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A tablet computer by Apple

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Raise Your Hand If You're An Elitists And You Love Your iPad

  • Aug 22, 2010
  • by
Pros: Just the right size; lightweight, 64GB of RAM; big, bright display; many functional uses.

Cons: Could use a USB ports; no multi-tasking.

The Bottom Line: So far the iPad 64GB Wi-Fi has more than lived up to my expectations and I have no regrets concerning my decision to buy one.

The Apple iPad.  Those of us who own one have recently been called less than flattering names for daring to use it and enjoying the experience!  For me the device fulfills several different functions I have been meaning to purchase in separate devices, like an e-book reader, portable music player for my master bedroom, and electronic photo frame.  Why buy all three of those devices when the Apple iPad does all three functions in one neat silver (albeit expensive) package?

I was enamored with the Apple iPad the moment is was announced because I saw the potential in the portable e-book reader that not only offered more memory than any other device on the market, but also offered up a full color widescreen display, Wi-Fi or 3G wireless, access to hundreds of applications, a web browser, music player, GPS address book, calendar, e-mail reader. 

I know, I know it lacks support for Adobe Flash as a fellow iPad elitists recently pointed out, but I don’t miss it.  There has only been one instance where I could not play a video on my iPad 64GB Wi-Fi; that to me does not constitute a crisis, nor does it diminish the considerable functionality the device brings to the hand.  And, I know, I know, the device does not multi-task, but the iPad 64GB Wi-Fi is not a computer it is an e-book reader that also does other functions.   I have a laptop and desktop if I want to multi-task.

The iPad 64GB Wi-Fi Facts

The Ultra-Portable, 1.5lbs (1.6lbs if 3G is installed) iPad 64GB Wi-Fi is a simple device with very few moving parts.  The power button sits on the top of the device on the right, while a standard 3.5mm headphone jack is situated on the far left.  Along the right edge of the 0.5” thick iPad you’ll find the screen lock and volume control switches, while the bottom of the 9.56” long device is reserved for speakers and the USB/power port.  The USB port is proprietary so, no, you cannot plug a USB memory stick into it, but with the provided cord you can plug it into your computer and into an outlet to recharge the device.

The silver-bodied iPad can be had with 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of memory, and all iterations are fitted with a 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed, high performance, low-power processor.  Internet connectivity is through either Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), and or 3G UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz) and GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz).  Bluetooth 2.1 EDR is also provided.

The 9.7-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen multi-touch color display offers 1024x768 resolution and can display multiple languages and characters simultaneously.  The IPad is fitted with an ambient light sensor and the device supports 576p and 480p with Apple Component AV Cable; 576i and 480i with Apple Composite AV Cable and 1024x 768 with Dock Connector to VGA adapter.

Audio playback response frequency is 20Hz – 20,000Hz and the iPad supports the following audio formats:

o   HE-AAC (V1)
o   AAC (16 to 320 Kbps)
o   Protected AAC (from iTunes Store)
o   MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps)
o   MP3 VBR
o   Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4)
o   Apple Lossless
o   AIFF
o   WAV

The iPad can view the following document types:

o   Images (.jpg, .tiff, .gif);
o   Documents (.doc and .docx (Microsoft Word), .txt, .pdf, .rtf);
o   Web pages (.htm and .html);
o   Keynote (.key);
o   Numbers (.numbers);
o   Pages (.pages);
o   PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx)
o   Outlook Contacts (.vcf);
o   Excel (.xls and .xlsx)

First Impressions: 

I really, really, really, like my new Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi. Naysayers aside this thing is cool and I am happy to own one and even take it out in public like I did today!  I love being able to take my favorite book(s) with me when I am on the go, and I have the ability to stop at a Wi-Fi hotspot and plugging into the Internet in order to read the latest news, get the weather, run an application, etc. 

But, I really like the fact that I can take the lightweight iPad 64GB Wi-Fi with my everywhere can and still gain access to my pre-selected books, magazines, music and images, not to mention a seemingly endless supply of useful applications.  I use the iPad 64GB Wi-Fi nightly during my reading sessions (yes, I read every night for at least 30 minutes).  I have purchased, downloaded, and installed my summer reading list onto my iPad 64GB Wi-Fi as well as a number of free (pre-1923) e-books from such notable authors as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickenson, etc.  So, now I can lie in bed and read comfortably utilizing a highly functional e-book reader that can look up words on the fly.  No more lugging around a spate dictionary so I can look up words I don’t know! 

And I have downloaded and install the “free” e-book readers for the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Neither is as functional as the iPad’s but now I can exchange e-books with my wife who has a Nook and purchase e-books from Amazon.com and read them on my iPad.

Setting up the iPad is easy if you have iTunes installed on your computer.  It is through iTunes that the iPad is initially set-up, updated, and back-up.  And it is through iTunes that music and image files can be downloaded and used on the iPad.  The interface also gives one a graphic representation of how much drive space is left, and what is consuming it. 

iBooks the e-book reader that is specially designed to work with the iPad is not preloaded unto the device, I had to download it from the iTunes Store; not a big deal.  Once downloaded e-books can be download either directly (through iBooks) or via iTunes.

When I connect the iPad 64GB Wi-Fi to my computer and launch iTunes, it automatically sync’s the two transferring any e-books I may have bought into iTunes.  Conversely, any e-books I purchase via iTunes are synced with the iPad automatically.

I stayed away from the 3G version of the iPad because who needs to pay an extra $30.00 a month for 3G access?  I figured Wi-Fi would be sufficient for what I planned to use the iPad for.  Setting up Wi-Fi is easy enough; the antenna is always on and looking for new connection.  I found the one I use at home on the presented list, typed in my pass-phrase via the incredibly handy keyboard and surfed the Internet; simple and easy. 

Since I bought the iPad 64GB Wi-Fi I have taken it out frequently to places that offer free Wi-Fi access and in only one instance did I have an issue connecting.  Nice!

Heat & Noise

There is neither of both; end of story.


Hands down, the Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi is a performance winner, and one heck of an e-book reader! Yes, the entrance fee (699.00 for the Wi-Fi 64GB; hey its $100.00 more to add 3G), but I think it is well worth the cost.  I wanted 64GB in order to have room to download app, music, e-books, and images without concern about running out of space.  This is especially true since you cannot add memory to the iPad.

So far the iPad 64GB Wi-Fi has more than lived up to my expectations and I have no regrets concerning my decision to buy one.  Who needs flash, my NPR videos play just fine thank you! 


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October 18, 2010
Great review! I have an iPhone 3GS and use it CONSTANTLY for reminders, alarms, just about everything. I basically can't function daily without it. An iPad is definitely tempting, but until it gets a little cheaper, I'll consider getting one, =]
October 19, 2010
Thanks for the comment!
October 18, 2010
I'm an elitist and I love my iPhone 3GS (waiting for the 5th gen to upgrade this!).  Fantastic review, Vincent.  I've been considering getting this for when I'm on the go, and your review makes me want one even more now, hmmmm!  Thanks for sharing :)
October 19, 2010
Devora,thank you for the comment! Get one, you'll love it!
October 19, 2010
I just might! At this point, I think I'm just going to wait for the next generation one. Hopefully it'll have a front facing camera and a mic for Skyping :)
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The iPad  is a tablet  computing device product from Apple Inc. The device was announced on January 27, 2010, at a press conference at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts  in San Francisco. The device was rumored for several months, with iSlate  and iTablet among rumored names.
The device is expected to incorporate a 10-inch (26 centimeter) multi-touch display made by Innolux, a subsidiary of Foxconn. The price is expected to be more than the iPhone but less than an Apple notebook computer.

The iPad's lowest grade model with a 16GB hard drive will run for $499 dollars with the 32 GB running for $599 and the 64GB running at $699.  Buyers will also have the opportunity to purchase the iPad with 3G connectivity with the lowest grade model starting at $629 and going up.  The Wi-Fi models will ship in late March while the 3G models will ship in April.

 Yair Reiner claims the iSlate will compete in the market against dedicated e-book devices such as the Barnes & Noble nook and the Amazon Kindle while offering 70% of revenue to publishers, the same arrangement accorded developers of the App Store. These arrangements would also extend to print publishers who currently receive less in digital work royalties from companies like Amazon.com.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISlate
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