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  • Nov 22, 2010
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WWE From the Vault - Shawn Michaels


HBK has always been my favorite wrestler with maybe only Randy Savage coming close to that number 1 spot. This DVD was not a documentary it was a collection of some of Shawn's matches, with HBK doing a little telling of his story introducing every thing. I was sitting here and wondering why I have not reviewed this, the real documentary or any thing else of Shawn's and thought I would pop it in. Another reviewer reviewed an HBK DVD and inspired me to so, shout out to KA.


1.AWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP-THE MIDNIGHT ROCKERS VS BUDDY ROSE & DOUG SUMMERS-this is actually a really good match as it is full of drama, these two teams tell an excellent story with this one. Most of this match is Michaels being dominated and bloodied and unable to tag in Marty Jannety. When Marty is finally tagged in things heat up and become fast paced for a while. The teams go back and forth from this point on taking turns dominating the other until a great end.5/5

2.I-C CHAMPIONSHIP-LADDER MATCH-SHAWN MICHAELS VS RAZOR RAMON-now this was not the first ladder match in the WWF, it wasn't even the first ladder match ever but it is probably the most remembered. This match was the culmination of a feud between these two to find out who the real I-C champ was. The story was Shawn was suspended and had to let the title go, and Razor would end up winning it while HBK was gone. Naturally when Shawn returned he claimed to be the real champ since he had never lost it, hence this grudge match here. The action in this one is great from start to finish a non stop classic in my opinion, most people don't even remember that it was a while before the ladder was brought in. This has to be for its time one of the best matches ever, probably the best of that event. Although the Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart match that opened the night could take that crown as well so that would be your call. Any way I think this is one of the most entertaining matches of all time, and that shot of Shawn jumping off of the ladder is legendary. Even in real time it looked like he was in slow motion, which is truly a great moment in wrestling history. The action in this match is great and even the ending is entertaining. I still feel to this day HBK was cheated, why couldn't Diesel just stay out there.LOL.5/5

3.WWF CHAMPIONSHIP-IORN MAN MATCH-SHAWN MICHAELS VS BRET HART-I still to this day don't understand why people talk bad about this match, this I absolutely with out a doubt one of the greatest matches in the history of the business. People talk about this match and say it is overrated and not all that entertaining, how in the world can people say that. These two gave us all a very entertaining and competitive match that was well paced and exciting in my opinion. Of course after countless iron man matches have taken place people who started watching wrestling with those ones will likely look down on this one. This was the first and still to this day the best, Bret vs. Shawn every time was excellent and this was one of those. Of course people will argue "well this wasn't the first match to go an hour" which is very very true but it was the first as far as I can remember with the stipulation of who ever has the most decisions within an hour is the winner. This was the third major meeting between the two and the second major meeting on pay-per-view, 1.[I-C title ladder match {first in WWF}] 2.[WWF title survivor series 92] 3.[WWF title Iron Man Match Wrestlemania 12]. Like I said before this was a well paced match all the way through but don't think that the action doesn't pick up to a quicker pace because it does. There are many memorable moments that take place during this bout like HBK sailing all the way over the turnbuckle. And the camera was in the perfect place for that shot of the time keeper taking some sweet chin music. Bret flying threw the ropes onto Shawn still lives in my mind as does HBK flying off the top turnbuckle onto Bret on the outside, sure they did that stuff before but the emotion and atmosphere really add to the action. I guess it also doesn't hurt that the camera angles are perfect during all this. Of course the real great thing about this is that between all the high spots there is a lot of real good wrestling taking place. Mix in a very exciting finale and even better over time and you have all the makings of a classic, plus the celebration afterwards is great and McMahon is hilarious.5/5

Disc 1 has a lot of great vintage interviews and classic segments explaining situations surrounding the matches.


1.WWF CHAMPIONSHIP-NO HOLDS BARRED-SHAWN MICHAELS VS DIESEL-the first match that the two had with the roles reversed as far as baby face/heel goes, and unlike last time HBK came to win. This was the classic no hold barred match between the two where Diesel [Kevin Nash] used Mad Dog Vachone's [not sure I spelled that right] fake leg as a weapon. Once again like every other match on this collection people will argue that it is over rated, to me this is still a classic. Maybe it is because when I watch these it is like when I first saw it, or maybe it is because HBK is my favorite wrestler but I enjoy all these matches. This was for the time in WWF was a pretty hardcore match, I say for WWF because at the time ECW was alive and well. But for this company this was a great hardcore match before this was the norm in the company. There is a lot of good action in this match and the best friends turned enemies angle was working real well even after it started way back in 1994 between these two. To any one who says Vince doesn't care about his wrestlers [at least some of the time] should check this one out. I never really noticed it before but when Nash goes to power bomb HBK into the table notice how Vince tries to grab the video monitor out of the way but it pops up into the air. Shawn wins this one after some sweet chin music is played for Nash.5/5

2.WWF CHAMPIONSHIP-SHAWN MICHAELS VS MANKIND-once again we have another match that people say is overrated and not as good as advertised. I really don't get it because it just seems like if the match didn't happen post DX people don't give Shawn's matches enough credit, yes his series with Kurt Angle and the hour long RAW match with John Cena are all classic but he has had classics long before those. I remember watching this match and really being worried that Shawn may not keep the belt, because at the time Mankind was a whole new breed in the WWF. I had watched Mick before in WCW and ECW [who were in the house that night] and was well aware of what he could do. But I relaxed and knew Shawn would over come this obstacle, still though this was the same guy [Mankind] that took it to the Undertaker so I knew it would be interesting. The match its self was great and very entertaining, the action in this match was very well paced and did not over do any thing. It seemed to me that the story of this match played out very well and the Undertaker, Vader, & Psycho Sid appearances just added to the atmosphere. There were a lot of high spots in the match of course like the super kick off of the chair or both wrestlers falling from the top turnbuckle onto the table. Shawn takes a DQ victory for this unique match. This was not really a hardcore match or a traditional wrestling match but kinda a hybrid of the two, very unique feeling to this one.5/5

3.HELL IN A CELL-SHAWN MICHAELS VS THE UNDERTAKER-probably the least likely to be called overrated by the casual fan and rightfully so, because this is one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen. This match took place right as the "Attitude Era" was kicking and DX was really rolling [I think the next night on RAW was the first time they used the DX entrance music], Shawn was even the European Champion at the time. The match is non stop action and these two just go at each other with every thing they have. To be honest this was a classic before the match even went outside and up top, Michaels fall from the cell is still great to watch though. I still think to this day that this is the best Hell in a Cell ever and I am sure a lot of people are going to disagree with me. Mankind/Undertaker will always be the most remembered and most shocking, Mick Foley/Triple H may be the most brutal as far as both getting in on each other. Even the Armageddon Hell in a Cell may be highly entertaining and wild but this one has got to be the best wrestling match to take place in the cell to me. Other then maybe the Mankind/Taker one all the others while good just seemed to be there for the sake of being there [see the DX vs. McMahon's & Big Show]. This one actually made sense between the contestants in it, it not only fit the story line but also the story that was told in the ring. All the others just seem like they were going to be matches taking place any way and then on RAW/SMACKDOWN some grabs a mike and says "you vs. me at {pay-per-view} is now going to be........{long pause for dramatic effect}..............A HELL IN THE CELL MATCH" and to the loud cheers of the audience the wrestlers looked shocked. To me that just says "hey we could have a really great match but I think we need some shock value for ratings", not all but a lot of them seem like the story line would have done fine with out the cell. Any way the match its self is by far a classic and highly entertaining, plus the first appearance ever of Kane makes things interesting. There are a lot of high spots during this match and a lot of great wrestling action. 5/5

4.NON SANCTIONED MATCH-SHAWN MICHAELS VS TRIPLE H-this was the infamous return match for one Heartbreak Kid and in my opinion not only lived up to what it could be but really went above and beyond. Every one knows that this was the best friends turned enemies [have we seen that before] angle, and this was a really entertaining feud. The whole HHH turning on HBK and leaving him bloodied in a parking lot, and then acting like he was investigating who did it afterwards was brilliant. This match was full of high spots and a lot of exciting moments, my favorite for some reason was Shawn's expression before he jumped off the top onto Triple H and goes through the table. This has got to be one of the best hardcore types of matches I have ever seen and I am an ECW fan. Even when they were not using weapons it was still hardcore, meaning even when they were doing actual wrestling moves it did not seem like they were doing so to further themselves to a victory but to really hurt the other guy. That point was proven after the match when after Shawn won it was Triple H who was left standing. This is a real enjoyable match full of non stop action and a nice ending.5/5

Like the first disc there are a lot of great vintage interviews and classic segments explaining situations surrounding the matches. This is a wonderful release that I think every wrestling fan should own, a great addition to the collection I guarantee it. There is also an excellent alternate video commentary from Shawn and Nash for their match on here, it is highly entertaining and informative.


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November 25, 2010
HBK--defintely one of WWE's best entertainers! Nice one, Alex!
February 19, 2011
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Quick Tip by . November 22, 2010
Excellent 2 disc set on HBK, full of great matches and extras like the commentary with Kevin Nash.
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