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Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 7

Seventh episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains

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A Little Man

  • Apr 18, 2010
  • by

Currently, I have two reasons for watching this show:

  1. I have really connected with one of the players in this season.
  2. I promised my dear friend @Pardolis that I would try something new.

The reason this episode gets such a low rating despite the perfectly adequate entertaining quality is purely an attribute of my own selfish disappointment about the episode's final vote. You can guess what happened based on my reasons for watching as well as my other Survivor reviews. Still, I will try my best not to "spoil" the results of this vote for any readers that might be newcomers to the show or who have not seen this episode yet. It truly is an epic episode that must be viewed by both fans and non-fans alike merely because of all the double-crossing that takes place. For fans, it is such a turning point for the 20th season.

The episode begins with Rob being shocked by the results of last week's vote. He doesn't understand what is happening, and it's obvious that he's lost some control of the tribe. He's especially worried about Jeri and Coach who, up until this point, have been "vote floaters." The break down of the Villain's Tribe is:

Russell's Alliance: Parvati and Danielle

Rob's Alliance: Sandra and Courtney

The Floaters: Jeri and Coach

Initially, Jeri was an intriguing player for a newbie such as myself, especially with the nickname "The Black Widow." It was even a bit endearing when the tribe speculated that there could be a romance forming between "The Dragon Slayer," aka Coach, and Jeri. I didn't really care about that nonsense, though, because I wanted a strong female player that I could admire. I especially appreciated that she wasn't stick-skinny. However, this episode revealed Jeri's false glamor. She spoke about being a bitter and heart-broken female for over thirty-eight years. Talk about a cliche! I couldn't believe how whiny and sorry for herself she was in this episode. It was quite a disappointment because I thought a "black widow" wouldn't be so needy. I mean, isn't this the 21st century and the age of the enlightened woman?

Because of her weakness in her own self-confidence, Russell was able to take advantage of her. He convinced her to align with him despite the fact that Jeri can't stand Parvati. I don't see why Jeri acts like she's better than Parvati, especially since it turns out that they are birds of the same feather. Perhaps it's because Jeri sees her own weakness emulated in Parvati. They are both women in need of a "man" to save them. I guess Russell will have to do since neither can tell that Rob is more of a man than Russell could ever hope to be.

Meanwhile, Colby talks about how it's "put up or shut up time" for him and the heroes. He's ready to make a difference for his tribe, and he will be granted this wish with their newest reward challenge. The teams are going to play water basketball/water polo. The team who gets three baskets first wins a food reward of beef, chicken, and fresh fruit. They are playing two against two with one person as a goalie.

Since this is a physical challenge, I was 100% positive that the Hero's Tribe would win. For some reason, they are fantastically ruthless when it comes to physical challenges. Colby and Coach go "man-to-man." Colby scores the first basket. Candice makes the second. And finally...Colby redeems himself with the third basket. During this challenge, everyone was brutal with each other. Russell and Rupert were really fighting hard even after the challenge was over! They reminded me of a cock fight. Those two looked like they wanted to peck their opponent's eyes out. Colby was especially brutal to Jeri when he made one of the baskets. She was hurled out of the way like a rag doll. This is why I equated the challenge to being like a water polo match, which is more aggressive than basketball.

The winning team enjoyed a waterfall picnic. They had a few minutes of peace before Candice found a clue for a personal immunity idol at their camp. Everyone was initially annoyed until it was agreed upon that they would find the idol as a team and use it later during the merge with the villains. 

Next, we were taken back to the Villain's Tribe where some weird lovey-dovey music was being played as Coach approached Jeri on the beach. The music sounded like it was going to lead to a kiss between the two players. I was anticipating some sparks until Coach explained that Jeri "threw all her eggs into Russell's basket." Way to kill the romance, Coach! She's definitely not kissing you after that comment. Then, he spouted some other nonsense about being honor bound to Jeri, but that he feels torn because Jeri made a pact with "the devil," one that he hesitates to follow. Jeri plays coy to him, reminding me a lot of Parvati, and then explains in a confessional that "You can't be the good guy to everyone and win this game." Why didn't you give this advice to Coach, Jeri? It sounded important enough to share, and it was my main clue as to the result's of this episode's vote, which I had already called at the very beginning. This was some eerie and well-placed foreshadowing for the end of the episode.

The next part was the tribal immunity challenge. This one was a simple race across a trampoline with a mini-puzzle at the end. The contestants would have to climb up a net at the end of the trampoline to get the puzzle pieces, but it really did look like "a piece of cake" compared to challenges of the past. The heroes had an opportunity to win this one because the puzzle didn't look too intimidating despite many pieces to it. As predicated, the Heroes won again.

At the Villain's Tribe, the discussion was split about who should go home. It was really down to two players. Those two players rushed to get the flip-floppers onto the side without one oft hem knowing that Jeri had already pledged herself to Russell's alliance. This was actually a boring strategy discussion because of all the emphasis on trust and loyalty. Come on, people! This is Survivor; you are all in the wild. There's no such thing as trust and loyalty when "civilization" is gone. Just read Lord of the Flies if you don't believe me. Basically, Coach kept flip-flopping between alliances and making all sorts of promises he wasn't going to be able to keep. Again, let me reemphasize how boring this was, maybe because it was Coach doing most of the talking. Everything lead to the final vote and my predication as to who was voted off. Before leaving the show, this player left his "betrayer" with these final words: "You're a little man."

Overall, I really enjoyed the reward and tribal challenges, usually I find complaint with the fact that someone is flashing something at the other players (always unintentional but still...). Plus, I find many of the challenges have a sexual undertone to them. And why, not? Sex sells, especially when it's done this covertly. These challenges felt very straight forward, activities I might have played in a high school P.E. Class. The nature shots were also beautiful. I really enjoyed the sea green turtle; I love turtles, don't you? There were some repeat footage such as the geyser and the bat tree, but this time viewers got to see the bats actually flying above the island! Another new shot was a tree near the edge of the beach with ocean water and waves spilling over it.

Despite these positive aspects, I had to rate the show low. My hero is gone, and I really hoped this contestant would be able to use the money to aid the family back home. Plus, the strategies and deliberations were really boring, especially since I had figured out who was going home practically from the start of this episode. The person I wanted to win had also lost a lot of the will to fight during the end deliberations too.

This episode left me sad and disheartened. I know no one is really "evil" or a "villain" because they are all just playing a game. They are embracing roles that the producers gave them. Plus, would the show really be that exciting if everyone did the right thing and the person who most deserved the money won? The network wants the fans to be entertained, and betrayal is very entertaining for a viewing audience. Still, the fact that this show constantly reminds me of Lord of the Flies is really distressing when I keep hoping that "real people" are better than that dark interpretation of human nature.

The player's parting words left me ashamed to be a member of a race that values money over "friendships." Who would you betray if a million dollars was at stake?

A Little Man

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July 14, 2010
The show depresses me because I think it reinforces some very negative attitudes in people, especially those in a certain age group. And they get the idea spoon fed to them that somehow life really is a game and it's all about winning--all's fair as long as you come out on top. It just doesn't sit well with me.
July 16, 2010
Nods. I feel the exact same way. I haven't seen the last 3 episodes of the season yet, so hopefully I can watch it sometime soon and write some reviews for them.
July 16, 2010
Let me know when.
July 17, 2010
I will. :)
July 20, 2010
I haven't seen any of the reunion shows, so I wouldn't know for sure. I'm not sure if I have that on my PS3 either, but I can probably ask J to find it for me and download it.
July 22, 2010
Ok, thanks for letting me know. I might check Hulu too.
April 20, 2010
Good review. I knew you'd rank this one very low, but that's ok, lol. Yeah, this is definitely the turning point episode of the season. I didn't think he would leave the game so early, though. I'm pretty sure this is his worst showing of all three of his seasons. But that's mainly due to the threat he posed to people in the game due to the success he's had in the past on this show. People wanted to get him out because of that. I like how you mention the nature shots in your Survivor reviews. I never touch on that at all in my reviews (I look at them and think "transition shot" which means I completely ignore it for the most part), so it's good to hear how the show looks from that perspective.
April 20, 2010
(laughs) I had to! Rob was my main man! "And now he's gone...gone...gone, and I can't go on...whoa...whoa..." I really didn't know Rob was so famous in reality television circles! Surprises me. it's fun seeing everything from a new viewer's perspective. I notice the beautiful nature shots a lot because I appreciate them so much. They add a little innocence, at times, to a brutal and difficult competition.
April 18, 2010
I know next to nothing about this show but thanks for educating me. Lovely use of photos too. Excellent review as always!
April 19, 2010
LOL! Me neither! Apparently, the guy who I liked that got voted off married another contestant that won the million. Then, they entered another reality show called the amazing race. @aerodaze just told me all of this in a comment! She didn't mention if they one that or not. It's simply astounding how these contestants "get around" when it comes to reality shows.
April 19, 2010
WOW! I never knew...Well, I think a lot of people like being a star/celebrity on television. Reality shows have paved the way for your everyday Joe to "make it big." Someday, maybe I will go on a lot of reality shows too! lol
April 20, 2010
Yeah, Rob and his wife Amber have been on tv a bunch of times. So much so that I got sick of seeing them every five minutes, lol. Yes, Rob and Amber came in second on The Amazing Race 7. I was certain they were going to win that season and was very surprised when they didn't pull it off. They both competed again later on The Amazing Race All-Star Edition, but were eliminated early, I think. Rob and Amber also had a show that focused on Rob gambling in Las Vegas or something like that. So yeah, those two have gotten around quite a bit. lol
April 20, 2010
Rob sure knows how to make his "15 minutes of fame" last a long time! What a "go-getter!"
April 18, 2010
Would I betray a REAL friend for $1,000,000? Who knows? I'm a human and I don't know what my reaction might be in such a situation. But would I betray a Survivor Alliance in a television reality show for $1,000,000? In a f---ing heartbeat and you can take that one to the bank!
April 19, 2010
LOL! More power to you, Paul! I would be one of the losers voted out early because I am too trusting. :-P
April 18, 2010
Love the 2 pix of Boston Rob--very nice! A lot of the oomph went out of the game for me after this episode. I'm still watching but I'm kind of disgusted, too.
April 18, 2010
I hear you in that regard, Sheri. I was disappointed with episode 8 too. I haven't started writing that review yet. I have yet to watch episode 9. I'm hoping something will pick up, and I will find a new hero to replace my fallen one. I also think Rob looks good in the photos I got too!
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 In the seventh episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains the Heroes find their teamwork skills actually help while the Villains flounder in their first loss, forcing sides to be created and one shocking Tribal Council vote off.
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