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The Amazing Race 16 Episode 3

  • Mar 6, 2010
  • by
 The third episode of Amazing Race 16 begins at the pit stop for the previous leg of the race (Gruta de la Virgen in Puerto Varas). Jet and Cord, who were the first team to arrive during the last leg, head out first. The teams must head out on one of two buses that will take them through the Andes Mountains and into Argentina. Jet and Cord head out first to the buses and the other teams follow. However, there is a bit of a scare concerning one of the teams right before their scheduled departure time. Apparently, Caite is suffering from food posionong and her partner (Brent) is having stomach issues. They both head to the emergency room and have to be given IVs for a few hours. They both worry about whether or not they'll be able to continue on in the race, but luckily, the doctors give them the ok and they can continue racing. The only problem is they're way past the time when they were supposed to leave, so now, they must play catch up with the other teams. But they're still determined to come through and survive in the race. It's always difficult seeing a team suffer from an illness. It's something that would devastate anyone in a race like this. The important thing though is that they're ok and that's all that matters.

18.jpg Carol and Brandy-The Amazing Race 16 picture by DolygateLater, we see Jet and Cord waiting to get onboard the first bus that leaves for Argentina. While they're waiting, Carol and Brandy both approach them and ask how they were able to get to the front of the pack in the previous leg of the race. The forceful nature of Carol and Brandy's questioning makes Jet and Cord very uncomfortable. In their confessional, they both comment that they dislike Carol and Brandy for not being more polite with them while pouncing on them with their questioning. You know, it seems as if Carol and Brandy are being edited to be the "Villains" of this season. There almost always seems to be one team on this show that gets that edit and this time, it's definitely those two. I'm sure Carol and Brandy are nice outside of the game, but I mostly agree with Jet and Cord. They were a little too upfront with their approach and they could have been much nicer about it. We'll see if Carol and Brandy can improve their relationships with the other teams (and with each other, as we'll see later in this review) as time goes on.

12.jpg Roadblock Episode 3 The Amazing Race 16 picture by DolygateThe two buses head out to Argentina. Jet and Cord, Joe and Heidi, and Carol and Brandy are on the first bus while the other six teams take the following bus. Once the two buses reach Argentina, all teams get into vans and drive themselves to El Boliche Viejo where they must win a game of five card stud against a gnome statue (okay, they're not actually playing the gnome statue itself because that would be crazy. They're really playing a cowboy dude who's representing the gnome statue. The gnome is a popular mascot of the Travelocity online travel agency and this show promotes that agency A LOT. This is yet another example of the show inserting the gnome wherever they can in the show to get it some exposure, lol.) After the teams have won the card game, they must walk to Pena Gaucha where their next Roadblock awaits them. For this Roadblock, a member of the team must rope a steer-horned hay bale that is quite a distance away from them. Once a team member has been successful in doing this, they have to pull the hay bale close to them and pick up their next clue. The cowboys (Jet and Cord) have no problem with this roadblock and maintain their first place position after completing it. The other teams don't fare as well. Most of the other teams struggle with it for a very long time. Brent and Caite even get lost trying to find their way to El Boliche Viejo in the first place, but eventually, they are the last team to arrive there. Brent incredibly ropes the steer on his second try and gets out of last place. Monique and Shawne struggle with the Roadblock for a very long time since Shawne just can't seem to rope the steer. But after many attempts, she finally comes through. Now it's on to the next destination.

4-1.jpg Detour Episode 3 The Amazing Race 16 picture by DolygateThe next clue tells our teams to go to some cliffs overlooking the river of Puente Nirihuah. It is that those cliffs where our teams discover the detour for this leg of the race. Here, the teams must choose to do one of two tasks presented to them. Horse Sense or Horse Power. In Horse Sense, teams visit a bandit who gives them coordinates. Then, they had to count out the number of steps it takes to get to those coordinates and dig up a bag. Once they find the bag, they must deliver it to the lead bandit and if their coordinates are correct, the team receives their next clue. In Horse Power, teams go to a field where horse polo is being played. Each team picks up a wooden horse and from the top of the horse, they must swing a ball polo style into a goal at the other end of the field. If the team makes the goal in nine tries or less, they receive their next clue. If not, the teams must go all the way back to the beginning of the field and try again. The interesting thing about both of these detours is how much most of the teams changed their minds about which task they were going to do. Most teams attempted to do the Horse Sense option first, but because of how difficult it was, almost every team quit Horse Sense and opted instead to do Horse Power. Carol and Brandy in particular got into a shouting match with each other about where the right coordinates were and abandoned the Horse Sense task because of it. Those two are going to self destruct at some point in the race, I'm almost sure of it. Jeff and Jordan were the only ones who stuck with Horse Sense all the way through and completed it without ever going to Horse Power. The other teams that did do Horse Power found that detour challenging as well. The Cowboys finished it quickly and maintained their lead. The other teams had to try many times before finally getting the ball into the goal at the end of the field. Eventually, most of the teams complete the Horse Power detour and receive their next clue telling them to head to the Pit Stop. But one team has quite a bit of a problem completing this task, as we will soon see.

moniqueshawne.jpg Monique and Shawne-The Amazing Race 16 picture by DolygateThe Pit Stop for this leg of the race is Estancia Fortin Chacabuco, a ranch at the Andes Mountains. Jet and Cord arrive first and win a trip to Patagonia. The other teams begin to arrive behind them. Brent and Caite, who came very close to having to leave the race earlier due to illness, come in seventh place and remain in the race. Our two favorite bumbling detectives, Louie and Michael, who do terribly on every leg and yet somehow survive, keep up their winning strategy. It takes them forever to do the Horse Power Detour, but they finally finish and come in eighth, just barely staying alive in this game. The two moms (Monique and Shawne) are not so lucky. They attempt to complete the Horse Power task many times, but they cannot swing the ball effectively into the goal and decide to give up and do the Horse Sense detour instead. They eventually complete it and head to the pit stop, where Phil informs them that they're the last team to arrive and that they've both been eliminated from the race. Monique and Shawne are very sad to be leaving, but they both mention that they did their best and that they are both proud to be good role models to their children by teaching them to never give up. They were a good team, but seeing how outmatched they were by some of the other teams, I knew it would only be a matter of time before they were eliminated. It's unfortunate we can't learn more about them, but they did a nice job here and they should be proud of that.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It was mediocre compared to the first two episodes, but it was still ok for the most part. I continue to be amazed at how Louie and Michael keep surviving every week. They are just barely getting by week after week. I think these two are starting to realize that they are not going to dominate the competition like they initially thought. I doubt these two will win, but we'll see what happens. I also enjoyed seeing Jet and Cord come in first yet again. They're a team that's easy to take for granted, but they've both proven that they're smart and resourceful. They could very well win this season. Also, I'm very glad that Jeff and Jordan are still in this. I very much want to see them win. They ran into some trouble with the Horse Sense task, but they did ok by coming in fifth, right in the middle of the pack. It'd be great to see Team Big Brother come out on top. As for Carol and Brandy, these two seem doomed. They bicker and fight with each other, they make other teams feel uncomfortable. They might go far, but I don't think they'll win. We'll see what happens, though.

Anyway, till next week. 
The Amazing Race 16 Episode 3

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March 13, 2010
Great review, Cameron! This show sounds like a lot of fun. I will have to watch it someday. We should enter the competition and join the race! ;)
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 The nine remaining teams race through Argentina in hopes of staying in the race.
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