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A tablet computer by Apple

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Best iPad Apps for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

  • Oct 27, 2010
  • by

Best iPad Apps for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

[ 117 ] August 16, 2010 | Tracy

I am the mom of a beautiful and amazing son who just happens to have a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism.  A few months ago I read an article on Blogher called ”The iPad a Near-Miracle for my son.” It immediately caught my attention not only because of  Shannon’s beautiful writing and story, but because I am always looking for opportunities to help our son succeed. 

I am blessed to have a small career here as a product reviewer, so I bravely contacted  a lovely Apple PR person about my story.  Apple was able to generously loan me an iPad for Nolan and I to try.  I am so excited that Apple is noticing us and is interested in what we say about Autism.    My hope is this will encourage the geniuses behind the iPad to develop even more resources for our children (and adults).  Early intervention is the key and the iPad is a door to the future.

This is a list of the iPad apps that Nolan really enjoyed and that I believe will help him to develop and encourage the skills that he needs to work on.  Because of early intervention, he has grown so much with his vocabulary and communication.  Most of the apps he and I liked aren’t targeted  for autism, but they are “autism friendly”.   I tried to find as many free and under $2.00 apps as I could.  The iPad isn’t the cure to Autism, it is a resource for parents that is working.   My experience with the iPad is unique to my child but I do believe that it can be helpful to many others.

We made a video demonstrating just a few apps that we enjoy.  I listed the rest below. 


IEP Checklist-Free

Hidden Curriculum Kids- Free

Autism News Feed- $1.99


The Angry Octopus book- $8.99  A beautifully illustrated story about how to handle anger and shows children how to calm down.  The characters are adorable too.

First Then Visual Schedule-$9.99  Transitions and focusing are difficult for my son.  First Then is great because you can carry around the schedule and it appealed more to him then other ones we have tried.  You can upload your own pictures and the images in the application’s stock library) to create a schedule. This personalization allows for schedules to be created and updated on the go, helping transition through unexpected changes in a daily routine.  I wasn’t able to download it on the iPad though. It said it needed a software update?  I tried it on my iTouch instead.  It is made for iPhone too.

iReward Chart-  $2.99     Nolan loves this.  He has been encouraged by the chart to listen better.  If I remind him of his stars he immediately changes his negative behavoir.

Autism Xpress-Free  This is a Feelings Chart showing different faces.  It is very cute and we try to mimic the faces.

The Angry Octopus book- $8.99  A beautifully illustrated story about how to handle anger and shows children how to calm down.  The characters are adorable too.

Social Skills 

Social skills stories are used to teach social skills that a neurotypical child will learn naturally.  These skills are sharing, taking turns, communicate and listen.  Using the iPad is much more appealing to Nolan to follow and learn the Social Stories.  This is the skill he needs to work on and develop the most.   He was easily frustrated sometimes but the iPad makes it fun! 

Model Me-Free   Social stories for children.  They make fantastic videos too and have a supportive community.

Social Stories  - $6.99

Look 2 Learn - $24.99

Stories2Learn -$13.99

MDR is a company that is a blessing for many parents.  They have developed the three apps listed above and I am impressed with the content and use of them.  Social Stories uses real life pictures and storiew that were very appealing to Nolan.  The pictures showed facial expressions that were easy for him to understand and follow. There are six stories that teach classroom rules, turn taking, reciprocal play and more.    Stories 2 Learn is an app that parents and educators can use to develop their own stories and download pictures, sound and text.  It can be used for visual schedules and much more.  It is the follow up to Look 2 Learn.   Look 2 Learn is for children who aren’t able to communicate using their words.  They can use this app to show what they need with pictures and pre recorded voices. 

Look in My Eyes  Garage -- $2.99  Encourages children to look in other children’s eyes, which is a difficulty for some children on the spectrum including my son.  Watch the video to see it in action.

Look in My Eyes Toys  $2.99 They offer different apps using the same theme.  This one is similar to the garage one but has the child earn toys.


Children with Asperger’s have trouble understanding language in context.  Receptive and expressive language are difficult to master.  The apps we tried I believe are helpful for different reasons.  There are many more, we just haven’t tried them yet.

ABA Receptive  $.99  Colorful and engaging flash cards are used to encourage the child to develop functional communication skills.  Nolan works on this at school and I like the app to use at home.  He enjoyed this app and the cost is great.

Larry the Talking Parrot  $4.99  Larry is adorable and repeats your words back just like Tom below.

Cat  Tom the Talking Cat FREE  (watch our video).  Nolan loves to talk to Tom and I have him tell him stories to develop those communtication skills and have fun at the same time.


Children respond to music and art and these apps are some that we tried.

Loopz   $1.99  Fun and a bit frustrating.  You have to follow the music and copy it from memory.  Nolan likes the music and interaction.  You can buy the game too and play it together with the app.  Developed by Mattel who makes the best toys too.

Free piano apps- FREE Virtuoso and more.  We tried Virtuoso and he loves it. (watch the video to see why)

Draw for iPad   FREE  Nolan loves to draw and this app is fun and builds on his skills.

Splatter HD – FREE  Use your fingers to splatter and draw (watch us in the video)




Toy Story 2 and 3 -  $8.99  These are his favorite of everything.  He will act out the stories during play time.  The graphics are amazing and Disney is my favorite.  They are interactive with games, music, and much more.

Alice in Wonderland  $8.99  An absolutely beautiful book and story.  Nolan really likes this one too.

MeeGenius-  $1.99  This is a great app because you can work with your child to  read classic stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  They can highlight words and listen to the twelve stories.  We love these classic stories.



TO ENTER:  Comment here telling us which app you would like to try.

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THE HUFFINGTON POST PICKED UP THIS ARTICLE FOR THEIR LIVING AND AUTISM PAGES!!!! SO FAR OVER 4,000 VIEWS ON OUR VIDEO TOO!   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/18/ipa...tism-and-_n_686020.html

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November 02, 2010
Thank you Tracy! I work for a compnay called Autismpro in Denver and I have shared this with all my co-workers. Wonderful!!
November 02, 2010
very cool!! Thanks John!!
November 03, 2010
Wow! thank you so much:)
November 03, 2010
You ar welcome, Tracy....Thanks for posting this. Check out our website @ autismpro.com
November 01, 2010
thanks so much for this! I just shared it on Facebook with my sister in law who works with autistic kids, and I'm sure will find all the info really useful. how awesome that you took the time to share all the details!
November 03, 2010
Thank you, that's great!. I know some schools and programs are getting iPads for their classrooms.
November 01, 2010
Wow Tracy. Great review and video. i just watched it and it was inspiring. Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. Really great information on this subject and i'm sure there will be a lot of new products that will be coming for the iPad to help even more. I would LOVE to see a community on Lunch dedicated to sharing this type of information. If you have any interest in getting one started, we can help set it up. This is such and important topic i would love to see more of it on Lunch. lmk if i can help in anyway. thanks again.
November 03, 2010
Thank you so much! That is a great idea. I am swamped right now through Christmas, but I would love to work on that in the new year! I will be in touch.
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