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Getting the Best of Me -- Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 2

The second episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains.

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Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Episode 2

  • Feb 20, 2010
  • by
 The second episode of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains kicks off in dramatic fashion. Last time, Miss Sugar became the first person from this series to get the boot. Who will go this time? Let's find out.

On the Villains' side, the tribe rebuilds their shelter for the fourth or fifth time and according to Randy, each new incarnation of the shelter is worse than its predecessor. Rob is frustrated with how inadequate the shelter is, but he bites his tongue and stays quiet. Eventually, he gets extremely frustrated with not saying anything about the tribe's lousy work ethic and their lack of ability when it comes to building a shelter, so he walks away from camp in an attempt to distance himself from the tribe. Suddenly, Rob complains of feeling dizzy and collapses on the forest floor away from camp. Jerri finds him almost unconscious and Rob mumbles for Jerri to get help. Later, the med team comes and checks Rob out. He mentions that the game is getting the best of him and that he has too much respect for the game to leave it. After the medical team determines that Rob is ok, he stands up still shaking a bit and walks back to camp where he is warmly embraced by his fellow tribe mates who are happy to see that he is alright. We see Rob in confessional saying that he got sick because he kept holding his true feelings back and from now on, Rob is going to tell it like it is regardless of what people think. 

98301_D8169display.jpg Rob-Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateFirst of all, it's great that Rob is ok and that he wasn't seriously ill. Jeff Probst mentions on his blog that Rob came down with a type of flu that had been going around in that area, but it was nothing serious and thankfully, Rob is fine. It's extremely interesting to hear how Rob is so dedicated to having a strong work ethic around camp. This approach of Rob's is polar opposite from how he played the game the first time back in Marquesas. Back then, Rob was definitely the lazy, unmotivated type when it came to work around camp. He even gathered his little clan of slackers together and voted out Hunter on that season, who was arguably the hardest working person around camp on Rob's tribe at that point. I guess eight years really does change a person. Now Rob is a hard working leader who gets angry at slackers for not pulling their weight. It makes sense considering the length of time that's gone by and also due to him having a wife and child now, so his priorities and outlook on the game will have changed substantially because of that. But either way, Rob has always been a great strategic player and he is clearly in control of his tribe at this point.  Throughout the rest of the game, we'll see whether he can maintain that control or whether it will evaporate into dust. Should be interesting.

98305_D04334display.jpg Immunity Challenge Episode 2-Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateNow it's time for the immunity challenge. The tribes must push six huge crates back to their platform and once they've done that, they must rearrange the crates to spell out their tribe name. The first team that does this will receive immunity and will not have to go to tribal council. The losing team has to vote one person off their tribe. Early on in the challenge, the Heroes gain an impressive lead while pushing the crates back to the platform while the Villains fall behind. But just like with the previous immunity challenge on Episode one, the Heroes slow down when it comes to the puzzle portion of the challenge (rearranging the crates to form the tribe name). This allows the Villains to catch up from behind and score another win for their tribe. The Villains are once again safe from tribal council. Another Hero will be leaving the game this week.

98305_D03220display.jpg James-Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateWhen the Heroes return to camp, it is not a pretty sight. James is quite upset, to put it mildly. James feels that the team lost because everyone wanted to take charge in the challenge when instead, they should have listened to J.T. and done what he asked them to do. James specifically blames Stephenie for the loss and says that she should've shut her mouth and kept quiet during the challenge. He goes even further by saying that Stephenie is a "witch" and that she causes bad luck because her tribe got annihilated back on her earlier season. James uses all of these statements as proof to why Stephenie should be the next one to go. I have duel opinions concerning James' actions here. I think James had a pretty good argument here and yes, I agree that Steph tried too hard to take charge in the challenge and that could've very well contributed to their loss. I understand all of that. However, the way James went about selling his point was just straight up childish. James has never been the brightest bulb in the bunch. He proved that on his two previous seasons and he once again exemplifies that dimwittedness here. Instead of stating his point about Steph calmly, he decides to yell at her and call her a "witch" like a three year old would do. Also, James is the last person who should be complaining about Steph's poor performance in her first season. This complaint is coming from a man who got voted out of Survivor: China with TWO (not one, but TWO) immunity idols in his pocket and didn't use either one. And now this sideshow joke has the audacity to criticize Stephenie for being stupid? I mean, yeah, Stephenie didn't think it through, but the master of non-thinking shouldn't be calling kettles black. James walks around with his shirt off and has this air of "Look at me, I'm James. I'm so great. I know everything despite the overwhelming evidence that clearly proves I'm a buffoon and utterly worthless". This game is so personal for this loser and he couldn't be a subtle strategist if his life depended on it. Keep yelling and screaming, James. When you get voted off for the third time (and  I hope that happens), I'll be laughing the loudest along with Tom. It might not have been good strategically for Tom to have said anything to James, but I'm glad that Tom stood up to James' ranting and made his voice heard. Someone had to shut James up, lol. 

Anyway, James' demonizing of Steph  appears to be gaining supporters and now, Steph is in danger of being voted out. James, J.T., Amanda, and Rupert all seem dead set on voting out Steph while Colby, Tom, and Steph want to vote out Amanda. Candice and Cirie are the crucial swing votes that will determine who goes home this time around. Which way will Candice and Cirie go? When we get to tribal council, it all becomes clear. By a vote of six to three, Stephenie is the second person voted out of Heroes vs. Villains. Candice and Cirie sided with James' crew and this is the result. Wow.

stephenie_lagrossa_survivor_guatema.jpg Stephenie-Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateI have to say that Stephenie's exit really surprised me this week. I thought she would end up winning this season, so I have to say I'm quite floored at how quickly she became a massive target. I had predicted that Steph would say under the radar in the beginning and I also felt that she would not go home early due to her ability to really come through physically in the challenges. It was so hard to imagine Stephenie being at the center of a conflict so early on in the season and yet, that's exactly what happened. Given how long she lasted in the game on her previous two performances, her ouster happening so soon here was definitely shocking and completely unexpected. I can't give James credit for Stephenie's ouster because he's too stupid to do anything productive from a strategic standpoint. No, the person that I feel put the final nail in Stephenie's coffin was Cirie. Last week, Cirie considered getting rid of Stephenie because of how threatening she was and also because she wasn't the strongest person on the tribe and losing her would not result in losses challenge wise. This week, we didn't see too much of that thinking from Cirie, but I still suspect she played a major role in getting Stephenie out of the game. I feel that Cirie is in complete control now of the Heroes tribe (which is shocking because I thought for sure, Colby and Tom would be running things at this point instead). Cirie is not a target and she can pretty much determine who will go on her tribe every week. Amanda, Cirie and James absolutely made the right decision in voting off Steph (this doesn't change the fact that James is still a big fat whiner) because it gives the three of them (mainly Cirie) power and control in the Heroes tribe. However, Rupert, J.T., and Candice may not have put themselves in a good position by choosing to vote out Steph. If all three of them are still around when the merge happens and if Cirie's crew gets back together with Parvati on the Villains side, Cirie could completely own this game and Rupert, J.T., and Candice could be ousted quickly. Will that happen? We shall see as the season continues.

Another great episode of Survivor. Many interesting moments and a lot to talk about here. This season is off to a great start. Till next week. 

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March 01, 2010
Great review, Pard! I finally played catch-up with both episode 2 and 3 of "Survivor." I am also shocked that James was able to get Steph out. I think it was the wrong decision. We will need to speak about the two episodes over the phone very soon!
March 01, 2010
Glad you enjoyed the review. Yeah, James was a big crybaby this episode. Couldn't stand him. Steph getting kicked off really floored me. I thought she had an extremely good chance of winning. Before this season started, I really could not envision a scenario where Steph would get sent home early. Not one. And yet it happened. Wow. Unbelievable. My prediction on how well she would do was dead wrong, lol. I'll probably put up my review of episode 3 tomorrow (March 1st). I have a LOT to say about episode 3, especially in regards to a particular comment that Coach made. It'll probably be a long review, but it should be fun to write. :-)
March 01, 2010
Yeah, I really dislike James, and I had no preconceptions about him, since I hadn't seen the earlier seasons. He must not have changed AT ALL. I was sad to see Steph go too. I would have enjoyed her winning. I can't wait to read your episode 3 review. I just watched that episode a little bit ago tonight. I have a TON to say about it too. Be forewarned...it will be the lowest rating I've given a "Survivor" episode. :P
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On the second episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains, the cast continues to play the game they once played before in Samoa while one Survivor finds themselves laying on the ground and possibly being taken out of the game. 
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