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Jersey Shore

A television series on MTV that follows 8 housemates spending their summer on the Jersey Shore.

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Like Looking into a Fish Tank. Only All the Fish Are Really, Really Drunk.

  • Feb 3, 2010
  • by
Who knew that a heavy dose of self-tanned, worked out, Ed Hardy decked out, potty mouthed, uninhibited, self-professed guidos and guidettes could be so entertaining? 

When I first watched the True Life Jersey Shores series that spawned this series, I couldn't believe that people like that existed, which is one of the reasons why I was so captivated with it, because it let us get into the minds of people who behaved in such ways.  The people on the show seemed so unreal, but the fascinating and scary part about it was... they were real.  Furthermore, they were real entertaining, too, and MTV realized that they could capitalize on it, thus Jersey Shore was created a few years later, and oh boy...  As a friend put it, watching Jersey Shore is like looking at a fish tank.  With seven really drunk fish in it.  I think this show makes people all over feel a bit better about themselves.

Some of my favorite moments in the house included Vinnie's entire Italian family visiting, and his mama cooking, cleaning, and bringing him fresh socks and undies and overall doting on him in front of the other roommates.  So cute!  I loved Snookie and her adorable antics, oh, and her mommy's visit.  Very cute as well!  Of course, there was drama, like the Ronnie and Sami saga.  Can you say rockiest relationship ever?  And who could forget the incident where J-WOWW high-fived The Situation in the face?

Besides the drama on the show, there was also drama surrounding the show.  There were some Italian American groups and the Jersey Shore tourism board that were peeved by this.  I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal.  People shouldn't base their opinions about Italian Americans and the Jersey Shores based on a TV show about the lives of six young party animals during summer break.  When I think of anything Italian, the first thing that comes to mind is food (I have a one track mind!) and when I think off the Jersey Shores, I think of the boardwalk.

I think young people from all over can take a lesson from this show -- don't be like the people on Jersey Shore.  The reason this show was so entertaining was because it was so ridiculous.  Guys, don't wear Ed Hardy, it makes you look really ridiculous.  Few guys look good wearing clothing with that many rhinestones on it.  Oh, and don't be such a prick.  Ladies, please respect yourselves and don't date guys like the ones on the show.  They exist all over, and aren't necessarily Italian or on the Jersey Shores.  Just take a stroll down San Francisco's North Beach, for instance.

Besides those lessons learnt, the show has also expanded my vocabulary with some very interesting words and terms, And no, I will not be providing definitions because Lunch is too classy for that.

  • The new meaning of the term Guido
  • Guidette
  • Grenade
  • Grenade Launcher
  • GTL -- Gym Tan Laundry
  • Gorilla
  • Juicehead
  • Fist Pumping as a dance move
  • Creeping
  • Vibing
  • Commiting a Robbery
  • Hairstyles like The Poof
  • And The Blowout

I think my favorite part out of this whole Jersey Shore saga was, surprisingly, not on the show, but when the cast met up with Michael Cera and gave him a makeover, blowout, Ed Hardy gear, spray tan, nick name and all.  Meet the Ceranation:

I'm anxiously awaiting for a reunion, and I really hope that the Ceranation pays them a visit.
All Sorts of Ridiculousness All Sorts of Ridiculousness All Sorts of Ridiculousness All Sorts of Ridiculousness

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June 27, 2011
"I think this show makes people all over feel a bit better about themselves." AMEN. I haven't seen much of this show, but it makes me-as Bill Hicks once said, pray for nuclear holocaust in 2 minutes.
February 09, 2010
Ditto what Frank said!
February 18, 2010
brb, practicing my best Joisey accent, putting on my spray tan, and gelling my hair. Okay, I'm ready for my close up ;P
February 09, 2010
I hate this kind of show because there's a whole generation that's coming up thinking that being like this will make them rich and famous. And even though my maiden name is 100% Italian, I'm smart enough to know that Guido is a put down for a low life Italian whose only goal in life is to be mafia.
February 18, 2010
Dear lord, I hope not. I guess being on a reality tv show is a quick shot to getting 15 minutes of fame, but you also have to sell a considerable amount of your soul for it. I only hope that most of the population isn't willing. And I guess the Italians on the show are trying to take back the word "Guido" and own it?
February 18, 2010
There's a lot of protesting going on by Italian groups who don't like the kids using the terms. I think they're just too stupid to know that it's not exactly a compliment.
February 05, 2010
I can't even watch the commercials for it because all I can think about is I am so glad my kids don't act that way. I'm glad you wrote it the way you did.
February 05, 2010
Thanks, Elissa! Yeah, this is definitely not safe for kids. I would suggest that if parents of young kids want to watch this, to do it on their own ;P
February 04, 2010
I don't think I want to get into this show but your review cover most of the hours that I would probably spend on it, thanks for putting it out there ;-)
February 04, 2010
Haha, my pleasure! This is something that you could totally get sucked into. That is, if you aren't too disgusted by the first episode you watch ;P
February 03, 2010
LMAO! This looks like one of those shows that you might watch and become hooked on, but without ever really knowing why. Reality shows are funny that way. Hilarious review, D!
February 03, 2010
Yeah, that's exactly what this is! What's worse is that I have thing for bad TV... I'm one of those people who can totally get lost in an infomercial at 3 in the morning. Fortunately, I don't have a TV. I watched this online. Thanks for your comment, Sean! :)
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review by . December 07, 2009
posted in Pass The Remote!
Where do I begin? This is the BEST trash "reality TV" show that's been on air since I don't know when! In 2003, the MTV series "True Life" aired an episode called "I Have A Summer Share" which introduced the world to the Jersey Shore and what one of the "stars" called "the world's biggest meat market" with a bunch of incredibly tanned, f-bomb dropping, violent, obnoxiously drunk and mostly Sicilian/Italian …
Quick Tip by . November 12, 2011
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It's TV shows like this that sometimes make me loathe humanity if shit like this is popular. All this show consists of is a bunch of entitled 20 somethings of Italian descent with forcibly-tanned skin that only care abouit partying and getting laid. If I were of Italian heritage, I'd smack somebody if they associated me with these piles of garbage. Also, the fact that they associate each other as "guidos" really makes them bad caricatures. The only good things about Jersey Shore is that South Park …
review by . January 13, 2010
Beat the Beat
Look- the words Guido and Guidette may not be the most PC words historically... but then again, neither are tanning beds and aquanet. That said, MTV's Jersey Shore combines all these fantastically unPC concepts into an hour of television that has the profound effect of being able to take your mind off of anything. Anything. You won't think of a single problem you have as you watch a 4'9 Snookie get closed-fist-punched clear off of a bar stool (please note: 4'9 is legally a midget... sorry, shnooks). …
Quick Tip by . January 18, 2010
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shows like this make me want to sell my TV and move to a jungle hut somewhere
Quick Tip by . January 14, 2010
I know this show is trash, but why do I always look forward to the next episode & why do I think it's so good? Because it's so bad?
Quick Tip by . December 08, 2009
so ridiculous.
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Jersey Shore is a television series on MTV that follows 8 housemates spending their summer on the Jersey Shore. In it, the show examines the lives of young adults living and vacationing on the various resort towns in the northern part of the Jersey Shore, more specifically the town of Seaside Heights, where they live in a common living space and help to run a t-shirt store. The show plays upon the stereotype of the guido, prompting criticism from groups such as the National Italian American Foundation and from some people living in the area.

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