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WOW! A Computer Blowing Product.

  • Apr 8, 2008
  • by
Pros: This will definitely clean out those tight spots that you cannot reach with your finger.

Cons: This is dangerous for small children.

The Bottom Line: This is an excellent product if in the right hands, this also beats using a Q-tip in that little area.

Knock knock. Who’s there? A tall can. A tall can, who? A tall can of air that’s who. Well, what do you expect, I did not know how to start this article out. I know, I better keep my day job. Before I get it started to tell you about this product let me give a little bit of background on this product. They have been in business for over 50 years, and upon doing a little research on this product. I found that it was a result of someone’s tragedy that this was invented. But that is the usual case, only when something happens, or someone gets hurt, does something get changed. It was around 1953 when the person who invented this lost a very brave friend in a house fire. He fell asleep and was overcome by smoke and eventually died. This person’s friend, knew that he could not go on, unless he did something to prevent this from happening to somebody else. So he invented a gas powered horn to detect heat. That would be hooked up to a sprinkler head resulting in the first fire alarm. The way this would work was when the roll reaches a certain heat level ahead of the sprinkler system would be broken off and the valve would release a pressurized gas. That is when a gas powered sound comes screaming out all the fire alarm, after this was invented they put it on boats, and inside industrial settings. As time went on, they found other uses for this canister of compressed air. They also discovered while it is the same amount of pressure could be used to blow dust and lint from the surfaces without actually touching the surface. This is when the first compressed gas duster was invented, it was basically for photographic services. While they started out in the marine industry safety markets. They spread their wings and went in to the photographic division. After a while it was more sales. When computers started coming on the market they decided to they needed a way to clean all the computer boards without trying to go inside of the end cleaning it off. It was not until the late 1980s that this was no longer a photographic accessory was now in the booming industry of the computers. I have the purchasing this for quite awhile. Ever since I got my first computer. Plus I have been experimenting with other stuff I could use this on. You can purchase this at any supply store, such as Sam’s Club, Costco, Office Depot, Radio Shack, Staples, and even OfficeMax. This particular can has 12 ounces of compressed gas inside of it. They do recommend that you keep this away from children, because the children have been known to inhale this stuff, this is called huffing. So the company has added an extra substance into the gas called literate to discourage any kind of inhaling abuse or huffing.

This is compressed gas comes in any 9 inch tall, black, red, and white can. On top of the can it has a red triggered head, that will except a 6 inch long red hollow straw. You will find the straw taped to the side of the can. All you have to do is take the straw that is on the side of the can, insert it into the spray nozzle at the top of the can, then point can at what ever object you are cleaning and squeezed the trigger. A burst of compressed air will shoot out the end of the straw. This stuff is usually known as canned air in the industry. What is actually inside of this can’t is a liquefied gas, and it will act as a propellant. They can’t is actually mixes with air when the trigger is squeezed..

Most of the people that purchase this will use it on their computers. But since this is such a wide variety of uses such as workshops or automobiles or just about anything you might want to use to get out of a tight spot this will work. I personally have used this when I took the back off all of my big screen TV and had to clean all of the components back there. You could even use it to clean the back of your TV if you wished. I have used it to clean off my circular saw in my shop. Plus, after I am done, doing some dog grooming. I use it to clean my blades of my shears to get all the little hairs out of it. Have you ever had trouble cleaning out that center console of your car, I have. So I put this to good use in my automobile. My wife also has several Hutches, with a lot of Waterford Crystal in it. Once I see a light layer of dust accumulating on our Waterford Crystal, I give it a quick spray of air and my job is done.

How to Use
If you are wondering how to use this, just to let you know that any person of basically any age can use this, that’s how simple it is to use. Once you get the product home, you also might find this comes in a twin pack or triple pack. You will have to remove the little tabby at the top of the spray nozzle, insert the straw and hold the can upright and do not shake it or hold upside down. Just told the can, about 2 inches away from whatever it is you going to blow dust off of it and do it in real short repetitions. If you continue to hope they can and spray in one solid long repetition. You will notice that the can has turned ice cold. Just as the can is turning ice cold you also a ruin your electric components if you continually spray this onto them without stopping. If you do not hold this in the upright position it is possible to spray out the liquid gas that is inside of the can.

My Thoughts
You probably are wondering, with this being a liquefied gas. Why would you want to keep it in your home. Well that’s easy, because usually children do not get to play with this. And my house is kept out of the reach of children and only myself or my wife uses it. It is just amazing what they will come up with when they have to. Who would have thought that they would be able to sell this on the market, a gas that cleans anything. As I have said before, I have used this on several items such as TVs, automobiles, mini-blinds, computers, computer desks, the inside of printers.

A really nice feature of this product is the fact that the can is recyclable. They have put a lot of thought into this instead of selling it to you in they can of the type that you cannot recycle. In today’s day and age. They are always thinking of things that will be environmentally friendly. All you have to do if you’re town will let you do, is put it into your recycle container, but make sure of one thing before you do that. And that is make sure that the can is empty. If you do not do this whenever he gets to wear the site is and they tried to smash it or whatever they do with it. You could possibly inadvertently gets someone hurt.

Is This Dangerous
If you are wondering, this stuff is dangerous if not in the right hands. When children get a hold of this. There was a lot of problem with inhalant abuse or huffing as the kids call it. This can cause permanent injury or even be fatal if not in the right hands. What this gas does is, if it is inhaled it and will prevent oxygen from getting to the lungs and will result in death. In the 1970s, signal horns were filled with CFC12, but when they found out that we were deeply team are always on. The government passed regulations to phase out this type of gas. They ultimately came up with a different type of gas in the early 1990s, this gas was known and is HCFC22. This does not mean that they would stop depleting ozone, but it was a very low property and slowed down a lot. That was just the first step in and take a better gas for this product. They have since developed different types of gas for the signal horns and cleaning dusters and that gas is HFC152a or HFC134a, both of these are 100% non-ozone depleting.

Other Products
If you were wondering, falcon does make other products. Here are just a few samples of what they make, they have a personal safety horn which cost $17.99, mighty sonic horn, which cost $31.09, a dust off digital camera cleaning kit which cost $13.99, they have a push-button signal horn which will cost you $25.49, a smart pack and the cost for that is $12.99, they also sell a dust off screen shammy for your computers and the cost for that is $5.99, another nice product is a super sound horn valued at $12.99, then there is the ever popular dust off XL disposable 10 ounce for $9.99, and last but not least the emergency alarm station. This runs quite a bit more than all the other ones it will cost you $225.59.

Final Recommendation
This product is excellent, and I would highly recommend this for anybody that has computers to clean or detailed work to do. Remember to keep it out of the hands of children, and if you keep this in mind that if you do not use this in the proper way. You can cause frostbite this product is of a liquid form, and it could also cause plastic to discolor. So be careful what you are using this on.


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