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Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

A mobile reading device by Amazon.

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Kindle 2: Useful, Fun and a Positive Influence

  • Sep 23, 2009
I have been using the Kindle 2 for a couple of months now. I didn't plan on buying it; it was a birthday present. If asked prior to receiving it, I would have said that I didn't want one. Not because I don't read, but because I look at a screen all day long and there is something special and unique about holding a book while reading. Nevertheless, I resisted the urge to return it and decided to give it a shot. Now I love it for a number of reasons.

Convenience. I finished the second book in a trilogy the other night and rather than having to wait until morning to buy the third book, I purchased it through the Kindle store and had it beamed to my device within a few minutes. I found this to be pretty amazing and a great example of how our entertainment is truly becoming "on-demand." At other times, I have been bored and purchased things to read. The wireless store is really easy to navigate and the satisfaction of getting my book right then is pretty powerful. Also, the payment info is attached to the device, so there is no need to enter a credit card numbness or billing address

Value. While the device is pretty pricey...the more you use it, the more you save. I purchased The Lost Symbol last night for $9.99. Amazon is selling the hardcover (which you have to wait to receive) for $16.17. The biggest savings are for old books. I bought Journey to the Center of the Earth and Siddhartha each for $0.99. So far, every book I have purchased is cheaper than it would be at a bookstore...with some books remarkably so.

Battery. At first I thought the battery was weak since I needed to recharge often. Once I figured out that the I could turn the wireless off except when needed to make a purchase, the device was much more efficient and now goes days on end without needing to charge.

Experience. Holding the Kindle while reading is really growing on me. It took a little while to get used to, but now it is of comparable enjoyment to reading an actual book.

Influence. I can honestly say that because I own a Kindle, I am reading more. It would have taken me a couple of days to go to the bookstore and buy the book referenced above but instead...I kept reading that night. I have also impulse purchased a couple of books that I probably would not have gotten around to buying (and reading) if it weren't so easy to by from the Kindle store.

Drawbacks. Unfortunately, not every book is in the Kindle store which can be frustrating at times. I am now obviously spoiled and used to getting my reading material whenever I want it. Another drawback is that my memory and association of the books i have read on the Kindle is not as strong as compared to physical books. For some reason, looking at the cover and holding the actual book makes the memory of reading more distinct than books read on a uniform device. Nevertheless, these are small gripes compared to the convenience and positive attributes of it. I am a huge fan and would recommend it for anyone who reads enough to justify the cost. (Make sure you buy the case that is specially made for it...My mother in law did not buy one for hers and she was carrying it is a zip lock bag which takes away some of the cool design elements.)

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July 11, 2011
Very informative on the Kindle 2 !
August 26, 2010
Thanks for a very helpful review. It's very well laid out and provides most of what I want to know about Kindle 2.
May 11, 2010
I'm new to reviewing but I really enjoyed your writing. I got the Kindle as a Christmas present, I wouldn't have bought it either. Now I can't put it down. I even bought an iPad when it came out (I'm kind of an Apple fanatic) but I'm using the Kindle more, The battery lasts 5 times longer than the iPad.
February 24, 2010
Thanks for the review. I am a frequent Amazon reviewer and mostly get free reviewer copies of books. Some of these offer a PDF format (I assume Kindle books are in this form) and I suspect that they will eventually force me to get one of these devices. I assume when you order a book you also save on the shipping cost (or do they add a convenience fee or some other gratuitous charge to make up for the shipping?).
February 04, 2010
I have never seen one of these til now but, it looks kind of neat. Nice job
September 29, 2009
Great review, Dan. Well though and laid out. The at your fingertips aspect is huge for newspapers and magazines too, especially when traveling.
September 29, 2009
Thanks Brew...I haven't used it to buy newspapers of magazines yet...but I like knowing that the option exists in case I am bored somewhere.
October 01, 2009
Its very helpful when you're flying. I used to bring a few magazines and newspapers on cross country flights, which would take up most of my personal space. Now I just pop my kindle on before takeoff, download a few (newspapers are generally .99 cents for a single issue) and I'm good to go.
September 28, 2009
Hmmm...sounds like you had the same opinion getting into Kindle as I do now (Kindle-less). I'll have to think about getting one in the future now that I've read this review! Sounds like it could be a good buy from what you've learned and shared about the product.
September 28, 2009
I would also be very leery of buying one of these things for the very same reason you stated at the top. I am already looking at a screen 9 or 10 hours a day so I have very little desire to spend more time in front of another one. Having said that I found your review extremely fair and very helpful. Not ready for one yet but maybe someday...
September 29, 2009
Thanks for the comment Drifter...I have really been enjoying it...despite my initial trepidation.
January 30, 2010
Where do you purchase a Kindle? Is it just online? Ireally have enjoyed your reviews and am dreaming of getting one before our international flight in July.
February 03, 2010
I think they are only available online. I recommend it highly. Thanks for your comment.
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review by . July 09, 2009
This is a great invention with some major shortcomings and a few disappointments but overall I think the kindle is a great tool and I will use it for many years to come. I have even heard many say that it encourages them to read more, and that may be true simply out of the convenience that this device delivers. Cons (Minor annoyances) 1. I would like to get all my books in my house converted to digital books. 2. Amazon needs a Netflix subscription model that gives me access to read any book I want. …
review by . August 09, 2011
   ‎"Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet   Reading a brand new book,   Along came a civet   Who said, 'You're not with it,   Why not get a Kindle or Nook' "           - Gail Cooke
review by . July 01, 2010
Books at Your Fingertips
The Amazon Kindle is a great electronic reading device. If you like to bring books with you when you travel, but you have a hard time deciding what to bring, the Kindle can help you with this problem. You can take 100's of books with you and can even purchase new books where ever you are. Connecting to the Kindle Store is free and the cost of most books is $9.99 or less.      Some of the other nice features about the Amazon Kindle include the ability to change the text …
review by . February 19, 2009
Kindle 2
Well, you know...Amazon wants to change the world. Owners of Kindle 1 you can rejoice...Kindle 1 was the revolution - Kindle 2 is the evolution. I was a first generation Kindle owner and upon hearing the news that Amazon was releasing a second generation a little after a year of the first release seemed disheartening...but after several discussions I began to come around to the idea - we do live in a technological rich society, after all. Shortly after I got to test the kindle 2 I was convinced …
review by . June 10, 2010
SO addicted to my Kindle!
Purchasing a Kindle was by far the best decicion I have ever made when it comes to my reading! I love how portable and lightweight it is! I am able to store thousands of books on it and it will always keep my place. If I keep the wireless off, the battery will last me a week or more. I read for hours at a time and this helps me with my carpel tunnel pain as it is easier to hold. I don't have to pry open pages in order to read my current book. I also have hundreds of free books on it, many of …
review by . July 06, 2010
It's been a long time coming for me, but I now has it!      I've been reading books on my phone for some time now.  It's just easier than carrying around hardcovers or making sure I don't spill too much on the paperbacks, which seem to have a magnetic pull towards paper.       Kindle is a great substitute for any other on the go reading medium.  It's easy to load and open books on the device, as well …
review by . June 08, 2010
The Kindle has been the king of the ebook reader market for a couple of years now. Amazon's sheer market force is what helped the kindle succeed as much as it has. Aggressive pricing on ebooks has also helped the adoption of electronic media over physical media.     How did I like using the Kindle? I felt that the screen refreshed slowly and that the device was a bit clumsy for reading books. I must admit that I do not own a kindle, however, I have played with the devices extensively. …
review by . May 11, 2010
I received a Kindle last Christmas and It's been one  enjoyable book after another.  I started off with the :    1) "Count of Monte Christo" (amazing even the3rd time around),    2) "Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815" (long but still interesting),    3) "Wolf Hall: A Novel", Hilary Mantel (very enjoyable, remarkable story of Henry VIII and the one man         who wins …
review by . July 29, 2010
   I got one of these several months ago with the hopes of being able to put a decent amount of school reading on it. The price of an etext compared to a hard copy is much cheaper if you read enough to make the purchase of an ereader worth it and after doing my shopping I think the Kindle is the best. I'm sure an ipad will do the trick too, but I hate Apple products and they seem like more hassle than they are worth to a person like me who is happy with their laptop. Anyway, this product …
Quick Tip by . July 10, 2010
I just don't know what life style this would be usefull for?!?! Just another screen to stare att...
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The Amazon Kindle is mobile device designed for reading electronic books (e-books). The reader was developed by the Amazon.com subsidiary Lab126, and its first incarnation was launched in the United States on November 19, 2007.

The Kindle features an electronic paper display and will download content over Amazon Whispernet using the Sprint EVDO network. Kindle hardware devices can be used without a computer, and Whispernet is accessible without any fee. These devices also provide free internet access to Wikipedia.

On Monday, February 9, 2009, Amazon announced the Kindle 2, which became available for purchase on February 23, 2009 for the price of $359. The new Kindle features improved battery life, 20 percent faster page-refreshing, a text-to-speech option to read the text aloud, and overall thickness reduced from 0.8 to 0.36 inches (9.1 millimetres). The Kindle 2 has 2 GB of internal memory of which 1.4 GB is user-accessible. Amazon estimates that the Kindle 2 will hold about 1500 books. Unlike the original Kindle, Kindle 2 does not have a slot for SD memory cards. To promote the new Kindle, author Stephen King has written a novella called UR, which is available exclusively as a Kindle download.
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Brand: Amazon

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