in half the movie.  If you liked the Emporor, you will love this movie.

One more tidbit which people like to bring up is the flimsy paralells to real world events and linking them to the movie as George W Bush is an analog to Palpatine.  They both wear red (republican colors anyway), comments are made about Palpatine having his position longer then he should have, the increased security the republic now has, he's behind the war etc.  Lucas denied this at the time but recently came out and admitted to the social commentary.  Whatever.  If he lied back when the movie came out, what was he afraid of, bad word of mouth leading to bad ticket sales?  Yeah the movie would have only made half a billion dollars instead of a $550,000,000 gate.

There is one other note, this is the only Star Wars film thats PG13.  Take that into consideration.  While theres nothing terribly horrifiing in the movie to scare kids away, it's defintely darker and there are moments where it is a little more violent then the other films.  Fans aparently wanted an R rating so that we could literally see some heads roll.  Silly fans.  Star Wars isn't about violence.  Well wait a minute, okay the more entertaining parts are but not that kind of violence.

Revenge of the Sith ended on all the right notes and it felt as though the Star Wars prequel trilogy had been vindicated.  The only bad thing was that there was no new movie to look forward to this time.  As much as I loved the movie I was walking out almost feeling like I had just left a funeral.  A great movie series had now finally been put to rest.  Sure we weren't always the best of friends but damn it we had fun together.  I take comfort in what wise Master Yoda told me, Mourn them, do not. Miss them, do not. 

It will be hard Yoda.  Whether I do or do not.
The Galactic Marines. Members of the Clone Army Jedi Master Windu clashes with Palpatine Anakin and Palpatine talk business The Emporor and his personal clone troopers The Wookies prepare to fight the Sepratists Anakin and Dooku do battle once again

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October 21, 2010
Another excellent review.
June 15, 2009
Nice Review!  This was by far the best of the prequel films, and my second favorite after Return of the Jedi.  I really enjoyed the Opera House scene, I thought that was so well done, the seriousness of the scene.  What do you think of the cartoon/cgi series The Clone Wars?
June 15, 2009
The Opera house was nice now that you mention it, but it's where Palpatine and Anakin really start to buddy up. The CGI cartoon is quaint but not the same. It feels at times like a mix of the awesome Episode III and the lackluster Episode II.
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You know how I said that Attack of the Clones was an improvement over The Phantom Menace? Well, this one kicks both their asses and is the best of the prequels for sure. Like I have said in the other two, it's nowhere near as good as anything in the original trilogy, but its still an awesome entertaining finale to probably the best science fiction series of all time. Just when you thought that George Lucas had sold out completely and was just milking the franchise for all it was worth, he gives …
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The Star Wars Saga is now complete....
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Quick Tip by . July 04, 2010
The best of the prequels and that isn't saying much. Still suffers from WAY over reliance on special effects and wooden characters not to mention a bad story but at least it FEELS like the Star Wars of old.
Quick Tip by . May 11, 2010
Flashy and fun finale to the maligned prequels. Cuts down on the yakking and closes things up cleanly with little fussing from Anakin.
review by . July 12, 2009
Almost everyone loves Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  I think it mostly comes from the idea that the first two movies just weren't that great and so by then audience expectations was so low that the third movie could've been Anakin sitting on a toilet for two hours and it STILL would've been better than the first two movies.  That's not to say Star Wars Episode III is really bad.  It's just to say that it still feels like it's missing something.  …
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There are a ton of things I could gripe about with Episode III. I'll discuss a few below. But by and large, this is the best of the prequels and, in my eyes, ranks pretty highly as a sci-fi film.     First, the bad. This should have been more than one film. Rather than a whole film for the events in The Phantom Menace, the Clone Wars could easily have consumed a whole extra movies. Unfortunately, squeezing all of this into Revenge of the Sith means that a lot of important footage …
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There are a ton of things I could gripe about with Episode III. I'll discuss a few below. But by and large, this is the best of the prequels and, in my eyes, ranks pretty highly as a sci-fi film.     First, the bad. This should have been more than one film. Rather than a whole film for the events in The Phantom Menace, the Clone Wars could easily have consumed a whole extra movies. Unfortunately, squeezing all of this into Revenge of the Sith means that a lot of important footage …
review by . January 10, 2006
I will provide this review in two parts; the first for the movie and the second for the DVD.     First, the movie itself. The first three Star Wars (SW) movies were some of the most amazing, popular, and incredible movies ever made; so it would be hard for anyone to match them, even George Lucas himself. Yet after the disappointment with Episodes I and II, many were hoping for a much better III. Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed. Episode III does tie up all the loose strings …
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Pros: Storyline; Outstanding special effects.     Cons: Dialog is again below par; Hayden Christensen!     The Bottom Line: The film is a little dark, but evil is dark and in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith we are plunged head long in the heart of darkness.      Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie''s plot. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away…      So every Star War epic begins, …
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