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1995 film directed by Kevin Reynolds and Kevin Costner

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PeeWorld, with Kevin Costner, no it's not redundant.

  • Jun 27, 2011

To this day, this one dystopian future action movie still has a reputation as being one of the most notorious movies ever.  At the time, it had the biggest budget for a movie and the results on the screen were less then stellar: a giant water tank housing rusty boats and sets.  Really.  Does that look like it's worth the 100 million plus dollars this cost?  No it doesn't.  Add on top that it's only an average movie and well, you have a reputation that not even Cutthroat Island made months later could defeat with it's even worse take at the box office.  For those interested, Waterworld did bomb in the states but with combined international grosses, DID make back it's budget and some more, so it was NOT a flop.

The movie is set in the future where it seems Al Gore was right, and that the polar ice caps have melted away and covered the Earth in water.  Some survived and many didn't and structures of sorts were created to house the survivors and where the privateers can come and trade for things like fresh water or tools.  Costner is the unnamed Mariner who owns a nifty boat and apparently knows something about dry land.  The world is also inhabited by a group of pirates called Smokers who smoke plenty of tobbacco and ride Jetskis.  The Smoker's invade the structure where the Mariner is and where a woman and a small girl also live.  The girl has a tattoo on her back that may be a clue to dry land and the Smokers are after her.  After escaping, the girl and woman slowly make friends with the Mariner as the Smokers close in on them.

The performances?  Well Kevin Costner is the lead so that means he'll be kinda boring, kinda interesting.  Dennis Hopper is insane as always and Thora Birch who plays the little girl can't shut up.  She is always talking.  Jeanne Tripplehorn is the woman who watches after Enola the girl and I liked her.  She was cute.  That reminds me. did this movie really just impair her career that badly that I never saw her again, or just keep missing things she appears in?  Some characters are just in the background like the man who watches the oil in the Smokers hidout and some are annoying like the oldman who's flying machine barely works so yeah, the movie didn't win awards for acting.

The story was interesting for what it was but there are a lot of plotholes that really add up, such as where the food comes from, how many of these people have skin cancer from being out in the sun all day.  Where is the oxygen coming from if there are no trees (unless it comes from something else and I don't know) why do the Smokers have so much tobbacco and do they actually have gardens.....I can go on.  Rather then answer these questions and maybe show more as to how these people cope in this world and be a neat sci fi movie that takes it's time and shows struggles against the environment, it says "screw the questions, here's s**t blowing up" and in that end, this movie does have some pretty violent stuff.  It's not Paul Verhoven or John Woo violent but it's close in some places.

Pros, the movie isn't horrible as you've heard and it's a decent movie for a Saturday afternoon.  The cons, the movie doesn't look like much considering the money involved and there are a lot of those plotholes that are a little too hard to ignore.  If your lucky and don't nitpick it too much then it can be okay.

If you like the dystopian action movies, then this one is certainly one to check out.  If you like Dennis Hopper or Kevin Costner, then yeah, it's worth checking out too.  I hoped for more, I got less and hey thats life I guess.  Life on the ocean.....drinking your piss..........theres a metaphor in there somewhere.

PeeWorld, with Kevin Costner, no it's not redundant. PeeWorld, with Kevin Costner, no it's not redundant. PeeWorld, with Kevin Costner, no it's not redundant.

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June 27, 2011
I watched this for Tripplehorn...'nuff said LOL! This wasn't as bad as most folks said it was. You posted this right after I finished the newsletter....sorry about that. Next week then!
June 27, 2011
Don't worry about it. Tripplehorn is the only thing nice to look at in this movie as everything is so rusty and dull looking other then Costner's boat which is rusty and cool. TETANUS SHOTS! Do they have those? Man the more I think about it the more this movie sucks on melted ice.
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I got interested in Waterworld after seeing the Angry Video Game Nerd attack the Waterworld game for the Virtual Boy (he'd attack the VB along with the movie itself). I finally went to the local Family Video in December of 2008 to see how bad it was for myself and much to my surprise, it wasn't the abomination legions of people make it out to be, but that's not really saying much.      The plot is that the polar ice caps melt and flood the entire world, creating …
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Given how much water is involved in the flick I expected to need to make several trips to the bathroom. I didnt but the movie was so bad I really really wanted to have to go.
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WATERWORLD was released in the mid-nineties to great suspicion in the world-wide press: "What? A motion picture cost $200 million to make?" While the flick certainly doesn't look like a $200 million film on the screen, WATERWORLD delivers precisely what it promised: a loner meets girl, girl falls in love, loner performs some heroics, and girl stays on dry land because the loner can't stand the feeling of solid earth under his webbed feet. It's popcorn film time, people. Don't …
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Post Apocalyptic Individualism At Its Finest
Waterworld is one of those movies you kinda had to be there to fully unappreciate.  Think of it is the inherent opposite of James Cameron’s scifi smash Avatar.  I’m convinced that viewers who weren’t lining up in theaters (or in my case killing the battery of their Chevy Blazer at the drive-in) in 1995 in effort to see what all the negative hype was about will likely breeze through this film with a shrug of the shoulders and a quote to the effect of “it wasn’t …
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Big Budget yawner that it's best not to ask too many questions about and enjoy the long and numbing action scenes. Would have worked better if it cut down the action and delved into more about how these people live and the movie hints at it here and there.
Quick Tip by . July 04, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Infamous 1995 big budget film about how the ice caps melted and the world is underwater. Kevin Costner is a sea farrer out to survive and Dennis Hopper is a pirate leader looking for dry land. Really goes into left field and ignores the obvious questions you'll ask yourself while watching but hey, if you want stuff blowing up, it'll deliver.
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is a 1995 post-apocalyptic action science fiction film. The film was directed by Kevin Reynolds and co-written by Peter Rader and David Twohy. It is based on Rader's original 1986 screenplay and stars Kevin Costner, who also produced it. It was distributed by Universal Pictures.

The film release was accompanied by a tie-in novel and video game, and also two popular themed attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan based on the film, called Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular, which are both still running as of 2009.

Kevin Costner as The Mariner
Dennis Hopper as The Deacon
Jeanne Tripplehorn as Helen
Tina Majorino as Enola
Michael Jeter as Old Gregor
Gerard Murphy as The Nord
R.D. Call as Enforcer at the Atoll
Jack Black as Smoker Plane Pilot
John Toles-Bey as Ed, Smoker Plane Gunner
Robert Joy as Ledger Guy
John Fleck as Smoker Doctor
Kim Coates as Crazed Drifter
Sab Shimono and Leonardo Cimino as Elders of the Atoll
Jack Kehler as Banker
Rick Aviles as Gatesman at the Atoll
Sean Whalen as Bone
Lee Arenberg as Djeng
Robert LaSardo as Smitty
William Preston as Depth Gauge
Chris Douridas as Atoller

Plot summary
The setting of the film is the distant future, although no exact date is given. (Suggested as 2500.)[1] The polar ice caps have completely melted, and the sea level has risen many thousands of feet, covering virtually all the land.
An antihero, known only as "the ...
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Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

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