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Not quite incredible, but close enough for me

  • Jan 31, 2010
  • by
Man, Marvel should do this more often. First they come out with the instant classic that was Iron Man, a film that will go down in history as one of the greatest super hero movies of all time, and now they forever wipe the Hulks hands clean of the blood stains still left over from that horrible first film, Hulk (Widescreen 2-Disc Special Edition). Gone are the split screens and insanely lousy action scenes, replaced by the tried and true super hero formula which made Iron Man and other hero films, such as the first two Spider Man films, so great and memorable. No, this is NOT a terribly unique film; for those who've seen Iron Man its eerily similar in both pacing and battle sequences, its really Iron Man with The Hulk standing in but that's okay, because with a movie like this I just wanted to have some super hero "Hulk smash" fun, and that's exactly what I got. I'll go see The Happening when I want twisted plot twists and suspense, but to get my action fix I go to The Hulk.

Bruce Banner (AKA The Hulk) is on the run in Brazil. The military is after his blood, literally, planning to test it and create an army of super human soldiers to use as weapons of war. But Bruce is too cunning for them, that is until a drop of his blood falls into an empty bottle of soda at the bottling plant he works in. Tracing it back to Banners place of work (after some old guy drank the soda and dies of poisoning) the military desperately attempts to find Banner and subdue him, only to run into, ta da, THE HULK!

I must admit that the first hour or so of The Incredible Hulk is more then a little bit boring. You only see The Hulk once and he's hidden away in the shadows and it's too dark to see with any clarity. But bare with it, although the first hour or so is VERY slow the action picks up very well from there on. Please people, but the original Hulk film out of mind; bury it in your backyard and forget it ever existed.

Once Bruce gets back to the states and meets up with his old girlfriend things pick up from a slow dreary walk to a brisk pace, then zooms ahead into a full out sprint. The first real battle Hulk fights is with the military (who are for some reason still wearing their old uniforms, come on, the new digi camo uniforms are MUCH cooler) on the campus of some Virginia university. Although, yes, your going to have to suspend your belief more then a little here (come on, open military campaigns in the middle of a school? Humvee's and gun ships?) it is, never the less, very entertaining to watch. Don't get your brain too fried trying to figure out all the things that don't make sense, that's not the point at all, the point is just to have a good time. Plus there is plenty of hummer. One scene has Bruce and Betty are getting quite passionate with one another, only to have Bruce's heart monitor start going crazy.
"No, I can't get exited" Bruce says, a bit disappointed.
"Not even a little bit?" Betty replied. Man that was funny.

There are a few things that didn't sit well with me though. Like I said, the whole military invading some university was a bit much, and the quirky "Dr. Blue" was more annoying then anything else. I've loved Liv Tyler since The Lord of the Rings films, but this is far from her best work, she talks in a whisper almost the entire time. Plus the ending battle was too much like Iron Man's; Iron Man fought a bigger, badder Iron Man in his film, so why does the Hulk only get to fight a bigger badder Hulk? Doesn't he have any villains of his own to deal with? I mean Spider Man didn't jump out and fight a bigger badder Spider Man, nor did Batman or the Fantastic Four (although that was an awful movie). I'm not a big Hulk know it all, I've never read the comics and have only seen a few episodes of the TV show, but surly he has better villains then "bigger badder Hulk guy."

Oh, and an added treat for those who saw Iron Man as well, Tony Stark makes an appearance at the end of the film, and tells the general that he's "putting together a team' and is interested in Bruce. Could this be the beginning of a super hero team for the future? Just wait until Captain America and Thor get their shots at glory (I hear its going to happen by 2010) and we may see marvels version of The Justice League. We can only wait and see.

Okay, I've ranted enough here. Time to bring this review to a close.

-Good action scenes.
-Likable characters.
-Good effects.
-Good acting for the most part and a well written script.

-Liv Tyler whispering all her lines. That got annoying.
-A slow beginning.
-Too much unbelievably, although I found it easy to overlook this.
-Too much in common with Iron Man.

Replay value; high.

Word of the day; Hulkified; when you see Bruce Banner, or anyone for that matter, transform from a normal human being to the/a Hulk, he's being Hulkified. Yes I made it up, but its an awesome word.
Not quite incredible, but close enough for me Not quite incredible, but close enough for me Not quite incredible, but close enough for me Not quite incredible, but close enough for me

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They did a superb job redoing The Hulk from 2003.  Completely ignoring Ang Lee's version, this one makes one smashing and exciting movie!    The first action scene set the pace of the movie.  The chase through Rio in Brazil is pretty cool!  Although the hulk doesn't appear in full glory until later on, the first appearance of the green monster is done beautifully.  The shoe is a nice touch to the mysteriousness of Hulk's transformation.    With …
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No longer weighed down by the angst and downright boring emotional drivel of the Ang Lee vision, "The Incredible Hulk" allows the big green angry guy to flex his muscles a bit more. I'm sure there are some fans out there who enjoy their Hulk with tears and a blanket, but I believe that most fans really just want to see him smash and crash his way through everything.    Edward Norton takes the purple pants from Eric Bana and gives us a more convincing portrayal, albeit in limited …
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A more accessible and less heavy-handed movie than Ang Lee's 2003 Hulk Louis Leterrier'sThe Incredible Hulkis a purely popcorn love affair with Marvel's raging, green superhero, as well as the old television series starring Bill Bixby as Dr. David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the beast within him. Edward Norton takes up where Eric Bana left off in Lee's version, playing Bruce (that's the character's original name) Banner, a haunted scientist always on the move. Trying to eliminate the effects of a military experiment that turns him into the Hulk whenever his emotions get the better of him, Banner is hiding out in Brazil at the film's beginning. Working in a bottling plant and communicating via email with an unidentified professor who thinks he can help, Banner goes postal when General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross and a small army turn up to grab him. Intent on developing whatever causes Banner's metamorphoses into a weapon, Ross brings along a quietly der! anged soldier named Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), who wants Ross to turn him into a supersoldier who can take on the Hulk. The adventure spreads to the U.S., where Banner hooks up with his old lover (and Ross' daughter), Betty (Liv Tyler), and where the Hulk takes on several armed assaults, including one in a pretty unusual location: a college campus. The film's action is impressive, though the computer-generated creature is disappointingly cartoonish, and a second monster ...
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Director: Louis Leterrier
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Release Date: June 13, 2008
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Screen Writer: Zak Penn
DVD Release Date: October 21, 2008
Runtime: 1hr 52min
Studio: Marvel, Universal Pictures, Valhalla Motion Pictures
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