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Knights of the Round Table -- Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 5

The fifth episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains

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Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Episode 5

  • Mar 16, 2010
  • by

The fifth episode of Survivor 20 is full of scheming, plotting, and betrayal. Last time, one of the greatest Survivors ever to play the game was taken out of commission when Cirie surprisingly got an early boot. Who will be sent to loser's lodge this episode? Let's find out.

98305_D10488display.jpg J.T. Episode 5 Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateWe start off with the Heroes returning from their third tribal council. Many of Cirie's friends and alliance mates are quite upset that she got kicked off. J.T. says that he had to do what was best for the team. He mentions that Cirie's loyalty becomes shaky after the merge and because of that, she needed to go home. We then see Rupert in a confessional saying that he's ticked off at what J.T. did. As we all know from his past experiences, it's never a good idea to get Rupert angry. He can fly off at the handle sometimes (like he did with Jon back in Pearl Islands when Jon cast a vote against him). I'm a little worried at this point that he might explode on J.T. for his change in the vote at the last tribal council. I hate it when Rupert goes crazy, so that's something I definitely don't want to see, lol. The next day, we see Amanda and J.T. talking in the shelter. Amanda is visibly upset with Cirie's departure, but J.T. once again assures her that he did it for the good of the tribe and that Amanda (along with Rupert and James) can trust him from here on out. Amanda expresses her misgivings about J.T. in her confessional and how she doesn't fully trust him. At this point, J.T. is clearly the floater of the tribe. He's going around to whichever alliance makes him the best deal at the moment in order to keep him safe another day. This type of gameplay can either be extremely beneficial to him in the long run or it could cut his game quite short. If people continue to need his vote to get out bigger threats, then he'll have staying power and won't be a target. If people criticize him for not being loyal, people could come together and take him out for moral reasons. One of the biggest advantages J.T. had in his original season was his likability. I strongly believe that contributed heavily to not just his win on Survivor: Tocantins, but also the unanimous vote he received from the jury to win the game at the end of that season. There were many reasons why people should not have trusted him at all on the Tocantins season, but yet they did. The same thing seems to be happening this time around. J.T. is switching alliances and screwing over people left and right, but his good old boy attitude endears him to his tribemates so much that they'd rather continue working with him than get rid of him. Not many people have the ability to pull this off well, but luckily for J.T., he seems to be pretty good at it. Can J.T. use his charm to pull off another win this season? Let's keep an eye on him and see what happens.

300SurvivorHantzcm093009.jpg Russell Episode 5 (kinda, but not really) Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateNext, we head off to the Villains beach where the delusional one himself (Coach) is teaching a course on the ancient art of dragon-slayer chi. For those of you who are not familiar with this time honored tradition, it involves Coach pretending to teach his fellow tribe members how to meditate while doing stupid karate stances in order to boost his already inflated ego. In other words, Coach is being Coach. Nuff said. Sandra and Courtney giggle amongst themselves while doing this exercise because they, along with the audience, knows how ridiculous this pointless activity is. Nevertheless, they participate in it anyway. There is one person that is notably absent from Coach's idiotic training session and his name is.....you guessed it....Russell. You see, Russell ain't got no time for Coach's antics. He's got a hidden immunity idol to find and there ain't nothin or nobody that's gonna stop him. Russell visibly separates himself from the group and goes to the spot where he believes the idol is hidden. He has already dug in this spot for two days to no avail. However, today, he digs one more time and finally comes across something wrapped up in a bag. Russell has found the hidden immunity idol. Of course, he is overjoyed and says that he is the one in control now, not Rob. Well,  I have to hand it to Russell. He once again finds a hidden idol. Russell found three hidden immunity idols on his original season (two of them without the help of a clue as to where it was), so I'm not surprised that he was able to do it again this time around. Having the idol puts a player in a great position and Russell knows it. Will  Russell be able to get rid of Rob now that he has the idol in his corner? Should be interesting to see what happens from here on out.

98305_D09764display.jpg Reward Challenge Episode 5 Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateThe reward challenge is upon us now. For this classic challenge from the Samoa season, three players from each team are in a pit with three egg-shaped balls while three other tribe members from each team are standing on a platform above the pit. The players in the pit must toss the egg shaped balls up to one of their team members standing on the platform above them. Once someone on the platform has a ball, they must throw it into a basket at the other end of the field in order to score a point. The first tribe to reach two points will win this week's reward. For the reward, the winning tribe will be taken to a watering hole and enjoy a feast of chocolate items (chocolate cake, chocolate bars, chocolate milk, chocolate cookies, etc...). To wet the tribe's appetite, Jeff offers each tribe little bites of chocolate to munch on. The Villains scarf down on the chocolate, but the Heroes decide not to eat any. When Jeff notices that the Heroes haven't eaten any chocolate at all, he asks them (specifically Colby) why they haven't eaten any chocolate. Colby says he just wants to get to the challenge now, but Jeff says he'll start the challenge when he's good and ready. Rupert clarifies things and says that by not eating the chocolate, the Heroes are sending a message to the Villains that they are not here for fun and games, they're focused and they want to win today's challenge. Let's see if this attitude from the Heroes helps them any. Given their performances in the past this season, the Heroes are going to need all the help they can get. The reward challenge finally gets underway and both teams are competing hard. During the challenge, James jumps in order to block one of the Villains balls from entering the basket and he falls wrong on his leg. The medical team comes in and takes a look at him. They believe that James has sprained a muscle in his leg and they try and see if he is able to walk. After walking for a little ways, James' leg acts up again. The medical team decides to pull James from this challenge. As soon as this happened, I thought Colby would take James' place since Colby had to sit out the challenge so that the teams would be even. However, no one replaced James and the Heroes tribe were now a man short in this challenge. It seemed unfair to me at the time that the Heroes could not substitiute Colby in as a replacement. But someone on a message board pointed out that bringing in Colby might have been unfair since he was well rested and the other tribe members in the challenge weren't. That makes some sense, I guess. Anyway, the challenge continues without James and when it's all said and done, the Villains win the reward challenge (why am I not surprised? The Heroes just can't get it together at all, lol.). The Villains head off to paradise while the Heroes return to camp. James, however, has to stay behind at the challenge and get looked at some more by medical. The medics are worried that James has stretched his leg considerably and might have to be taken out of the game. The medic splints his leg up and sees if he can walk on it. Getting injuries like this is never fun at all. Last time this challenge was performed, the older gentleman (Mike was his name, I think) had to be removed from the game due to getting high blood pressure as a result of it and passing out. Jeff mentions in his blog this week that they will never perform this challenge again due to how dangerous it is. That's a very good call for obvious reasons, I must say. lol.

98305_D11583display.jpg Coach Episode 5 Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateThe Villains finally receive their reward and feast on Chocolate galore. A few of the Survivors head out to the watering hole and take a swim there. The Villains taking a dip in the watering hole notice that Russell is not among them. He, along with Parvati, decide to not take a swim at that moment and continue eating chocolate sweets by themselves. Jerri and Sandra tell the other Villains that they are absolutely positive that Russell has the idol since he dug the past two days for it and had to have found it. Later, we overhear Russell telling Parvati that he has the idol and he plans on using it to get Rob out of the game. Parvati is ecstatic when she hears this. Russell knows that he's going to need more help in getting Rob out, so he decides to have a private conversation with the Dragonslayer. Russell tells Coach that he has the idol and that he wants to work with him to get themselves further in the game. He also tells Coach that he'll give him the idol if he needs it. When Coach hears this, he is amazed and pledges his undying loyalty to Russell. Coach says that this is similar to Knights of the Round Table (The moment I saw the title of this episode, I knew for a fact Coach said the quote ("Knights of the Round Table") even before I watched this episode. Only someone as delusional as Coach would say something stupid like that. lol.) and asks Russell to "knight" him (You can't make this stuff up, folks). Russell officially "knights" Coach and makes him a member of King Russell's kingdom, lol. Coach just gets worse and worse as the game rolls on. He trusts everybody and doesn't assume for a second that people could be.....I don't know.....LYING to him. I mentioned in my last review how Coach acts so much like a kid desperate for attention and we see the same thing here yet again. Russell gives him attention and makes him feel special. Then Russell flat out lies by telling Coach that he'll give him the idol if he needs it and Coach buys it hook, line, and sinker. Wow, Coach is just too gullible. He believes anything. If someone told him the world was flat, he'd probably think it was true. But I suppose this isn't all that surprising. For a man who believes himself to be a noble Dragonslayer in a mighty kingdom, it should come as no shock that he'll believe in any fairy tale sprung upon him. Russell might very well have Coach in his back pocket now. The tide of power may have very well shifted on the Villains tribe.

98305_D10526display.jpg Amanda Episode 5 Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateBack on the Heroes beach, Amanda is missing James very much. She talks with Candice and tells her that she's very concerned about whether or not James will be able to return to the game due to his injury. Rupert is almost certain that James has been pulled from the game because he's been gone too long. Every one of the Heroes believes that James' time on Survivor may be over this season. That is, until he is seen walking back to the beach with an improvised cast on his leg. Amanda, who is barely able to contain her excitement, runs to James and gives him a big old hug welcoming him back. Amanda seems to apologize to James for running up to him and being so emotional about him returning to the game since it exposes their alliance. Gee, ya think??? Look, Amanda has done very well in her past Survivor seasons, but she is definitely not the most intelligent person to play the game. I know she missed James and all. I know she sees him as a big brother figure in her life. But Jesus, could you have maybe been a LITTLE more subtle when seeing him again. Now everyone knows for a fact that those two are going to stick together like glue no matter what and someone will try and take them out because of it (everyone knew about Amanda and James being together before this incident because they had both worked together in past seasons, but this just made it even more ridiculously obvious. Bad move on Amanda's part.). Amanda needs to become more focused if she wants to have a chance to win this, plain and simple. She blew two perfectly good chances of winning the game in her previous attempts because she continuously fails at convincing a jury why she deserves to win. With these errors and her poor gameplay as a whole, we might just have a repeat of this if she makes it to the final tribal council for a third time. Get it together, girl.

98305_D11082display.jpg Immunity Challenge Episode 5 Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateThe immunity challenge is here. This classic challenge from the All-Stars season is sure to put both tribes to the test. Here, each tribe appoints one person to be the caller while the rest of the tribe is blindfolded. The caller directs the blindfolded tribe members to find puzzle pieces that are scattered over a wide area. The blindfolded tribe members must then pick up those puzzle pieces and have their caller direct them back to the mat where they will drop those puzzle pieces off before heading out to find another piece. Once a tribe has brought all their puzzle pieces to the mat, all the tribe members can take their blindfolds off and begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The first tribe to correctly put their puzzle pieces in the proper order will win immunity and be safe from tribal council. The losing tribe must vote someone out of the game. When you look at the history of how both these tribes have performed during most of their immunity challenges this season, you can see a clear pattern. The Heroes begin most of these challenges with a big lead over the Villains. But when the Heroes get to the portion of the challenge where they have to put a puzzle together, they choke. This allows the Villains to catch up from behind, do really well on the puzzle, and win immunity. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. This has been how most of the immunity challenges have gone this season and here, it's no different. The Heroes once again screw up the puzzle despite having a big lead and the Villains win immunity for the fourth time. The Villains are once again safe for another three days. The Heroes must go to tribal council yet again and vote someone out. The Heroes joke back at camp that it's well established that the Villains are good at puzzles, shooting baskets, and everything else except sumo wrestling. Truer words were never spoken, lol.

Strategy talk abounds at the Heroes camp about who will be the next to go. Tom and Colby argue that James must be the next to go due to his injury and they both feel that they can convince J.T. and Candice to vote him out. However, Amanda, James, and Rupert have other plans. They want to vote out Tom out because the threesome feels that he has not been pulling his weight in the challenges. When Candice hears about this, she immediately protests by saying that voting out Tom is a very bad idea due to his strength and athletic ability. After this, there is some talk amongst Rupert and J.T. about voting Candice out because they feel she is just like Tom and doesn't contribute anything in the challenges either. Right now, J.T. is once again the swing vote. He mentions several times in his confessionals that the logical thing to do would be to vote out James because he's injured, but he's also afraid of double crossing Amanda, James, and Rupert for a second time. At this point, he's not sure what he'll do. When the tribal council occurs, we see which way the cookie crumbles. Tom and Colby vote out James. Amanda, James, and Rupert vote out Tom. J.T. and Candice cast their votes for..............Tom. The winner of Survivor: Palau is the fifth person to be voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Tom is out of the running.

survivor-heroes-villains8.jpg Tom Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateTom fell on the wrong side of the numbers early, so from an alliance standpoint, it's not surprising that he was the one who got the boot here. However, from a physical and competitive standpoint, it is quite shocking that the tribe voted him out. Back on his original season, Tom was a powerhouse and led the Koror tribe to multiple immunity wins. He's clearly an asset to have for winning challenges, but the Heroes tribe felt otherwise. Did the tribe make the right decision in voting out Tom? Well, the answer to that question is kind of tough. I'd say yes and no. Yes, because a strong competitor is gone and in the long term, that will greatly benefit the remaining players. No, because in the short term, this move could dig the Heroes into a deeper hole than they were before and they could continue to lose challenges, thus resulting in more people leaving and the Heroes having a weak minority going into the merge. Candice clearly didn't want Tom to go home, but went with the majority decision because she felt she couldn't fight it. Voting out Tom doesn't benefit Candice, especially since we know that other tribe members are getting sick of her and Tom might have actually helped her somewhat had he stayed, so I think she made a bad call in voting Tom out. Amanda, James, and Rupert seem to be in control of the Heroes tribe now and if they get to the merge with Parvati on the Villains side, they could control the game more easily now that Tom is gone. But without Tom's presence, the Heroes might lose challenges worse than they ever did before. In the long run, Amanda, James, and Rupert made an ok call in getting rid of Tom. Not good. Not bad. Just ok. J.T. really needs to watch himself here from now on. Amanda, James, and Rupert don't trust him anymore and even though he did what they wanted him to do in this episode, he's still a marked man. J.T.'s best bet would have been to stick with Tom and Colby, but that didn't happen. Now J.T.'s in a bad spot and no one trusts him. He has to rely on his charm now to survive. That could very well work and it did get him a win last time he played. But still, J.T.'s going to have a rough road ahead of him for making this decision. Overall, I think J.T. made a bad call in voting out Tom and it could come back to bite him. We'll see as time goes on.

This ends another great episode of Survivor. A lot of big names are getting voted out early here. Wonder what other twists and turns will come about this season. Stay tuned. Till next time.


Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Episode 5

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March 17, 2010
Greatly detailed review, Pard! I will be writing my review up within the next couple of days. Overall, I thought it was a good episode, but it really showed that the Heroes are incompetent. I've been very disappointed in them as a tribe. Time to cheer for the villains now! :)
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review by . March 18, 2010
Don't Trust Anyone
This was an interesting episode of Survivor because I learned a valuable lesson: You can't trust anyone, especially your teammates. This reminds me of life outside the reality program. Ironically enough, the players don't even see the dichotomy of ideals they grapple with: loyalty and betrayal.      The show begins with betrayal. On the Hero's Tribe, Amanda is suspicious of J.T. for switching his vote last minute and getting rid of her friend in the previous …
review by . March 12, 2010
   The Heroes tribe sure is sucking on Survivor Heroes vs Villains. After sending Cirie out of the game, JT and his fellow "heroes" returned to camp. While Tom/Colby gloated that they were both still in the game, JT had to save face with Amanda, James and Rupert. I promised all three that he would never sway again and that it was for the betterment of the tribe. JT sure knows how to be the swing vote, it won his the million in Tocantins and could win him another here in Samoa. …
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 Russell continues his search for the hidden immunity idol and Rob continues his own mission to vote Russell out.
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