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2009 Sequel to the hit film Transformers

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

  • Nov 13, 2010
  • by

A thoroughly disappointing sequel to one of 2007's biggest summer movies. While still drawing the big bucks like its predecessor, it fails to really deliver anything new and special. Really, it seems to take a step backwards.

Spielberg, as always, goes above and beyond to ensure a glitzy, action packed, SFX extravaganza for the audience. However, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen seems so concerned with its action content that it fails to really get anywhere plotwise, always thrusting us into altercation after altercation, complete with snazzy blowy-uppy stuff (a stretch, I know.) and a fast paced camera that really doesn't know where to settle down to take it all in. Plot, as expected, takes a backseat in a sequel where the characters were already introduced, and the basic premise already laid, but for the love of God - where's the story?!

As far as I can derive from the jumbled mess of explosion, auto-fuel and millions of dollars in spent special effects bucks laughing as they tatter in the wind, Sam, the main character from the '07 Transformers, once again played by (insufferable) Shia LaBeouf, has somehow been endowed with powers that cause him to see alien symbols of great importance to Decepticon and Autobot alike. Straight out of Knowing, a Nicolas Cage flick released earlier in the year, whenever Sam has these numbers pop into his head, he flies into a frenzied fit, and must write, claw or scratch them into whatever he can find. What follows is a large amount of action sequences quickly thrown together that revolve around one simple purpose: Get Shia.

In defending Sam, Optimus is "killed", leaving all hope to stop the return of an ancient evil Decpticon known as "The Fallen" up in the air. Desperate, Sam turns to his nerdy dorm-mate, who knows of a local Jewish delicatessen owner who may be able to help. Under guidance of the owner, with a stop at the Smithsonian to resurrect an ancient Transformer relative who points them on their way, the crew ends up in Egypt, where a touching love story comes to a head, after another crapload of action fires itself into gear, and shoots lightning forth from its sphincter.

In short, the movie leaves a lot to be desired, and is certainly a spitting example of perpetual sequel suck-a-tude after a very successful, entertaining lead film. It has also upped the awkward level to a new high, with profanities seasoned to taste, and more sexual innuendo in the first minute than you can shake a stick at; definitely one that makes you might wanna cover the kids' ears. I guarantee, if you drink at every sexual pun or joke made from the minute we are re-introduced to Sam and his dysfunctional family, I promise you'll be tipsy before the minute hand has made one full cycle 'round the clock.

Not one of Spielberg's finest moments, for sure. What it lacks in overall plot coherency and enjoyment factor, it sure makes up with a lot of glam, polish and explosions galore, however. If that is your idea of a good movie/good time, then this one might be worth a rent. Otherwise... Like the guy with the accent says! Save your money! Invest in Amazon!

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There are times when the true, awe-inspiring stupidity and insipidness of mass media works never really strikes you until the thought hits: THIS. WAS. WRITTEN. By people who presumably have normally functioning human brains. Sometimes by more than one of those said people. For every work of art in which you are keen on finding out who the artist is in order to praise him, there are many others so bad you put them out of your head, forgetting completely that people were behind them making them work. …
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If all you want is smashy, crashy fun then it's good.
Transformers!  THE SEQUEL!  Sequels to comic book, superhero movies lately are always a better bunch then the first film having gotten the annoying origin stories and introductions out of the way.  The first Transformers movie in 2007 got by in my book by having a rock em sock em action scene in the finale that helped redeem the movie by it's conclusion.  This newest movie tones down the human characters, gives us more Transformers, more action, more Baysplosions and....a …
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 I won't even go into reviewing the story for this movie because it is so absolutely ridiculous and it was already superbly covered in the Topless Robot Review (very funny read, but contains spoilers and adult language).      As far a transformers movie, the Revenge of the Fallen makes up for the one shortcoming I felt the first movie had by including way more fighting robots....  Way WAY more fighting robots... SO MANY fighting robots that I actually dozed off …
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   The first “Transformers” film may not be faithful to the original animated series and not even to the comic book by Marvel comics in the 80's. Seeing as how Hasbro only utilized those mediums to promote its toy line, I can forgive its inconsistencies to the beloved animated series. The original film by Michael Bay was fun, it utilized a simple formula with little room for a real intricate plot; it was just a popcorn film. After the huge box-office success of Bay’s …
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Since there are already several reviews out there, I'll spare you the synopsis.  This is a review by a Transformers fan and a movie watcher addressing the critics who enjoyed bashing this film so much.      As a film, Transformers is pure popcorn fun.  It's basically a 2.5 hour commercial to sell toys just like how the cartoons were 20 minute commercials to sell toys.  As long as you keep that mindset, everything will be okay.  This isn't freakin …
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There are times when movies can blow you away.  The first Transformers movie certainly blew me away.  Despite its problems, it was a fun ride with a well crafted story and even some well crafted dialog and sequence of events.  Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, however, shows us that bigger isn't always better.  In fact, bigger can be a headache.  Especially when it's a Michael Bay sequel. The film brings back Shia Lebouf and Megan Fox as our protagonists.  As it turns …
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This is a very disappointing sequel, but the robot fights were better than in the first movie. I think this small cartoon says it all and I'd like to share it via a quick tip:      This is fun as to how it made fun of the movie's many plot holes and mistakes...            This is the Transformers complaining in Bay's office....LOL!        
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I'm pretty sure that when it is all said and done, there's going to be a lot of controversy over Revenge of the Fallen.  Either people are going to really love it or they're going to hate it; that has actually been the case so far.  I LOVED it!  At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, I am going to go ahead and say that Revenge of the Fallen is just a touch better than Transformers...shoot me.  I said in my review for the original that it's in my top ten favorite films of all …
Quick Tip by . July 01, 2010
Stupid, overlong, pointless and under plotted Michael Bay's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is a movie that destroy the fond memories that date back to the 1980's animated series and leaves the name that is Transformers in ruins.
Quick Tip by . February 01, 2010
Like Devastator in the movie, the Best thing Bay's 2nd interpretation of the toy line does is SUCK a lot!
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the sequel to the hit film Transformers and was released on June 24th 2009.  It is directed by Michael Bay and stars Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox.  The script was written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.  The budget of the film was $200 Million

Filming of Revenge of the Fallen started in LA and then moved to Bethlehem, PA.  Michael Bay did a lot of the filming in the city of Philadelphia.  Once there, they shot at the Exelon Power Plant, The University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Fairmount Park, Eastern State Penitentiary, City Hall and Rittenhouse Square.  After filming in Philadelphia was completed, the moved on to Princeton University. A lot of filming was also done in Giza at the Pyramids with the permission and blessing of the Egyptian government. 

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was shot partly in IMAX.  Three of the films main action sequences were filmed in the IMAX format.


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Director: Michael Bay
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date: June 24th 2009
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Screen Writer: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman
Runtime: 147 Minutes
Studio: Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks PIctures
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