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Knights of the Round Table -- Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 5

The fifth episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains

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Survivor Heroes vs Villains Drops "Heroes" for "Idiot" Tribe Name

  • Mar 12, 2010
  • by

The Heroes tribe sure is sucking on Survivor Heroes vs Villains. After sending Cirie out of the game, JT and his fellow "heroes" returned to camp. While Tom/Colby gloated that they were both still in the game, JT had to save face with Amanda, James and Rupert. I promised all three that he would never sway again and that it was for the betterment of the tribe. JT sure knows how to be the swing vote, it won his the million in Tocantins and could win him another here in Samoa. Over on Villains camp everyone was doing some "Coachi" aka Coach's fake yoga while Russell looked for the hidden idol. And SURPRISE! Ok not really, he found the idol and nobody was looking. Of course they all suspect it but seriously, is anyone surprised he really has it?

The Reward Challenge saw the return of last seasons "basketball battle" challenge. It didn't seem as brutal as last season but for the reward of chocolate I think only Jerri was really pumped to win. In the first round James took a hit from Russell and it tweaked his knee. He went down and Jeff pulled him out of the challenge, forcing the Heroes to continue down a person. Amanda scored the first point though, giving them the first point but after a few blocks of the ball thanks to Rob, the Villains were able to score and tied things up. Jerri took out some aggression that was caused by Rupert, thanks to knocking her down, and won the chocolate for her tribe. Funny thing is she's probably the only one who really wanted it!

Villain's had a nice reward with a chocolate picnic lunch and some time to swim in a forty-foot hole in the ground. While the tribe cooled off, Russell revealed to Parvati that he had the idol and she couldn't have been happier. Russell then used the idol to gain power in his tribe and showed it to Coach, who was astounded. Although he and Russell have not been getting along, Coach is now on Russell's side. He was even "knighted" by Russell and the dragon slayer is now in the "Kings" court. That puts a ton of power in Russell's hands. He has the idol, he has Parvati and now Coach. He's in the same position as last season, now all we need is for the Villains to lose so we can see the fireworks play out.

Over at Hero beach they were bummed about losing both the challenge and possibly James. Amanda cried and cried, basically saying she can't play the game without James since he's her "big brother". She did much better when James left in Fans vs Favorites so she should somewhat want him to go, like Tom did, but no. James returned to the beach with a full leg cast, limping all the way. Amanda basically screamed to the world "James and I are aligned" by running out to him but seriously, I don't want him back. Sure it would suck to see him go out twice for medical, but James is rather annoying this season and much better people are going before him. And for that, I blame him!

For their immunity challenge it was time for an All Star rehash. Each tribe had one caller: Jerri and James, who would lead blindfolded pairs out into a course to retrieve a piece of a puzzle. First to get their pieces back and finish the puzzle would win. James did an OK job at the calling but he left many of them out in the open without much to do. They kind of just found the pieces on their own, at least it seemed that way, while Jerri remained calm and got her teammates back in a less painful way. She's had some experience calling though, I mean it is her third time. While James lost his voice, the rest of his tribe fumbled at the puzzle. It ended up that the Villains pulled ahead again and won thanks to their puzzle skills and they once again sent the Heroes back to Tribal Council. I was excited, until they actually voted that is.

Trying to decide the vote should have been simple: James. He can't run, he can't swim so what's the point of him being there? Sure he can call in ONE challenge, but that will be the last for awhile. Tom/Colby pushed hard for James to go. Candice was all for James going while JT was telling both sides what they wanted to hear. It seems like JT/Candice are a new pair but since JT is with everyone I don't believe it. Amanda/James/Rupert believed that JT would vote with them while Colby/Tom thought JT would vote with them. I mean he did swear on his vote, something he's been known to do, and being such a flip-flopper he will keep going back and forth to whoever has power and go straight to the end. Again.

At Tribal Council JT once again said one thing yet did another. He told Jeff that James' actions weren't true, blaming Tom for the loss of the challenge. Yet JT then goes ahead and votes Tom out, not sure why but he did. Candice followed suit and we had a semi-blindside since obviously James should have gone. I really do want the Heroes to do well, but they keep voting out the strong, likable people so its making me hate them and making them a VERY boring tribe. I also don't understand how Candice can call James out at Tribal Council, yet vote to keep him. It makes no sense but such is life in Samoa apparently as that stupid tribe just keeps getting stupider.

Here's what I'm hoping for next week: Russell uses his new found power to get Tyson or Danielle out of the game. NOT Rob. They have been invisible this season and are pretty much making Brett looks like a camera hog. Over at Heroes beach, I hope James gets sent home. I kind of want them to lose again, just so they realize how stupid it was to send out Cirie and Tom when their real problem is JAMES. He's lazy, he doesn't do anything and has already said he thinks the game is stupid! Why would you keep someone there knowing they could potentially get the vote from America from money the longer they stay (which he won't, or at least better now) and also why would you keep him there now that he's basically dead weight! Candice said it herself, I just wish she would have stuck to voting out James and left Tom in. I swear had they done that, the Heroes would be much better off. Who do you want to see go home next week? Anyone rooting for James? I bet you can tell that I'm not!

For a full recap check out http://www.realityrehash.com/survivor/surviv...r-idiot-tribe-name.html

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March 12, 2010
Good review. I cracked up at your line about Brett looking like a camera hog. So true. As far as Russell goes, I highly doubt he would use the idol to try and take out an invisible player. He wants to be the top dog and nothing short of that will satisfy him. Look at the way he reacted when he lost to Natalie last season. He was completely devastated and demanded that Natalie give him the title of sole survivor. He has a deep need to be number one and the only way he feels that he can accomplish that is to take out Rob. It'll be interesting to see how the fireworks develop with those two. Oh, and you're right. James still sucks. lol.
March 17, 2010
I agree! This was a surprising episode. The heroes are definitely sucking. I can't believe the choices they are making. Great review, though, Joe!
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 Russell continues his search for the hidden immunity idol and Rob continues his own mission to vote Russell out.
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