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The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai

Art House & International movie directed by Mitsuru Meike

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A Japanese Pink Flick That is Weird, Funny and Titillating While Taking a Shot at Bush!

  • Aug 4, 2009
       File:The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai Poster.jpg

The GLAMOROUS LIFE of SACHIKO HANAI is a piece of Japanese ‘pink’ cinema directed by Meike Mitsuru (Bitter Sweet). Its original incarnation titled “Hatsujo kateikyoshi; sensei no aijiru” has become such a cult hit in Japan that the producers decided to expand this feature film. A pink film is softcore porn, similar to the ones you see on late night cable; but with a more in-depth characterization, narrative, and cinematography. These three qualities play a vital part as with its titillation and erotic factors. I’ve read that “pink” cinema proved to be a starting point even for such acclaimed Japanese directors as Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Kairo aka. “Pulse“) and Yojiro Takita (yes, the acclaimed director of "Departures"). I will try to avoid using the word titillation again and this is my second time reviewing a pink film so forgive me if I slip.

Sachiko (Emi Kuroda) is a call girl who specializes in tutor/student fantasies. One evening, while she is waiting for a friend in a café, she gets shot in the head. Amazingly, she doesn’t die and ends up having sex with a cop. Next day, with a major headache, Sachiko finds the bullethole in her forehead and sticks a pencil inside. She inadvertently pushes the bullet further into her brain and for some reason she gains superhuman intelligence. Now, with a vast intellect and an appetite for sex, she turns her lust for knowledge for the musings of Noam Chomsky, Sartre and Sontag; along with the theories of a native professor named Saeki (Hotaro Yukijiro). After she tracks him down by having intercourse with him, she ends up becoming the professor’s son’s tutor. However, Sachiko has stumbled upon the cloned ‘trigger’ finger of President George W. Bush which can be used to launch America’s nuclear arsenal and she must dodge North Korean spies such as Kim (Takeshi Ito) who wants to get his hands on the cloned finger…

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Well, the film is definitely not for everyone but those who are looking for an inventive and oddly clever Japanese film, then this movie may be for you. After hearing about this movie last year via the net, I was dead intrigued and boy, was I not let down. It is a genuine “pink” film; it has philosophy, titillation, full frontal nudity, and is quite silly and insane but at the same time inventive and original. The film does have its servings of whacked humor through its political references. It also points an accusing metaphor to a certain American president; an individual wears a cut-out photo of the President in a TV while this man telepathically controls the cloned finger to violate our heroine. I was wondering whether there is a political theme to all of Sachiko’s ramblings or monologues; as to why and what is the point of all that. I think it may be just an attempt to poke or make fun of itself. Don’t take this movie seriously, it’s just a FUN ride. How can you take a film seriously that features a cloned finger that gets to--you know what I’m trying to say.

Emi Kuroda is quite nice to look at; she can act, she’s cute, curvaceous and has no qualms about showing all her “stuff”. Her character experiences sexual arousal and orgasm when she hears “Noam Chomsky”, which has to be a first in any cinema. Discussing dialectical materialism and theories while having sex is also very funny. There are about 7 scenes of vigorous sex (maybe more) and all of them are just 5-12 minutes away from each other. After awhile, Sachiko seems to have lost any feeling while having intercourse but experiences the entire feeling of being touched and even orgasm minutes after the act. This factor adds a lot of bizarre sequences that ends up with Sachiko, well, treating herself. The film is a skin flick but some scenes proved not too entirely titillating in a conventional sense. The scenes highlight some cultural differences in regards to Japanese erotica. Sachiko is taken advantage of, whether by sexual role play or while incapacitated, she seduces a high-school kid or becomes violated by a certain finger are all products of its genre. Folks who see this for its titillation factor and nudity won’t be disappointed but they will also think that the film is a hoot--and downright whacked. If you see this film, then maybe you’re a bit whacked yourself. (I know I am)

The philosophy is relevant to the film‘s narrative, believe it or not. The scenes wherein Emi Kuroda reaches sexual rapture is a very original touch and the film definitely embraces exactly what it is. Its proceedings exude “pink” erotica and even with its very little budget which was evident in the visible wires on the cloned finger (which maybe or not intentional), I enjoyed what I saw? I guess I do have a whacked-out side after all. Emi Kuroda breathes life and charm to her role even when she isn’t in a state of undress (which isn‘t often). She has all the tools to be sexy, humorous and enigmatic. Currently, Emi Kuroda is also competing in Japan's version of Mixed Martial Arts much like "Ultimate Fighting Championship" in real life; so she not only looks good but damn, she can also kick your ass. The woman does have enormous talent and does successfully carry the film's burden .

The film does stay grounded and the movie is fun to watch. I found myself laughing quite a number of times. It is not for everyone’s tastes and embodies the term “Oddball Erotica” and will amuse those who love campy, a bizarrely structured storyline with a touch of titillation. The film is a Hoot, enjoy it for what it is, pure wacky guilty pleasure! How many times did I say titillation, did you keep track?

Recommended timidly to fans of Japanese Cult films [4- Stars]

Note: The dvd release also has the original Japanese short movie before it was expanded to this full-length feature and the short film called “Adventures of Sachiko Hanai”.

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July 10, 2011
Great review WP, it seems like I have read this before. Did you post it before on Amazon or something?
July 10, 2011
yes I have, This was one of my earlier write ups here...
August 06, 2009
The answers are; Too many, and No, I didn't keep track. But I did know it wouldn't be long until somebody around here (who shall remain nameless, although it seems painfully apparent) would start reviewing pink films. ;-)
August 07, 2009
Ahem, could you mena old Blackshere or Woo? I don't know if I'm completely familiar with the whole "pink" film concept. an someone please enlighten me? Is pink more in line with a Red Shoe Diaries episode or something more along the hardcore lines of In The Realm Of The Senses? ;-)~
August 07, 2009
Trashie and Woop both love them some pink and I bet them it wouldn't be long before they went at it. Mackshere just loves to pull out ALL the stops. Woop's review pretty well sums it up I think, but don't ask me, I don't partake.
August 07, 2009
He-heh. I was nicely asked to refrain from reviews such as this, so I guess my pink film reviews will have to stay in amazon and hkflix. I have a feeling Trashie may show up with a pink flick himself. Mack does pull out all the stops...I aspire to be like him! LOL Ceno, Mack already started--I got him to check this one out and another. A Pink film is like "In the Realm of the Senses"...it does have its share of comedy, fantasy and even horror; hear about 'pink violence'? It refers to being extreme in its premise with some sort of message occasionally...
August 07, 2009
So they are really starting to crack down here, huh?
August 07, 2009
I do understand where they're coming from, they're trying to get journalists to check out the site, and they're young so they want to give a good impression. Hopefully once the site really takes off, they'll be more lenient. I don't agree with censorship in any shape or form, but I have to honor respectful requests....you know what I mean?
August 07, 2009
It can only get harsher as it progresses. You never start out totally free, get restrictive, and then become permissive again. Doesn't happen. Especially if you want to give the impression of being "special".
August 07, 2009
It can only get harsher as it progresses. You never start out totally free, get restrictive, and then become permissive again. Doesn't happen. Especially if you want to give the impression of being "special". You just have to learn how to tone down your titles so that they don't draw so much negative attention. Speaking of which, ammie just held up one of my mini reviews. I wrote the word boobs, What was I thinking?
August 08, 2009
You make a good point. I guess I will probably will tone down the title and I also thnk that reviews get attention when someone votes or comments. "Boobs" in amazon? Have you seen my review for the pink horror flick "Sexual Parasite" in amazon? I got away with a lot of stuff...I was shocked that they didn't edit out some of my words. It'll probably show up soon, don't worry.
August 08, 2009
It's weird alright. Some people can write anything and get away with it, but if I write "boobs" my stuff gets held up and then gets the dreaded {...} which makes it look like I said something far worse. I went back and tried to change it to breasts and that didn't work either. Maybe I should just start calling them what the mother did in CARRIES. What was it? "Dirty pillows"? Let's see if they can figure that out. They also held up my HEY RAM. Probably because I used words like rape and depravity.. I don't know what their problem is over there.
August 08, 2009
My review for "Deaprtures" was rejected in amazon at first, because of what they said were spoilers; so I eliminated the Japanese translation of the title and then it went through right away. Their system flags certain things and sometimes they don't even know what caused the flag. Yeh, I am pretty sure that I won't be trying anything special in this site anytime soon. The thing sometimes they don't comprehend, the Lunch site has to have something different than just the reviews for GI JOE, Transformers and Harry Potter to make the site stand out. Every other critic are reviewing them. The food thing is real good, as well as info on products...but in movies they have to be more open so that they can have reviews that no other site would have, and then it would make them really stand out.
August 08, 2009
I'm with you of course on the movies, anybody can get a thousand reviews on popular films with no problem at all so why come here? I'm less enthusiastic about the food though since most of it reviews places I'll never come within 500 miles of. I'll have to go over to ammie and see if they've posted my HEY RAM yet. It might just be easier to rewrite it over there then delete it here and then repost the rewrite from ammie.
August 05, 2009
Sweet review. I would probably love this considering I'm one filthy minded animal. LMAO
August 05, 2009
Yeah, I wonder what Tori Amos would think if she knew what a beast you were... ; ) LOL!
August 05, 2009
Goddess only knows. ;-) LOL
August 06, 2009
she'll probably like a beast. LMAO
August 06, 2009
You never know. My friend's mom liked the show but she kept talking about how it looks like Tori was screwing the piano. I don't know if it's just me or if Tori has become much more sexual in her old age. Some of her performance really bares that overtly sexual nature that we filthy animals love. LMAO
August 07, 2009
I have to tell ya, most women become more aware of their sexuality when they reach 40. Some women are hotter at 40. I am such a filthy animal LOL!
August 07, 2009
This is certainly true. Actually, Tori looks more beautiful than ever in her forties & her sexual awareness is definitely appealing to the male audience. Er, perhaps even some of her female audience. Filthy animals rock!! LOL
August 05, 2009
Wow, the cover alone may be worth the price of admission! Looks like another I need to check out. Woop, you are to weird Asian film what I am to anime.. I get the feeling we're going to drive each other to the poor house!
August 05, 2009
Woo's got weird films covered in general. As for the poor house, he's already in the madhouse, so it will be a step up. : )
August 06, 2009
What can I say, Count, thank you. I am just trying to live up to what you dubbed me as: the dirtiest reviewer in the site LOL!

Jrider, you're familiar with anime so I am sure you will appreciate this film in a way. I eat bread and water for lunch now and sake for dinner...
August 06, 2009
Now that Mackshere is gone.
August 06, 2009
I do admit that I am only second-string to Mack...LOL!
August 17, 2009
But I've heard a secret...
August 04, 2009
Nice DVD cover... Generally, I'd never watch sexploitation or porn, so I probably won't be seeing this, but this is a sweet review. I may need to see it after all, but how "pink" are we talking about?
August 05, 2009
well, I don't really watch sexploitation (much) but IMO it is a genuine pink film unlike the pretentious ones made recently by more mainstream Japanese directors. It has a philosophical message. This movie is a hoot...it is as "pink" as a rib eye steak.

Geez, Count, I dropped two 5 star reviews and you checked out the pink film...LOL!
August 05, 2009
It was the eye-catching DVD cover, I swear that's all it was! LOL. I mean who could ignore an image of G.W.B. on a television monitor between a sexy Japanese cowgirl's legs.

UPDATE: I just noticed someone gave this a -5. Wonder who...
August 06, 2009
sure. I know I saw the -5, which is why I posted this review as a contrasting opinion. It is not for everyone, but it is original and gutsy. did you check out the trailer?
August 06, 2009
Now I've got to go read that other review. You've cancelled each other out. I suppose that tv shot on the cover was a visual pun of sorts.
August 17, 2009
Would have been equally punny if it was Cheney! Get it?
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Sachiko Hanai, lusty, private home tutor takes a non-fatal bullet to the head transforming her into an unlikely genius who climaxes to the collected works of Noam Chomsky. Entrusted with the perfect replica of George Bush’s naughty trigger finger, Sachiko deftly dodges North Korean spies in hot pursuit of the sole fingerprint capable of unleashing a devastating nuclear apocalypse across the world. With the future of mankind in her horny hands - Can the lusty genius save us all?

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Director: Mitsuru Meike
Genre: Foreign
DVD Release Date: June 5, 2007
Runtime: 91 minutes
Studio: Palm Pictures / Umvd
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