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2008 computer-animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios

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Quite possibly Pixars best film

  • Jan 31, 2010
  • by
    Pixar has come of age my friends.

Pixar has never made a bad movie, in fact I'd consider almost all of them to be a masterpiece, but none of them, before now, have tried to be anything more then emotional family affairs, not that there is anything wrong with that, but they weren't necessarily deep, meaningful beyond personal issues, or revealed anything about our society. Now, I say again, there isn't anything wrong with that, but Wall-E goes beyond
simple family entertainment and becomes Pixar's statement to the world. But Pixar doesn't go Hollywood by bashing its viewers over the head with its ecological message, instead it tells the tale of a species that has lost its way; a people who have allowed themselves to fall into the deception and complacency of a consumer society gone mad. It explores a world where humans can hardly live up to the name, and where man made machines show more emotion, love, and tenderness then do their creators.

Eight hundred years in the future Earth is a deserted wasteland. In the year 2110 the planet has undergone a transformation and the once proud civilization which dotted the landscape has literally been reduced to a pile of heaping garbage. Poisonous fumes covered the globe, the plant life died, and all forms of animal life except, of course, roaches perished. But we don't get to see all that, all we see are the devastating effects of the disaster. The bleakness of the landscape will most likely be lost on smaller viewers who will be more then happy to focus on the quirky characters, who I will talk about in a moment, but for adult viewers seeing sky scrapers built entirely of garbage piercing the skyline will send chills down the spine. There really is nothing left of our planet, except of course for Wall-E.

Back in 2110 the human race, unwilling to deal with the huge problem that faced them, decided instead to flee the planet and ignore the mess they'd created, leaving behind an army of robots known as Wall-E's to clean up the mess and make the planet habitable again. Unfortunately the task was far too great for the robot army, and as time went by these robots broke down until there is only one left who continues in a hopeless attempt to clean the planet; this last robot we know only as Wall-E, the last of his kind. Human beings have not returned, and yet this little robot continues to clean up our mess.

During the day Wall-E spends his time collecting garbage and turning it into small garbage cubes, which he then stacks on top of one another, eventually building tall skyscrapers out of these blocks. When his shift ends however he spends his time collecting trinkets left behind, VHS tapes, jewelry, light bulbs, and things of that nature. He also cares for a pet roach that follows him around everywhere he goes. His routine is broken however when, one day, a spaceship lands carrying on it another robot, EVE, who's mission it is to seek out life on earth. Make a long story short; they fall in love, eventfully leading to Wall-E and EVE returning to the human mother ship, where the human race has been surviving for the last 700 years.

It is here that the film makes yet another statement on our society as it exists today. At first there is no sign of human life aboard, the halls are filled with robot activity, but the humans are pretty hard to miss. Gliding around on hover seats, drooling away at heads up computer screens, humanity has become little more then one large lazy mass of blubber, thoughtlessly sipping from super sized drinks and buying products from the ships shopping malls. With machines taking care of every human desire, the need to get up and walk has been taken care of years ago, and so people are content to live their lives slaves to their robot masters, as long as they are kept happy and content. It is a miserable existence, and yet it is all they've ever known.

Apart from the strong, but not overly so, messages contained in this film, this is still Pixar, and with that comes a strong emotional story that will make children laugh and adults wipe their eyes. The relationship Wall-E and EVE share evolves and develops as the film goes on, moving from distrust, to mutual friendship, to something of an older sister younger brother relationship, to a romance, all done without any words spoken between the two apart from their names. Wall-E is probably Pixar's most feel good and touching story since Finding Nemo, and for all those Nemo fans out there you that's saying a lot. The characters do nothing but beep at one anther, much like R2-D2 from Star Wars, and yet their story is told more fully then most films. When a film can make you care deeply for characters who don't say a word you know its a good one.

Like always the art in this film is amazing. Pixar only gets better and better as time goes by, while other computer animated studios slip farther and farther away. Its simply breathtaking, but what else to you expect from the masters of computer animation?

Wall-E takes Pixar out of the world of simply family entertainment and puts this studio in the same league as famed Japanese studio, Studio Ghibli, who's films (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke) carry ecological themes as well as being great fun. Wall-E is art of a high level, and transcends the computer animated genera. Its simply a great film.

Replay Value; VERY high.

Watch at the end of the film when Wall-E is put back together by EVE and doesn't seem to remember her. Many philosophers in the past have wondered are we merely the sum of our parts, or are we something more then that? If our body parts were to be replaced and our hard drive, our memories if you will, were wiped clean, would we still be the same person? It's great for a studio like Pixar to explore these questions and at least bring them to their audience's minds. Again, this will be lost on children, but Pixar films are for adults too you know.
Quite possibly Pixars best film Quite possibly Pixars best film Quite possibly Pixars best film

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WALL-E is a 2008 computer-animated science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton. It follows the story of a robot named WALL-E who is designed to clean up a waste-covered Earth far in the future. He eventually falls in love with another robot named EVE, and follows her into outer space on an adventure that changes the destiny of both his kind and humanity.

After directing Finding Nemo, Stanton felt Pixar had created believable simulations of underwater physics and was willing to direct a film largely set in space. Most of the characters do not have actual human voices, but instead communicate with body language and robotic sounds, designed by Ben Burtt, that resemble voices. In addition, it is the first animated feature by Pixar to have segments featuring live-action characters.

Walt Disney Pictures released it in the United States and Canada on June 27, 2008. The film grossed US$23.1 million on its opening day, and $63 million during its opening weekend in 3,992 theaters, ranking #1 at the box office. This ranks as the fourth highest-grossing opening weekend for a Pixar film as of May 31, 2009. Following Pixar tradition, WALL-E was paired with a short film, Presto, for its theatrical release. WALL-E has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews among critics, scoring an approval rating of 96% on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

It grossed $534 million worldwide, won the 2008 Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature...
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Director: Andrew Stanton
Genre: Family
Release Date: June 27, 2008
MPAA Rating: G
Screen Writer: Andrew Stanton
Runtime: 1hr 37min
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios
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