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Comedy movie

A comedy movie directed by Todd Phillips

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"The Hangover" is, without a doubt, one of 2009's funniest and most competently-made comedies.

  • Jan 2, 2010
  • by

My husband and I found this movie to be very hilarious. What I like about its basically one movie that goes from one crazy event to another. Yet it doesn't loose it's focus on its main plot and also knows to find the time to work on its characters as well. The characters are all being handled and build-up well into the movie. It's the same type of comedy approach Director Phillips used earlier for movies such as "Road Trip" and "Old School". Todd Phillips knows how to bring teenage lame humor as something hilarious and also convincing.

The movie relies heavily on its main concept. It feels like though that the entire story got based around the writers thoughts of having a couple of guys wake up in a wrecked hotel room and things are missing and other things suddenly are in their room and most importantly one of their buddies who is about to get married is missing. It's like they first come up with this idea and then decided to write and base the entire story around this. This has as a result though that not all things reach a satisfying closure. It also has as a result that things get raveled at times, as can best been seen during its end credits when gets revealed what happened all during their long night, they remembered nothing about the next morning.


So well, no, the movie isn't perfect but still it's one of the more enjoyable ones of recent years, along with "Tropic Thunder". The movie is throughout funny and even during its weaker moments it knows to entertain, which is also due to its characters. The movie has a sort of adventurous feeling over it, since the movie jumps from the one extreme event into the other one. It's a comedy-odyssey.

The movie doesn't really feature any well known comedy actors in it for its main parts. This works well though for the story I feel, since in cases when movies have big comedy-stars in it, the movie and its humor mostly rely on the performances from those stars and puts most of the emphasis one them. In this case it can rely more on its story, situations and the characters as individuals. The movie still features some well known actors in it though, mostly in some cameo-roles. There are not too many though, which is a good thing, so it doesn't ever get distracting.  So aside from that "The Hangover" is, without a doubt, one of 2009's funniest and most competently-made comedies.

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January 14, 2011
I loved this movie! it was funny from beginning to end, the music was great 2!
January 15, 2011
It great you feel the same way ;-)
January 05, 2010
I've yet to catch this, but still want to check this out, especially after reading your review. Thanks for sharing! :)
January 07, 2010
No problem Devora, Considering so many Hollywood comedies nowadays fail to make me laugh simply because they are too dim-witted or too derivative, it's refreshing to watch a raunchy comedy that's actually funny. It also helps that its main characters, despite not being particularly three-dimensional or realistic, are charismatic enough for the audience to care for them. The movie laughs with these guys, not at them, most of the time, and that's why, despite having a couple of dense parts, it never really feels overly dumb. Aside from that I am glad that I can help with your decision on this film ;-)
January 10, 2010
The way you just described it to me makes it sound ultra intriguing! Sounds somewhat like a Judd Apatow film, and I love his films! :)
January 05, 2010
We watched this the other night thinking it would be a drugs/sex/alcohol-based cliche comedy but actually thought it was really funny. The main cast were all excellent - and as implausible as some of the setups were, I know some people who might get into that much trouble at a bachelor's party!
January 07, 2010
That's what I thought at first too and it turned out for the better. It's amazing how a bachelor party can turn out for real.
January 05, 2010
I'd have to politely disagree with that. The lack of a star was a serious problem for this movie, these guys didn't have enough charm.
January 07, 2010
I always appreciate it when people take the time to say why they disagree with me. Your points are noted and appreciated. :)
January 04, 2010
Netflix screwed me when they didn't send this movie when I was in the right mood. I may just pick this up when it goes on sale. Nice review!
January 07, 2010
Thanks, hopefully Netflix doesn't screw with you the second time around when your in the mood for comedy....that also reminds me that I also need to fix up my queue with them because right now it's loaded up with kid flicks that was started since the summer.
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*** out of ****     Now, I may know a couple comedies like it, and I may not love it, but I'm pretty darn sure that "The Hangover" has all the ingredients needed to add up to a pretty funny comedy. It's not ridiculously brilliant in what it says, and it's not the most intelligent humor out there, but if you give the thing a chance, then maybe, just maybe, you will laugh.    There are several crowds for movies like "The Hangover"; one smart, one dumb, and one …
review by . April 18, 2011
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A Pleasant surprise
I remember seeing the trailer for The Hangover. First thing I said was “great another stupid comedy”. You gotta understand though the last movie I saw like this was Dude where’s my car? And although it had some funny moments the majority of it was really stupid. How it happened I don’t know but somehow I found myself in the theater and saw flick and now I’m happy I did.       The Hangover is about a group of friends (Allan, Doug, Phil and Stu) …
review by . May 02, 2011
I don't think this is the funniest movie ever made, but The Hangover is certainly the funniest movie I've seen in a good long while and is good enough to call a comedy classic. This was probably one of the, if not the, biggest surprise of 2009 and boy did it take the world by storm. In fact, it took the world by storm so badly that I wish people would stop quoting it because, even though the quotes are funny, it's been done and it's getting tiring. Regardless, The Hangover was a …
review by . December 12, 2010
Raunchy comedies come and go, and I was definitely expecting the Hangover to be exactly the same. Boy was I blown away, I literally could not stop laughing throughout the movie. Not all movies have to be deep, the purpose of some is to entertain, not educate, and this movie is definitely one of them. Not only is it sufficiently raunchy and funny, but it definitely won't be forgotten anytime soon.      Firstly, the chemistry between Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, …
review by . August 09, 2010
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The Hangover  was a hilarious move filled with fun-filled joy at Vegas. This movie itself was created to be the "guys only" movie. This movie was definitely added a sense of mystery in order to find their buddy that was going to be married after their "night" in Vegas. I also thought that the main characters played so close to believability that it was easy to get into the craziness of their situations. I like how this one is set up as …
review by . June 09, 2009
I usually refuse to pay the ridiculous $14 to see a movie like The Hangover in theatres. These typical comedy movies are all the same - jokes about sex, drugs, and alcohol. Yeah, they usually provide a good laugh, but never $14 worth.     From the previews and trailers, The Hangover, looked just like another rowdy comedy movie. Four friends roadtrip to Vegas two days before one of them is getting married. Typical. But instead of depicting the crazy things these four (obviously …
review by . June 24, 2009
The Hangover Poster
I've never really been into raunchy and crude humor.  For example, I couldn't stand Half Baked or Pineapple Express.  These are your typical "stoner" films that get laughs mainly due to the fact that when your wathing them, you don't know any better.  As much as The Hangover could have turned into a "stoner" movie, it didn't.  It could have easily been a film geared at teenagers and college students, but instead, it really ended up being a very adult film with extremely adult …
review by . July 21, 2010
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I cant think of a movie with more hype around it in quite awhile. I feel like this was the movie that dominated and suprised us all. The acting is hysterical, and the jokes, although slapstick in lots of cases, come fast and furious. Often, a comedy is only funny the first time or two, until you know what is coming to you- this movie however, can be watched over and over!  Although NOT a movie to watch with your grandmother, great for a group of friends. …
Quick Tip by . March 07, 2011
Hilarious movie!!! Some scenes are offensive. This is a movie that makes you want to go to Vegas to see its beautiful hotels. This gives women a sneak peak of what may go on behind "bachelor parties."
review by . February 01, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Chekov left MANY guns in the room that night.
Every commercial I saw for this tour de farce had the SAME joke in it, the nerdy henpecked pushover of the group is wondering while looking in a mirror-while it is clear to everyone watching..."Am I missing a tooth?!"  If this was the best joke that the movie could throw at us, I would only have myself to blame if I saw this movie and was let down by it.      The Hangover is nothing new.  Four cliches; a straight man, an asshole, the pushover and the …
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About this movie


If you like your humor broadside up, hold the subtlety, you'll want to nurse thisHangoverwith your best buds. The ensemble cast meshes perfectly--it's like a super-R-rated episode ofFriends: silly, slapstick, and completely in the viewer's face. When four pals go to Vegas to celebrate the imminent nuptials of one of them, they partake in a rooftop toast to "a night we'll never forget." But they're in for a big surprise: their celebration drinks were laced with date-rape drugs, so when they awake in their hotel room 12 hours later, not only are they hung over, but they can't remember what they did all night long. Oh, and they're missing the groom-to-be.

The film is so cheerfully raunchy, so fiercely crude, that the humor becomes as intoxicating as the mind-altering substances. The standout in the ensemble is Zach Galifianakis, who is alternately creepy and hilarious. Ed Helm (The Office), in addition to his memory, loses a tooth in uncomfortably realistic fashion, and Bradley Cooper (He's Just Not That into You) has deadpan comic timing that whips along at the speed of light. "Ma'am, you have an incredible rack," he blares to a pedestrian from the squad car the guys have "borrowed." "I should have been a [bleeping] cop," he tells himself approvingly.

Director Todd Phillips brings back his deft handling of the actors and the dude humor that worked so well in Old School, as well as the unctuous ...

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