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The A-Team (2010)

A film adaptation of the classic 80s television show.

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2 stars: "The A-Team"? More like The C-Team

  • Jun 20, 2010

"The A-Team"(1983-1987) was one of televisions most popular shows  for its time  it told the story of  three  Vietnam soldiers; Col. John " Hannibal" Smith, Lt. Templeton  "Faceman" Peck,  Sergeant Bosco " B.A." Baracus  who during the  last days of  the  war are tasked by there commanding officer Col. Morrison  with robbing a bank in Hanoi They succeeded in their mission, but on returning to their base four days after the end of the war, they found their C.O. murdered by the Viet Cong and his headquarters burned to the ground. Therefore, no proof existed that the A-Team were acting under orders, and they were sent to prison by a military court. They were sent to Fort Bragg, from which they quickly escaped before standing trial. Director Joe Carnahan’s big screen adaptation of one of the most popular television series of all time is nothing short of brilliant. Brilliant not  in the intelligent way but brilliant in the way it captures  the  loud, noisy, superficial  spirit of the  show  bringing to life a show that some may think should have stayed dead.




"The A-Team"  T.V. Series  was not  a favorite of mine  it was dull, uninteresting and childish, they fired hundreds of bullets  but no one ever was killed or injured, I mean  really!!!? Come on!,  this big screen adaptation which I happen  to like  a little bit more is still childish, superficial and  at sometimes boring due to its overload on action  I remember sitting there during one of the films huge action sequences  I used the illuminator  on  my watch far too often. Not just doing that scene but during the whole film "The A-Team” has a first act that is so promising that I sat there thinking, "Hey maybe this might be better than it is made out to be.” Well I was both right and wrong about this film; right  in the way that  this film was far better than  it was made out to be  in the way that it  tried to move past its T.V. roots  and become a standalone picture and it succeeded if only for a little while. I was right about this film being superficial, loud, noisy and childish it has no value or ideas above blowing things up and trusts me when I say this, there is allot of that. "The A-Team " is literal non-stop action, explosions and outrageous jokes which after almost 40 minutes it becomes a little old and quite frankly boring  having that just happen, in that order over and over again  for a whole 1hr. 57min. it  is just plain agonizing. 




I was not very impressed with this film, actually I take that back I was not impressed at all this film lacked any joy in what it did or how it did it. "The A-Team" just routinely went through the steps of a standard action thriller. But what can you expect in the days of films where originality has all but dried up   "The A-Team" is about as good as it gets, frankly I wish it was better it had allot of potential   that it uselessly squandered on mind numbing action and old plot devices. "The A-Team" might have actually been better than what it is alas it is only a dream.




The New "A-Team" are much  more violent, funnier  than their T.V. counterparts from the 80's  but what makes them even more diverse and different  is the fact that there exceedingly more intelligent  than they are from TV’s  past. Liam Neeson as the leader of "The A-Team" is a perfect choice for the part   he has the right attitude and style to play the cigar loving Colonel but Neeson is undermined by the dimwitted nature of the script. It brings one of cinemas great actors down to the level of all the other up and comers around him and that should not happen to an actor of such great talent as his. For better and for worse Neeson plays "Hannibal” Smith to a T. I don't really like Bradley Cooper  I can't tell you exactly why I don't like him because I don't think I could come up with a real good reason  I just don't like him. Joe Carnahan's "The A-Team" he is firmly placed on my bad side, Cooper is not terrible he is not good either. Cooper plays Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck a role Dirk Benedict (Who has a small cameo in this film) made famous. Benedict played it with more charm and   style while Cooper plays "Face" with far more arrogance than Benedict does. And quite frankly he comes off very annoying at times  with his over the top, devil may care attitude he gives his revamped character becomes more and more ridiculous to the point of utter annoyance that you just want someone to blow him up. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson a mixed martial arts fighter gets his big break as Bosco "B.A." Baracus, Jackson is a good casting choice for the role he gives the character of "B.A.” some heart and  serious fighting spirit  both of which were lacking with the 1980's character portrayed by Mr. T but also lacks the catchy puns that made the 1980's "B.A." so much fun to watch on screen. Jackson is not an actor that much you can tell but he does his very best with the mediocre script and actually comes out as one of the high points in this extremely overblown action extravaganza. If there is any actor in this film who steals the show and makes this film worth the watch than that actor would none other than be Sharlto Copley(District 9) his over the top  but gleefully funny performance as the psychotic "Howling Mad" Murdock  the pilot for the A-Team . Copley  is exceptional and  is the essential high point of this movie delivering one laugh after another after another making this old character seem fresh and new without doing too much to actually make his character new seeing as this is nothing more than a recycled  thriller of already used ideas. The rest of the cast including: Gerald McRaney, Henry Czerny,  Yul Vazquez,    Patrick Wilson and Jessica Biel  all deliver either   good performances( Yul Vazquez, Gerald McRaney) or just plain awful(Jessica Biel, Patrick Wilson)  but all have something in common they all try  if only for a little while In this film that proves why  I watch the classics.



My expectations were low for this film from the moment I heard that it, like many other T.V. series, was getting the big screen treatment what made me most weary about seeing this film was that it seemed even from its previews to be loaded with nothing but wall-to-wall action. And in some ways that is pretty much what it is nothing but wall to wall action, mixed in with some outrageous humor, bad set ups, over used plot mechanics  and at some points complete and utter stupidity. "The A-Team" is a mess a film with no clear direction or purpose other than to overload your senses by just blowing stuff up for the whole 1hr 57min, which after just 40 min becomes very old, very fast. So old in fact that by then you do not really care whom is getting revenge on who and who framed whom... It is very depressing and very boring at the same time. However, this film has one thing going for it does entertain and deliver a very wroth cinematic experience if only for a short time.

For better and for worse

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December 12, 2010
So well said, Rampage did do the best he could with it, he is the reason I liked this film.
January 23, 2011
Thank you very much. And I agree with you Quentin Jackson did do a fine job as B.A. as did Shartlo Copley as "Howling Mad" Murdock sad to say they were both trapped in a rather stupid film.
June 22, 2010
Very detailed review, Lopez! This is one I'm avoiding.
June 24, 2010
Thank you. And it should be avoided unless you want to blow an 1 hr. 57 min.
June 24, 2010
Definitely don't want to waste time nor money on this one, lol!
June 21, 2010
Ok, I am on vacay so I will read this carefully tomorrow once I gt back! I have put this on the featured review in the community till then. Thanks!
June 21, 2010
Thanks for the warning, Lopez...I knew this was a movie to be avoided.
June 21, 2010
Yeah it is I just wished I had but I was in an action craze and thought this would quench my thirst sadly, it did not. I had to come home and watch a Tom Cruise action film to make myself feel good and not one of his bad ones one of the good ones.
June 21, 2010
so, Lopez, is it safe to assume that you'll be seeing KNIGHT AND DAY? ;)
June 21, 2010
Seeing how bad the movies are this summer and that "Knight and Day" might actually be good than yes I'm am so in to see that movie. Plus it reunites Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz for the second time in almost 9 years so I would like to see how that plays out.
June 21, 2010
cool. That is your assignment then since I am running late on almost everything. LOL! Look forward in reading your take on it.
June 27, 2010
Hey, Lopez, you'll be next week's spotlight again for your efforts in giving our community a lot of reviews on new releases.
June 27, 2010
Wow! Thank you very much I really appreciate it.
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Dull, stupid, cliche and quite frankly boring on many levels Joe Carnahan's "The A-Team" is as convoluted as it is childish it ceases to amaze with its constant action and lack of direction leave little room for you to really enjoy or be entertained by this over stylized shoot'em up/ revenge film.
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An excellent adaptation of the classic TV show that manages to modernize and update while retaining the charm of the original, from the man that brought us Smokin' Aces. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?
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Give it up to the A-Team: they've always been good at demolishing things in big, big ways. Freed from the confines of the 1980s TV series, the 2010 blockbuster movie version allows the four members of the paramilitary squad to really amp up the mayhem to newly crazed heights. Liam Neeson plays team leader Hannibal Smith (inheriting the cigar-chomping from the show's George Peppard), and pro wrestler Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is "B.A." Baracus, the TV show's most iconic character (insert Mr. T "I pity the fool" joke here). As the vain Face, Bradley Cooper preens in convincing fashion, andDistrict 9out-of-nowhere star Sharlto Copley plays the unhinged pilot "Howlin' Mad" Murdock. These boys are on the trail of some money-counterfeiting plates, from Bagdad to Germany to places in between. It would be understating it to say that the plot is not of primary importance, although Patrick Wilson has some fun as a CIA official and Jessica Biel occasionally strikes poses as Face's ex-flame, now a military officer displeased with the A-Team's extra-legal shenanigans. The storytelling ...
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Director: Joe Carnahan
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: June 11. 2010
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Screen Writer: Joe Carnahan, Brian Bloom
Runtime: 118 minutes, extended cut: 134 minutes
Studio: Dune Entertainment
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