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Slay Everyone, Trust No One -- Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 1

This premiere episode, aired of the 20th season of Survivor that aired on February 11, 2010.

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Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Episode 1

  • Feb 13, 2010
  • by

survivor_t607large.jpg Survivor 20 Cast picture by Dolygate

The first episode of the 20th season of Survivor kicks off with a bang. It was definitely one of the best premieres of the show that I've seen. The challenges were great and it was awesome seeing these contestants return for a second or even third chance to try and win it all. This season should be a very interesting one indeed. Let's recap the premiere.

98305_D00431display.jpg Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Reward Challenge Episode 1 picture by DolygateThe 20 returning Survivor contestants are helicoptered into Samoa and land on a beach where their first reward challenge will take place. The tribe is separated into Heroes and Villains and soon afterwards, Jeff talks to the contestants and asks them various questions concerning how it feels to return to the game. After some humorous answers are given, the first reward challenge begins. Two people from each tribe compete in heats against each other. They have to go to a spot on the beach and dig for a black marker that has the sign "HvV" (Heroes vs. Villains) on it. Once they find it, they have to keep it and race back to their tribe's start point with it. The team that does this in the most heats wins the reward challenge. After some fierce fighting and wrestling over possession of the black marker, the heroes end up coming out on top in this challenge. They receive flint to start a fire as their reward. However, this competition was not without injury. Stephenie dislocated her shoulder during the challenge, but luckily, the paramedics were able to reset it. Rupert broke his toe during the challenge as well and begins using a stick to support himself while walking around occasionally afterwards. This challenge shows just how rough Survivor can be. Many fans have mentioned in the past how easy this game appears to be, but in actuality, it is extremely tough. You need to have a strong reservoir of endurance, stamina, and mental acuity to not only get through the challenges, but to get through the entire survivor experience as a whole. It's no joke.

Afterwards, the two teams arrive at their new camps. Both the Heroes and the Villains get to work right away in constructing their shelter. Russell chats with Danielle and Parvati separately in an attempt to make an alliance with both of them without the other knowing it (which is what Russell did the very first day back on his original season also). This time, the plan doesn't seem as successful since both Danielle and Parvati don't trust him right away. Parvati even flat out states that Russell will have talked to everybody about forming an alliance, so he can't be trusted. But Russell does make some headway here since both girls seem to agree to his plan for right now. Russell is playing very hard early just like before. This will either give him an incredible advantage from the onset or this could be his downfall especially if Danielle and Parvati ever compare notes about this. We'll see.

CoachPhoto.jpg Coach Photo (Survivor Heroes vs. Villains) picture by DolygateMoving on to other strategic developments amongst the villains, you have Coach (a.k.a. Mr. Delusional) who has the hots for Jerri (rolls eyes). He also is in awe of Rob and his abilities around camp (making fire, building the shelter, climbing trees, etc...). Both of these examples prove that Coach is just completely out of touch with what's going on in the game. Instead of gushing over Jerri and being brainwashed by Rob, he needs to start strategizing and getting his game plan together. But seeing as how this is Coach we're talking about, I highly doubt this will happen. The man is a grade A idiot when it comes to figuring people out and that's what makes him so entertaining. He struts around thinking he's the smartest person out there, but in reality, he's a guppy amongst a sea of sharks. Based on last night's viewing, I don't see the dragonslayer slaying dragons or much of anything else at all this season. Sorry Coach. Ain't happenin.

Now it's time for the immunity challenge. The Heroes and Villains compete against each other in a competition that also played out in the Cook Islands season (apparently, many of the old challenges from previous seasons are being recycled for this season as a nod to the history of Survivor). The two tribes have to build a boat, row it into the water, pick up a torch, light it, bring the boat back to shore, solve a puzzle, assemble a ladder, climb it to the top of a platform and light the fire at the top with the torch. The first tribe to do this wins immunity and doesn't have to vote anyone out. The losing tribe is not so lucky. They get a date with Jeff Probst at the next tribal council and must vote someone out. When the competition starts off, the Heroes have a commanding lead over the Villains. But when the Heroes get to the puzzle, they get stuck trying to put it together. This allows the Villains to pull into the lead and secure a win for themselves in the first immunity challenge. No "Villain" will be going home tonight. A large part of the Villains' success here goes to Rob and Sandra for solving the puzzle so quickly. I predict that Rob will become a major leader in this tribe and will be manipulating everyone within it. Rob was a major driving force in the all-stars season six years ago and I don't think this time will be any different.

The Heroes return to camp in a dejected state. One of them must go home. Sugar argues for Amanda to be voted off and some people nod their head pretending to agree with her. But Colby thinks that Sugar should go home because of how weak she is in challenges and how she annoyed everyone the night before by talking very loudly and disturbing them while they were sleeping. Upon hearing this, J.T. brings up the idea of taking out Cirie due to the enormous strategic threat she poses to the tribe (based on her past performances in the game). Tom and Steph voice these concerns to Colby also and they mull it over. Meanwhile, Cirie talks to Amanda and Candice about voting Stephenie off in an attempt to break up her alliance with Tom. Going into tribal council, we have four potential names that could be on the chopping block: Sugar, Cirie, Stephenie, and Amanda. But when it's all said and done, Sugar is unanimously voted out of the tribe. I am not surprised.

sugar20.jpg Sugar picture by DolygateOf all the contestants, I figured Sugar would be the least likely to win this. There was just nothing that she could've brought to the table here, both strategically or physically. In her pre-game interview, Sugar stated that she would try to win the game this time (unlike last time where no one had any idea what the hell she was trying to do, including her). But I don't think that  trying to win would've helped her here anyway. The perception of her being weak and wishy-washy was already cast on her coming into this season and I don't think anything she could've done would've been able to reverse that. We even saw her crying after the Heroes team lost the immunity challenge (probably because she knew that she was most likely going home first). Colby pointed this out and asked that if Sugar's already crying on day three, how would she be able to deal with it later? It's a good question, from Colby's perspective. Of course, we know Sugar can handle 39 days in the wilderness because she did it in Gabon. However, we also know that she got far that season not due to her strengths, but due to her weaknesses and people not being threatened by them. Seeing as how Colby and other members of the "Hero" tribe have a strong moral code about athletic players staying and physically weaker players leaving, her fate was pretty much sealed in this episode. I can completely see why the tribe got rid of her first, but I think they made the wrong choice overall. Getting rid of Sugar is good in the short term, but not the long term. Cirie and Stephenie will be much bigger problems later on, so I think strategically, one of those two should've gone last night. But at this point in the game, people rarely make bold strategic moves, so I figured the tribe would stick with the basic "get rid of the weak" scenario and that's how Sugar ended up getting kicked out of the game.

Overall,the premiere was fantastic and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. This could be the best Survivor season yet. Till next week.

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February 13, 2010
LOL!! I loved your comments regarding Coach! I felt the same way too! I didn't like the beginning with the stupid Q&A with Jeff. I'm assuming that's part of the thrill of all season premieres for "Survivor," but I found it QUITE boring!

I can't wait for you to read my review and tell me what you think. You are my "Survivor" god, so I hope you enjoy it despite my "newbie" state of being. :)
February 14, 2010
Yeah, Coach is a big fat idiot, lol. Actually, Jeff doesn't do the Q&A at the beginning very much from what I recall. He did it here mainly because it's an all-star season and he's trying to catch up with former contestants. But in the past, the contestants arrive, Jeff announces the twist if there is one that season, and the tribes go off to their separate camps. He doesn't really talk to him in depth until the first tribal council usually, so this was an exception. I read your review and I left a comment over there about it. It was good for a "newbie". lol :-)
February 17, 2010
Yeah, Coach does come off as a fat idiot! LOL! Who would want to hook up with him? Talk about ick! Yeah, Jeff was boring at the beginning of that show! Thanks for the compliments on the review, Pard. It really means a lot to me because you are a big-time fan! :)
February 13, 2010
I don't really get into this shoe but that is because it doesnot interest me, but you did a very good job on this review.
February 14, 2010
Thanks. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season to see how the show turns out. Thanks for reading. :-)
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I can't stand watching people wrestle on TV with the intention of hurting each other, especially over a reality TV show title.
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Twenty contestants from previous seasons of Survivor return for another shot at the million dollars. The contestants arrive on a beach via a helicopter and are divided into two tribes, heroes and villains. After the tribes meet, they participate in their first reward challenge.

Episode 1: "Slay Everyone, Trust No One"

  • Reward Challenge: The tribes would face off in pairs. Four castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first pair to be touching the bag and their finish mat would score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score three points would win. Challenge from Survivor: Panama.
    • Reward: Flint
  • Immunity Challenge: Six members from each tribe would race to assemble a boat from seven pieces and seven planks and then paddle the boat out into the ocean to light their torch from the raft. Once the six members return with the fire and the seven planks, the remaining four tribe members would assemble a puzzle. The seven planks from the boat would then be used to assemble a ladder to the top of a platform. The first tribe to have their whole tribe at the top of the platform and light their fire barrel would win. Should the Villains tribe win the challenge, they would receive flint. Challenge from Survivor: Cook Islands.

The returning castaways arrived on board four Royal New Zealand Air Force UH-1 Iroquois helicopters. Immediately, the teams ...

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Original Air Date: February 11, 2010
Description: Twenty contestants from previous seasons of Survivor come back in this premiere episode of the 20th season to try and win 1 million dollars.
TV Show: Survivor
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