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  • Apr 28, 2012
  • by
The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior


After being one of the most famous talked about wrestlers in the history of the sport it seemed as if we would never hear about The Warrior again after his short stint in WCW. But then a form of filmmaking called the documentary as brought to life the memory of one of professional wrestling's most colorful forgotten figures. It seems like yesterday I was seeing the Warrior battle the likes of Ravishing Rick Rude, Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, Sgt Slaughter, and The Macho Man {at the time Macho King} Randy Savage [personal favorite]. The last one in particular was the most exciting of his feuds, and I in particular was disappointed when The Warrior came out on top. Savage has always been a personal fav of mine, and I wish he had won that feud. But with that bias aside I have always found Warrior to be an entertaining figure. Below you will read what I thought when this DVD was first released.

One of the things I found that interested me the most was that he started out on his own as The Dingo Warrior in Dallas TX. I always knew that Warrior started out his career with Sting, but as a soloist it seems weird that The Ultimate One was once called Dingo. So that was the first surprise to me offered from this documentary, though that was far from the most surprising. One thing I enjoyed most from this DVD was all of the early video footage of Warrior; it seemed weird seeing him in the early stages of the development of his character. They even called him The Dingo Warrior in his earlier matches with WWE {I still say WWF}. The story of how he got the name change from Dingo to Ultimate was some what interesting seeing that Vince did the opposite of what he wanted. If you listen to what is said they say that didn't want another Warrior, since Animal & Hawk, and Kerry Von Eric already had that title in some way. But since he was more energetic, he was that much more ULTIMATE-hence the name.


Also I found it interesting that nobody really liked the guy, especially The Weasel Bobby Heenan. The things he said about Warrior surprised the heck out of me, also I loved the footage of the weasel suit match. Also the fact that Andre knocked the crap out of him struck me funny, also a surprise Andre didn't like him. Let me stop and take time to ask a question, if you were the top guy in a major entertainment company, would you risk your career by not performing unless you get more money? Here's a better question would you do it minutes before you had to go on, I wouldn't but this guy did. I absolutely agree with Vince's decision to fire him, but I kinda wish Hogan's idea would have been carried out, because that was mad crooked if true. But to Vince's credit he gave Warrior another chance as any one who saw WRESTELMANIA 8 would know, as he returned to aid Hulk Hogan. Of course it seems that Warrior had a bit of a drug problem and again he was shown the door. And being the forgiving sole that Vince is he got a third and final chance. We all remember the short lived 96 Warrior who had his own comic book, cussed, and actually spoke were you could understand him {at times}, even wore the out of place cap. But even with victories over Vader, and then I-C Champ Goldust, he still skipped out and refused to show at promoted events. So with that said his glory days of the WWE came to an end, but that wasn't the end of his career.


Remember the OWN {One Warrior Nation}, me neither. It took watching his return to wrestling with WCW to remind me. Of course with a name like that, it seems funny that there were TWO members in the ONE Warrior Nation, The Disciple was the second. Watching the footage from Nitro brought me back to that time period, and made me remember how great the hype was but how boring the actual rematch between Warrior & Hogan was. Next question for ya, if you had a history of being fired, and were very unreliable would you want way more money then any company would give you. My answer would be no, I would be happy to be employed in the big time again. So Warrior is gone, but that isn't the surprising thing, that would be his name change. This guy actually changed his legal name to Warrior, what the hell. And in a further attempt to keep his name he sued the WWE for millions for the right to his wrestling identity.

With all that aside the DVD actually has some great moments that highlight the man's career and also some humorous ones as well. Like the Ultimate Warrior's interviews, I actually never really noticed how crazy they were until I revisited them in the form of this documentary. To be honest some of them were actually good and made sense, well at least sounded cool I guess. And also the thing about him being from parts unknown was pretty funny, especially the guest speakers on the film like Jericho and Gene Okarland. But this DVD also includes great moments though out his career, like his classic feud with Randy Savage, his win over Hogan at Wrestlemania 6, and feuds with Rick Rude, Slaughter, and The Million Dollar Man.


The DVD also includes 5 matches in their entirety, including Warrior vs, Terry Gibbs on Wrestling Challenge, vs Honky Tonk Man at Summerslam 88 for the I-C title, vs Hogan at Wrestlemania 6 title vs title, vs Rude at Summerslam 90 in a cage for the title, and vs Savage at Wrestlemania 7 in a retirement match.


1.VS TERRY GIBBS-this match took place on the WWF’s “Wrestling Challenge” show in 87 and was his debut. This like many at the time was a very quick match but did what was intended. At that of course was putting Warrior over making him look unstoppable. i miss these old days, even the look of the product is great. that old 80's feel and look, miss it.


2.[I-C TITLE] VS HONKY TONK MAN-this of course was the famous match at SummerSlam 88. The longest reigning I-C champion of all time Honky Tonk Man needed an opponent and made an open challenge. Warrior answered the call and defeated Honky in record time then. The fans were so into this it was insane, proving how big Warrior was at the time. at the time when this was airing live i was honestly shocked it was so quick.


3.[TITLE VS TITLE] VS HULK HOGAN-ah yes the classic from Wrestlemania 6 and yes this was indeed a classic. This was one of those times when a huge and very hyped match lived up to the hype. It was title for title as Champ Hogan was going against I-C Champ Warrior in a well done match from both ends. Both guys brought their A game for this one and put on an excellent show. The psychology and pacing was brilliant in this match, the only thing I did not like and still hate is Hogan refusing to give some one a clean win. He can claim he did that here for Warrior but watch when the ref counts the 3 count. Hogan has to do a kick out even though the ref counts the finish, I don’t know it just bothers me.


4.[WWF TITLE STEEL CAGE MATCH] VS RICK RUDE-this match took place at SummerSlam 1990 and was another one of Warrior’s best matches thanks to a great opponent. That is not to say Warrior did not do his part because honestly he is under rated in the wrestling world. In this match Warrior would do battle with The Ravishing One Rick Rude. This is a really good match and remains entertaining throughout with back and forth action from both for me though the highlight is Rude coming off the top of the cage. Warrior ends up making it out of the cage and keeping the belt and once again the crowd lets you know how big this guy was at the time.


5.[RETIREMENT MATCH] VS RANDY SAVAGE-if there ever was a Warrior match that could be put at the top of the list as his potential best it was this one right here. Not only my favorite match from this set but also my favorite from that Wrestlemania, which would be seven of course. Like they say in the documentary Warrior never worked as well with some one as he did Savage. This match is one of the best they had and was also the career ending match during which Savage was the Macho King and had Sherri as his manager. The action here is great with both guys getting in every signature move they had and a lot of close calls. This was the one time Warrior doubted himself in a match and almost walked out after not being able to pin Savage. On the flip side Randy dropped elbow after elbow and Warrior still kicked out, I watch it even now and it upsets me. I also never liked how Warrior pinned Savage but what can ya do. I remember watching this on PPV and being all kinds of upset that Savage lost. But there is always the emotional reunion between Randy and Elizabeth.

This is with out a doubt one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time, I recommend it to every body. Also Christian doing the Warrior interview was great. now it may seem like i agreed with every one on this DVD but i was not there and do not know the whole story. so as a fan i still love the guy, he gave me countless memories that will stay with me. I for one think Warrior should be put into the hall of fame in the WWE, its not about what Vince and them think, it is about the fans. Much like Randy Savage I think it is over due, because there was a time when there was no one as over as the Ultimate Warrior, and that includes Hogan.

The Self Destruction of the Ultimate WarriorThe Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior

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April 28, 2012
was it the same "warrior" who was in WCW at one point?
April 28, 2012
Great action pictures!
April 29, 2012
Thank you
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