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Strategies to Employ When Cancer Hits

  • Oct 3, 2011
Book Review: When Cancer Hits- Your Complete Guide to Taking Care
of You Through Treatment by Britta Aragon is a wonderful book on how
to manage virtually every aspect of cancer care. Certain cosmetic products
contain toxins like phenylenediamine in hair dyes, toxic hormonal ingredients
in cosmetics and chemical exposures from environmental pollution.
The skin is the largest organ in the body. It stretches 20 square feet and weighs
just under 10 pounds.

Britta Aragon explains 7 ways to lower toxicities in the body. These include
smoking cessation, cleaning molds in the house, purchasing organic produce,
limit dry cleaning, read labels on hairsprays and personal care products,
look for greener household cleaning products and choose nontoxic bug
repellants. Some of these I have utilized myself.

Tips for gentle skin care include using mild soaps, patting with a towel rather
than rubbing, use a safe sunscreen like zinc oxide, avoid perfumes,
use an electric razor to avoid skin abrasions or cuts, wear loose fitting clothes,
apply a non-toxic moisturizer and adding baking soda to the tub to soothe
the skin. Chemo slows down the reproduction of skin cells so as skin sheds-
little or nothing grows back.

There are safe products to use during treatment for cancer. Examples are
saffronrouge.com and Spiritbeautylounge.com.  Use fragrance-free
skin products or those with natural - source fragrants like fruit extracts.
Flouride-free toothpastes and filtered water can be helpful too. Examples of
products to avoid are aluminum, hydroquinone, parabens, petrochemicals,
phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances,
toluene in some nail polishes and ureas which release formaldehyde.
All-cotton tampons are preferred because these are dioxin-free.

Britta Aragon explains a number of strategies to escape from the
day-to-day reminder of the cancer, chemotherapy and other uncomfortable
treatment protocols. These strategies include keeping a diary,
support group discussion forums, exercise, hobbies, music, dance, deep
breathing,  meditation and volunteering. An aggressive cancer can bring
on the classic life or death struggle and the ultimate goal is to find effective
coping strategies, facilitative companionship and other accomodation modes.
These strategies would be helpful given any chronic disease or condition.

Natural oils are good for dry skin. Examples are olive, almond or sesame.
Oatmeal blended with water may reduce itchness. Itchy areas may be massaged
with an ice cube. Rubbing the inside of an avocado on the face, drying for
15 minutes and rinsing may help alleviate dryness too. To avoid contaminants,
dispose old makeup, lip pencils, eye shadows, eye powders or any product
that changes color, texture or smell.

Take a water bottle wherever you go and have plenty of Vitamins like A,B,C and E.
Vitamin A helps to heal epithelial skin tissues. B vitamins enhance healthy
functioning  of oil-producing glands. Vitamin C supports collagen formation.
Vitamin E helps to slow premature skin aging. Antioxidants like strawberries, kale,
squash and spinach fight free radical damage. Vitamin E cream is a good healing
moisture. These vitamin strategies are good health tonics in any event.

Modalities to reduce injection site pains include applying ice or cold compresses.
A PICC line, tunneled catherer or port-a cath may be used to reduce the risks
of injection site traumas. Clinical malnourishment can delay healing so diet
is important. There are drugs and artificial saliva products to combat dryness
in the mouth. Also, carry bottled water at all times. Suck on sugar-free candies,
ice chips and sugarless gums to stimulate saliva flow. Consuming more Omega 3
foods helps to combat dry-eye syndrome. Vitamins B,C, E and Omega 3 oils
help to combat joint pain. Rubbing painful areas with arthcare oil reduces pain
due to the power of antioxidants. Boswelia has shown some promise in scientific
studies. Tumeric may help as a food additive. Cutting back on sugar, red meat
and dairy products may also reduce joint pain. The services of an experienced
physical therapist and nutritionist may help too.

Alternative therapies include acupuncture, massage, yoga, reiki and a healing
trip to the spa. Reflexology, foot rubs and hand rubs may be beneficial too.
Reiki aims at realignment of skewed energy centers. The National Center for
Complementary and Alternative Medicine is funding research on the
efficacy of Reiki on cancer-related side effects. Reiki energy is directed
through the palms of the hands to a patient over a half hour or more period.

There are ways to make movement easier. Purchase easy to open bottles and
containers. Utilize a cane, if necessary. Wear zip up or velcro rather than
button shirts and clothing. Get custom made orthotics for shoes. Install
a grab bar in the shower to enhance balance while standing.

There are foods for healthy hair like Omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, almonds
and flaxseed. Protein can be found in beans, white meats and vegetables.
Calcium is critical for hair growth. Low iron levels can lead to hair loss.
Coconut is considered an excellent hair food. Zinc is critical for retaining
strong hair strands. The zinc may be found in nuts, beef and lamb.
Spices like cumin and tumeric are hair friendly. Alfalfa juice and carrots
can help to nourish hair roots.

When Cancer hits contains excellent references and information sources like
European Journal of Oncology Nursing, Journal of Clinical Oncology,
Journal of Advanced Nursing, Environmental Working Group,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Journal of Steroid Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology, International Journal of Cancer,
Environmental Health Perspectives and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Always discuss treatment modalities with physicians and other health care providers
assuming responsibility for your diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.
When Cancer Hits is an excellent medical reference - if it ever hits you or the family.

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Strategies to Employ When Cancer Hits

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October 05, 2011
Great review, J. This sounds useful even for people without cancer. It sounds like an empowering book.
October 05, 2011
This is an empowering book. The thing to do is to discuss these protocols jointly with your physician and a professional nutritionist. Most people don't know that medical schools provide very little nutritional training in physician residencies. And so, a professional nutritionist can be extremely helpful- more so than depleting an entire prescription pad on medications. People with chronic conditions which cannot be cured will benefit from this book. I wrote another article just yesterday on the NCCM of the National Institutes of Health. This article is also in the Cafe Libri.
October 05, 2011
In my experience, I've learned that a lot of doctors know diddly squat about nutrition, which is alarming, so I make it a point to educate myself about it. If given the choice, I always prefer to heal, treat and prevent through natural means rather than with medication. And I'm actually reading this in the Cafe Libri community right now :)
October 05, 2011
Educating yourself about nutrition is important. Juicing for Life-A Guide to the Health Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juicing by Calbom and Keane (1992) is an excellent reference. The Vitamix 5000 is a tremendous juicer which liquifies almost any vegetable or fruit virtually instantaneously. The cleanup is easy. Adding ginger, oregano and other spices to food helps build up the antioxidant load in the body to assist in combating disease, as well as blood inflammation issues.
October 04, 2011
The research citations are generally authoritative. There is a considerable technical reference on skin care. J.W. Fluhr, M. Miteva, G. Primavera, M. Ziemer, P. Elsner, E. Berardesca on Functional Assessment of a Skin Care System in Patients on Chemotherapy. Skin Pharmacology and Physiology 2007: 20: 253-9 Chemotherapy is still evolving. Massive doses used to be given to patients. Now the nuclear medicine industry is working on targeted chemotherapy with smaller and smaller amounts administered.

There are some cancer centers with good reputations like Sloan Kettering. Cancer Centers of America has a lot of ads on TV. I don't know how accurate the claims are.

Burton Goldberg has a considerable reference on Alternative Medicine. 380 Leading Edge Physicians Explain Their Treatments (1994 and updated ). There is a National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine . You can start there to check out any specific modalities. The Journal of the Lancet is another excellent source.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative
Medicine is listed below. Visit the website and learn.

October 04, 2011
And here's an example from Goldberg's web site. What a bargain:

Alternative Medicine Healthcare Consulting with Burton Goldberg + 1 Copy of Each of the DVD's: Cancer Conquest, Ethical Stem Cells, Curing Depression and Addiction: $349.99, save $60.00

(You can sign up for the consultation alone for just $250.00)
October 04, 2011
The Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg (2002) is available at Amazon cheaply.The readers give 4.7 of 5 stars on 33 readers which is pretty good. DVDs can be very expensive.  Get the book and discuss the contents with your physician or the National Center on Complementary Medicine. Their location on the internet is:

http://nccam.nih.gov/ Their contact is: Toll Free:

1-888-644-6226 TTY: 1-866-464-3615 (for hearing impaired) Fax: 1-866-464-3616 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET

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October 03, 2011
With all due respect, Ms. Aragon brings to the discussion (I went to her site and read what she offers to cancer patients) a jumble of some good sense and quite a bit of mumbo-jumbo concerning organic products, vitamins, natural oils, alternative therapies and avocados. The good sense can help; the rest probably can’t hurt…unless they confuse the patient or make life hell for those cancer patients who may now spend far too much time reading ingredient labels. Remember, when you’re a cancer patient you most likely will sooner or later start to lose weight. Unless you are diabetic, this is not the time to start eating sugar-free fudge or take on Weight Watchers. Your oncologist is the first person to talk with. Joint pain? That can really hurt. Forget not eating red meat or gulping down vitamins. If they work they’ll take a lot of time…and you’ll be in agony. Your oncologist can prescribe topical painkillers that work in two days or less. Are they good for you? Of course not. You don’t want to use them often. But if you react like I did, you’ll be free of pain. Talk to your oncologist.
Cancer, any kind of cancer, scares the hell out of most people. "Chemo slows down the reproduction of skin cells so as skin sheds-little or nothing grows back." That's a scary statement. Do you have a citation? The chemos I know about attack fast growing cells; e.g., cancer cells and hair follicle cells, among others. I may be exceptional, but all my skin is still in place. Many will grasp at nostrums…and there are far too many charlatans who are ready to sell everything from extract of cow manure to ground pecan shells. My advice to a cancer patient:

1. If you’re told you might have cancer, immediately ask your doctor for recommendations for an oncology specialist.

2. Make an appointment, not to become his or her patient at first but to interview each other. See if you think you like and trust her, because you’re going to wind up possibly trusting her with your life. You want to be sure she agrees with your views on quality of life versus length of life issues.

3. Ask questions during treatment and follow her advice, and that includes her advice about the efficacy of organic products, vitamins, natural oils, avocados and those dangerous carcinogenics in food. Remember all the scare stories about saccharine? Turns out it might be dangerous…if you drink more than 80 cans of diet drinks a day. Anyone who drinks that much diet soda is bound to die of something, probably a ruptured bladder.

4. If you need to have chemotherapy and/or radiation, you most likely will be in for a rough ride. The chances are that with either you’ll be nauseated and exhausted. Your balance will be unreliable. Your oncologist can help some with the nausea but can’t do much with the exhaustion.

5. Only pay skeptical attention to what you find on Internet sites. Do what your doctor tells you and take advantage of what she offers you. Most oncology centers offer personal and social counseling, diet and nutritional advice, make-up and appearance advice, not just what chemical they’re going to shoot you up with. Every time you think you’ll dive into organic foods and lots of vitamins, much less whatever blessing stones you can buy on the net, consult with your doctor. Remember, one Internet hawker overdosed on his own special formula and nearly died. He still sells the stuff on his web site. The difference between your doctor and the enthusiasts of various enthusiasms is that they have credentials you can check up on and direct medical experiences with cancers and cancer patients. To quote from Olson, James Stuart (2002). Bathsheba's Breast: Women, Cancer and History. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. “Alternative cancer treatments have never been shown to be effective at killing cancer cells in research studies, but remain popular in some cultures and religions. Some are dangerous, but most are harmless or provide the patient with a degree of physical or emotional comfort. Alternative cancer treatment has also been a fertile field for hoaxes aimed at stripping desperate patients of their money.”
If you’re a cancer patient, good luck, be strong, try hard to be positive and trust your oncologist.
October 05, 2011
Take a look at the article I just wrote on Complementary Medicine and the work being done at the National Institutes of Health- NCCM. The article is also in Cafe Libri. http://www.lunch.com/reviews/d/UserReview-Th...CM_of_the_National.html
October 05, 2011
Great commentary, Charley. Thank you for that.
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