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Star Wars - Episode III, Revenge of the Sith

The third episode of the "Star Wars" movie sextilogy released in 2005.

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  • Jan 10, 2006
  • by
I will provide this review in two parts; the first for the movie and the second for the DVD.

First, the movie itself. The first three Star Wars (SW) movies were some of the most amazing, popular, and incredible movies ever made; so it would be hard for anyone to match them, even George Lucas himself. Yet after the disappointment with Episodes I and II, many were hoping for a much better III. Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed. Episode III does tie up all the loose strings and story lines, and is an entertaining movie, but overall is still quite disappointing, even in comparison with Episodes I and II. The plot was disappointing, the acting was disappointing, the dialogue was disappointing, and even the musical score was not as awesome as the previous five movies. Lets address each disappointment separately.

Of all the SW movies, this by far had the most plot holes in it. Too many things occurred that did not make sense, and I will list them here.

A) Why is it that whenever multiple Jedi face a lone Sith Lord, the latter usually wins, but when one Jedi faces one Sith Lord, the Jedi wins, or at least does not lose? Opening fight scene; Obi-wan and Anakin versus Count Dooku results in Dooku knocking out Obi-wan. Yet Anakin by himself beats Dooku. When the Jedi Masters arrive to arrest Palpatine, he kills three of them quickly, yet Mace Windu by himself can stop him. Anaking enters the Jedi Temple and kills scores of Jedi Knights, yet Obi-wan beats him in one-on-one combat. None of this make sense; do the Jedi NOT learn how to fight in teams as part of their training? This nonsensical trend is actually found in Episodes I and II. In Episode I, Qui-Gon and Obi-wan cannot defeat Darth Maul together, but Obi-wan by himself kills Maul. In Episode II, Anakin and Obi-wan each do better fighting Count Dooku individually than they do together.

B) Why did Yoda and Obi-wan split up to take on Palpatine and Anakin separately? Common sense would have dictated that they both went after Palpatine together, retake the Republic and command of the Clone Troopers from Palpatine, and then worried about Anakin. Do the Jedi NOT learn military strategy as part of their training?

C) How did Mace Windu defeat Palpatine yet Yoda could not? After all, by the time Palpatine met Yoda, he had already fought four Jedi Masters, and been burnt by his own force lightning. If anything, Palpatine should have been weary, tired, and be an easy match for Yoda.

D) How is it that General Grievous can kill all those Jedi Knights (as proven by his lightsaber trophies) yet quickly get two hands cut of by Obi-Wan, and is eventually killed by him? Obi-wan is a Jedi Master, but he does not even have the use of force lightning yet...

E) How could Anakin not sense that Padme was carrying twins? If Obi-wan could sense that Padme was pregnant in just 5 minutes with her (when he asks her of Anakin's whereabouts), then Anakin surely should have been able to sense twins in all that time with her both in and out of bed.

F) Why, when Mace Windu is about to kill Palpatine does Anakin cut his hands off? Why didn't Anakin just knock his lightsaber upwards?

G) Why does General Grievous have a consistent cough? For a creature that has been technologically enhanced in every conceivable way, why didn't he do something to fix that cough? More importantly, why does a creature that does not breathe cough? When Grievous escapes in the beginning of the movie, he goes outside his own spaceship, and clearly is not wearing any breathing suit during his spacewalk. Ergo, he does not breathe, yet he coughs as though he has trouble breathing.

Next, the acting. This is probably the biggest complaint people have for Episodes I-III with respect to the original three; the acting is horrible in the new trilogy. There are many instances of this.

a. Throughout the movie, Palpatine just oozes distrust and suspicion. In his facial expressions, words, walk, and everything else, it was obvious he was evil. Did Lucas plan it this way? I hope not; Palpatine was supposed to pass as a good guy until he reveals himself.

b. Mace Windu's character is like the Al Gore of Jedi Knights; boring like a lump on a log. Great leaders in general, and great military leaders in particular, tend to have livelier, often magnetic personalities. Did Lucas intend to portray Mace as uptight? Or was it just bad acting?

c. Like Episode II, the romance scenes between Anakin and Padme were so fake. Even first loves between little kids are more interesting than this one between a politician and a whiz-kid soldier. Lucas set up a unique romance; one that has never been seen before in a major movie; a woman of high birth and great potential who loses it all to a guy who goes bad because he loves her too much to let go of her. Hollywood has lots of movies about bad guys turning good for the nice girl (e.g. As Good as it gets), or bad girls turning good for the nice guy (e.g. Pretty Woman), but there has never been a movie about a good guy turning bad because of the good girl. Lucas had a totally original romance going, and he screwed it up, both in the beginning (Episode II) and in the end (Episode III).

Now the dialogue. Lots of complaints here.

I. The romance dialogue was horrible. The dialogue between two people in love has comedy, surprises, half-vieled threats, hints of jealousy, spontaneity, occasional insults, snide comments and everything else possible flowing thru it. None of this was seen in the dialogue between Padme and Anakin in this movie, making it even worse than the romance scenes in Attack of the Clones.

II. For all the great wisdom of the Jedi Masters, they seem to talk very little. Decisions seem to be made pretty quickly; e.g. the discussion that sent Yoda to the wookies took one minute!

III. Too many one-liners. This was fine in the opening scenes when Anakin and Obi-wan banter at each other as they make their way thru the General's flagship. But it was very insufficient for the rest of the movie.

IV. Why does everyone, except R2 and the Wookies talk in English? One of the great things of Episodes IV, V, and VI was the various languages the different creatures used, even those in the same side (e.g. Lando and his co-pilot on the Falcon in Return of the Jedi). Yet in this movie, everyone except the Wookies speak in English!

V. Why does Palpatine tell Anakin to leave Obi-wan in the opening sequence? If anything, this should have tipped Anakin of towards Palpatine's true self and bred a solid mistrust of him. Palpatine himself should have known better than to say something so strident and flippant.

Overall, the dialogue lacked in both quantity and quality.

Last, the music. Episodes IV, V, and VI were remarkable in the various musical themes they introduced. Episodes I and II each had some new themes, though nothing astounding. I heard nothing new for this episode; only a rehash of the music I heard in the other five movies. Musically, this was the most disappointing of all six SW movies.

So overall, the music, the dialogue, the acting and the plot was disappointing. The entire movie was disappointing. Now to the DVD. One of the first, very successful DVD's to be ever released was the Phantom Menace DVD in 2000. Containing all sorts of "cookies" and special features, this DVD is found in many collections. All these bells and whistles are found in the DVDs of Episode II and now Episode III. Yet there is one thing that all three lack; they leave the extended / deleted scenes removed from the movie... Why is this? One of the main selling points of the LOTR DVD's is that all the extended scenes are fit seamlessly into the movie itself. I wish George Lucas had did this also, or least offer a DVD version that did. In this respect, I also find the DVD's disappointing. Overall, disappointing end to a great epic.

What did you think of this review?

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