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The Influence of a Royal Wardrobe.

  • Jun 30, 2009
  • by
     The boyfriend and I were thrift store shopping in Compton when I received a text message that read "Michael Jackson is dead!"  ... "What?” It isn’t Dominic’s style to send out nonsensical texts but maybe he was drunk in the afternoon. I was confused so before I slipped my iPhone back into my purse I googled simply “Michael Jackson” and the first headline to appear read, "Michael Jackson dead at 50.”  I got chills as my heart tried to lodge itself into my throat. 
     My adoration for Michael Jackson was shelved in the late 80s when I began questioning whether that hot curly haired woman in his “The Way You Make Me Feel” video was “really turning [him] on” … riiiight.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed his mini movie music videos which permeated his every lyric into my head but Michael Jackson lost his  “Smooth Criminal” edge upon my discovery of The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees… umm, Michael who?  Media speculations allowed me to forget his talent and begin questioning what percentage of his body was plastic or whether he really bleached his skin with Clorox. Somewhere between my adolescence and puberty Michael Jackson had morphed from the king of pop into a circus sideshow and admittedly I sat on the sidelines, chuckling and pointing. 
   Unfortunately it was through his death that I was reminded of his genius.  His videos were the mother’s milk for MTV and his music has gone on to shape the pop star as we know it. Although accusations of child molestation tainted his reputation and have made him the punch line of many a joke (ie. “Michael Jackson was spotted at Kmart – boys pants were half –off”), Kevin McAllister said that Michael never touched him and Home Alone is my favorite movie, thereby allowing me to conclude that Michael is innocent.  There is no doubt that his childlike demeanor was odd, but after having read J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan for the third time I have to admit that I want to live in Never Land too!!  
     This past weekend as people reflected on his legacy, the memory that stood out for me was how frightened I was to watch the “Thriller” video and, more importantly, how I longed for a red leather jacket of my very own.  This leads me to the point of my lunch date – Michael’s influence on fashion.  From the sequin glove to the military jacket, Michael had it going on.  His aviator glasses first reflected the paparazzi flashes that captured the images that baffled us – Brooke Shields and Webster?? What?? His ankle length pants generated a new playground taunt for wearers of the ill fitting, post-growth spurt pant.  Michael Jackson is the king of more than just pop --he was, is and always will be an inspiration to fashion.  And with that I say, “mama se mama sa moo ma koo sa” … translation: long live the king!

The influence:
"there's a magic that must be love" ... yes, indeed!!
Britney the dear olsen twin: beyonce totally talked to the man in the mirror. rhianna - i ain't afraid of this thriller. rhiana the repeat offender (no pun intended).

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June 30, 2009
Great review, I like your perspective! You make a great point that while he did influence the music world, he also left his footprint in the fashion biz, probably in the same way that Madonna did for women's fashion.
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Yes, there's a nasty streak of ferocious anger on his later records, but they didn't call him the King of Pop for nothing.
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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson died today.  He was only 50 years old.  There is no question that Michael was one of the most talented entertainers of his generation.  As the story goes he and his brothers were discovered at the Indiana State Fair by none other than the great Diana Ross.  Diana recommended the boys to her boss Berry Gordy at Motown and the rest as they say is history.  The Jackson 5, led by 10 year old lead singer Michael were an immediate sensation.  …
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I heard through Twitter that he'd died and it was definitely a very sad day. I remember when I was 7 or 8 years old watching the Thriller video in England (where there were only four channels at the time), and literally everyone in the whole country watched it on Top of The Pops, and people were talking about it for weeks. Church groups decried it as Satanic and parents were scornful of its edginess, but even then I remember thinking - this is really, really amazing. So when the news of his …
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you are great !!The number 1  is belong to you !
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I love you michael...and always will support you baby.
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Oh Michael...how can you disappear? just beat it..where we will meet you it is empty world without you alagarsamy India
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Like most of the world, when I heard that Michael Jackson passed away, I was in disbelief.  Surely it must be a hoax, I thought.  Then the radio announced it (after they played Billie Jean) and I still coulnd't believe it.  Then his music videos and about a million specials played on television and I was STILL in disbelief.        If there's one thing Michael Jackson has showed us for sure, it's that you never realize how much you miss someone …
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Michael at an orphanage
I grew up with Michael's music; I had Jackson 5 posters in my room. Growing up as he went on his own, his videos thrilled the world. Back then as a young adult, the only time to see his videos was on MTV; he actually is the one who launched black entertainers on MTV. Just one milestone for him, and many more to come. I loved watching him dance, and was also amazed with his sister Janet's dancing as well. I thought his voice was angelic - perfect tone, pitch, never any mistakes; after all …
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Died on June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson was unquestionably the biggest pop star of the '80s, and certainly one of the most popular recording artists of all time. In his prime, Jackson was an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed of all the tools to dominate the charts seemingly at will: an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility, and loads of sheer star power. His 1982 blockbuster Thriller became the biggest-selling album of all time (probably his best-known accomplishment), and he was the first black artist to find stardom on MTV, breaking down innumerable boundaries both for his race and for music video as an art form. Yet as Jackson's career began, very gradually, to descend from the dizzying heights of his peak years, most of the media's attention focused on his increasingly bizarre eccentricities; he was often depicted as an arrested man-child, completely sheltered from adult reality by a life spent in show business. The snickering turned to scandal in 1993, when Jackson was accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy; although he categorically denied the charges, his out-of-court settlement failed to restore his tarnished image. He never quite escaped the stigma of those allegations, and while he continued to sell records at superstar-like levels, he didn't release them with enough frequency (or, many critics thought, inspiration) to once again become better known for his music than his private life. Whether as a pop ...

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Filmography: Men in Black II, The Wiz
Nationality: American
Bands or Musical Groups: Jackson 5
Instruments: Vocals, piano, drums, beatbox, guitar
Genre: Pop
Debut: 1964
Country: United States
Birth Date: August 29, 1958
Birth Place: Gary, Indiana, USA
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
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